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on 15 January 2017
Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes duo who formed the Buggles and debut release 1979/80 this newly remastered version in clear vinyl is worthy for a replacement of your old copy. Music is well produced and recorded, singles include Clean Clean, Elstree and of course the number 1 Single from 79 Video Killed the Radio Star. Trevor Horn went onto produce 80s pop sensations ABC, FGTH, Seal, Spandau Ballet and Rock Prog group Yes. This Multi talented producer was also responsible for Co production of Band Aid. This album marks a start of basically what was to come in the 80s, way ahead of its time and still sounds fresh. Jonny on the Monrail track is truly amazing especially if you have a good sound system, listen to the barking dog at the end of this track this set our cat running out for cover when cranked up. Vinyl pressing is good however mine is on clear vinyl and slight phase of left channel either due to cutting of vinyl or pre mastering. In all a worthy purchase or replacement of your island copy, enjoy!!!
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on 27 April 2014
Dating from way back when, 1980, and following on from the number 1 charting single "Video killed the radio star", this album is really far better than I thought it might have been.
I bought it off the back of the "Asia-live in Japan" CD/DVD compilation, in which Asia perform "Video". By the way, this DVD is really very, very good for any Asia fans out there.
Stand out tracks for me, aside from "Video", which has an ending I can't recall being on the original single release, are:
The Plastic Age: A catchy tune, good orchestration, and super choral undertones. A weird start. This interestingly reached number 16 in the charts as their 2nd single.
Clean,clean: Catchy start, fast paced, cheerful punchy middle section, with an unexpected change of pace at the conclusion.
Elstree: Suprisingly melodic.
Johnny on the monorail: Fast paced, catchy, with a great start.
Island: 99% instrumental. Excellent. 10/10 for this track alone.
Horn and Downes moved on to perform with Yes after this album, where they definately stamped their own style on that groups music, in my opinion.
Yeh, silly name for the team of Horn and Downes, but a bit of whimsey there, as it was based on The Beatles (Beatles/Buggles.....get it?)
Even a nineteen year old woman listening to this album thought it was "good", and sounded "up to date".
Can't be bad then.
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on 27 April 2015
Required listening for anyone thinking of a career in music technology, a perfect balance between producer and performer. In the present age of super-compression this is the benchmark of how to make something sound remarkable. With a wide range of interesting effects, instrumental and vocal resources, Trevor Horn mixes the magic once again. OK, 'Video Killed' might be the one-hit wonder on here but there is much to be had from the other tracks and some raunchy lyrics which are eye-opening. And who doesn't sing along with the famous ooh-ooh of that track?!
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on 12 October 2015
This cd is what is known as a "classic" rock cd. Not only because of their music, a mix of pop, 80 s' synth and rock. Video Killed the Radio Star is the hit here but the rest of the songs are also very good and stand well alone. The Buggles, only did record two albums and then became part of YES producing the album DRAMA, and also Asia.
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on 2 November 2016
A wonderful album with a lot of great tracks! The Plastic Age is very cool and I love the lyrics for the wordplay among other things. Of course Video will take you straight back to the beginning of the 80's. Clean Clean, Johnny On The Monorail, Technopop and the absolutely amazing Elstree are among the gems on this album. I highly recommend it! On top of that I just love Trevor Horn's voice, brilliant.
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on 26 February 2005
The days of cold dark winter mornings getting ready then walking to school. 'Video Killed the Radio Star' and 'Plastic Age' on the radio before breakfast TV came along. I only bought this album 3 years ago; songs such as 'Astro Boy,Technopop and Kid Dynamo' although they were on the B side of the singles i owned in 79/80 never got listenend to.These songs are so beautifully forlorn and at the same time optimistic about the future.The reprise at the end of'Video'(not on the single)sets off emotions long ago left behind in 1979. ''i heard you on the wireless back in '52..' in 79 that was 27 years in the past, now 1979 + 27 = 2006. So next year look back down that same length of time and see if 'Video' evokes the same thoughts.Im glad to be living in the Age of Plastic...
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on 1 July 2015
I loved the Buggles in the early 80's, 'Video', 'Elstree' & 'Clean Clean'. I only ever bought the latter on 7" from Woolworths' bargain bin and I used to play over and again,. Overall a good album though. I love the electronic genre and 80's electronic music, especially Gary Numan, OMD, Duran etc.,so I wanted to hear the whole album. Trevor Horn is class, including his Womble persona!
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on 30 September 2014
The album from 1980 that first got me into Synth and New Wave Music.

A master class in writing, sound and production techniques from the genius that is Trevor Horn.

Every track a classic and it still sounds superb 35 years later!

Very highly recommended.
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on 13 October 2016
Original tracks are still as fresh as they were in 1979, and still ring true for today's society. Strangely - the bonus material sounds dated.
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on 15 June 2017
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