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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 February 2013
In the Studio I find it strange that most of my female vocalist prefer the feel and warmth of sound of these AKG K44 Headphones in preference to the normal (5 times the price)Beyer Dynamic DT100 Industry Standard phones. I must agree, having used Beyers and AKGs for many years these cheaper phones can sometimes come as a nice refreshing change to the norm, albeit these have not got the complete clarity and crispness of the Beyers, but the sound from them is more relaxing and less tiring on the ears. A bargain at the price but...... I don't think would stand up the general 'rough and tough' daily abuse the Beyer DT's would normally get from some clients. All the same, good quality sound at this remarkable price with (of course) the infamous AKG Tag on them. Now if you are set on getting some AKGs at a good price and dont like the reviews on these, spend just a couple of £'s/Euro's more as I would strongly recommend the AKG K512's at a very similar price. The high's and lo's of the response are similar between the two models but the main advantage with the 512's is you can 'crank up' the level going in to them without distortion and the overall 'fit' is a bit more snug on the head. Great for Rock Guitarists who want to make their ears bleed as well as loosed the ear wax whilst monitoring their playing.... Hope this review helps.

October 2013. About 8 months on from when I bought these. They have had some typical Studio abuse from 'Frustrated Rock Guitarists' recently who put them through hell and made me crank up the monitoring volume levels in to them to excess. guess what..? the phones came through it shining all the way. More proof of their outstanding quality for the price. I still can't get it many people prefer them to the Studio Standard Beyers.. but it's been proven for itself virtually daily. As I have said before the girls love-em for their lightness and relaxing easier warmth of sound on the ears...... 'Rock On AKG Man'.
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on 20 January 2015
Weep as your ears will be subjected a superb quality sound. For the price of these they beat even more expensive headphones- They have a warm, deep (but not too bassy) sound and even hold up against the most reckless 5 year old on the planet (I've not met every 5 year old on the planet, but really he would give them a run for their money) and then still preform well.
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on 16 April 2013
Although these might not be suitable for the needs of a high end audiophile I think for the money they represent excellent value for money. I have four pairs of these now which I use in different situations and am very happy with them. I also find them comfortable even after wearing them for some time.
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on 11 February 2014
This set of headphones is so lightweight that I even forget I'm wearing them. Was not sure between these and the Sennheiser HD201, but even thought these last ones are more popular, the AKG K44 have better specs. They are really powerful, comfortable and muffle external noise well. Came in only a few days after requested and would definitely recommend for anyone seeking good quality headphones for an affordable price!
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on 31 August 2014
These AKG's are honestly the best pair of headphones I have ever owned! Really comfortable and the sound is just unbelievable considering I payed a measily £20! Build quality is excellent. Comes in a very tidy looking box aswell!

Update, after about a year and a half of extremely heavy use, and the help of my dog chewing the lead a bit, sadly my K44s have died, they are sadly missed in my bedroom studio, but to be completely honest, I'm not sure how I would rate these headphones any more, while the sound reproduction is good, I can't really go any further than that, they're a bit bass heavy and the highs seem to be cut by these headphones quiet considerably, so when switching to my monitors after a late night production session I would have to EQ the horrible highs that I could not hear in these out sharpish, not that big of a deal, but I would rather not have to adjust the mix twice, I think I'll try some Roland's or some KRKS next
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on 26 March 2014
I can't get over how good and comfy these are. I have tiny sensitive ears (not unlike a pixie) so anything that presses on them makes me cross and irritable (not like a pixie). These are nice and light and comfy for extended periods. I can't really comment on the depth of sound or whatever as I'm something of an audio-philistine (audiostine...?) but they make noises go directly in your ears with minimal discomfort and maximum being-able-to-hear-what-the-words-are.
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on 13 June 2015
Best Light Weight Headphones.Very Good All Rounder Headphones.Sound Quality Is Very Good.Weight Of The Headphones Are Very Light.Very Comfortable Headphones.This Headphone Are Better Than Sennheiser HD 201 And HD 202.I Am Very Pleased With The Build Quality And Sound Quality Of The AKG K44 Headphones.I Recommend This Headphone To Everyone Out There.Worth Every Penny.No Regret Of The Purchase.This Is Best Budget Headphone.
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on 13 July 2013
These are excellent Headphones that have a great frequency range and good levels of details. A bargain at this price
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on 18 January 2017
Having heard about the AKG K44's deep and rich sound, I originally bought these headphones to use with my electric piano. Unfortunately, after being involved in a prune related incident (a long story that you can read about on Amazon's prune listings), I had to pack in my piano playing for good. Not to be wasteful, I decided to find a new use for these headphones and subsequently took them to work so that I could listen to music whilst writing reports. As it turns out they do give out a great sound and are fantastically comfortable. However, they lose one star as I can no longer hear the deep, rich sounds of my flatulence (also prune related) and I'm worried that my colleagues have started to notice. Normally I am quite good at squeezing them out to little or no attention, but without the ability to hear and predict my noxious effluvium I am struggling to maintain professional decorum.

In summary:

Pros - great sound, very comfortable

Cons - might make your colleagues hate you
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on 19 March 2016
Got these AKG Perception series headphones today.. Very good so far. Have used them for a few hours and they sound good.
Sound is well balanced.
I saw some reviews on here saying they had a weak bass response or that they sounded terrible Don't know what they are talking about.. I haven't found that at all.
I do wonder reading some of these reviews, if some people were just unlucky enough to get a faulty set or whether they have damaged their hearing, by listening to music at too loud a level.
Hearing is subjective to a degree, as only you can tell what anything sounds like inside your own head but I honestly think, it might be worth some reviewers, having the frequency response of their hearing checked out.
The frequency range of these phones according to the AKG site, is 18 z - 20,000 hz As the adult human ear can only hear 20 hz to around 18,000 hz which gradually reduces as you age. For reference. The bottom note on a full sized 88 note piano is 27.5 hz the top note is 4,186 Hz.
These cover a perfectly adequate spectrum.
Top range is not too bright or harsh. Mid range is clearly represented. Bass is rich and detailed, without being over emphasised.
Tried various types of music through them, including some of my own and. all the detail was represented. As I played each instrument on these tracks, I would have noticed if sounds were muffled or missing.
These I bought to use on my Nexus 10 tablet and they are loud. I have to make sure not to have the volume up all the way.
They were a replacement for some old Technics RP F200s which they don't make anymore. The band snapped on those. The Technics phones were noted for their enhanced bass but I always found those a bit wooly and over emphasised in that area. These are not.
The self adjusting strap is very comfortable. I have worn these for a couple of hours with no problem. Stereo sound stage, sounds a bit wider and more defined than my old ones did too.
The chord is a little over 8ft (2.5m) and fairly sturdy. Not as long as the chord on my old pair which was about 10ft (3m) long so can't reach my stereo from my chair, like they used to. They seem fairly sturdy and should last a while if not abused.
Sound great. I don't believe in the burning in headphones myth. So I don't expect that to change.

All in all for under £20 pounds very pleased with them. Sound as good as some 2 or 3 times the price...

Addition: Got these in March but unfortunately, 4 months later in July, the elastic on the self adjusting headband came loose.
I think this was just a piece of bad luck, where my set had a manufacturing defect, where the elastic was clipped on a little too close to the edge of its anchor point. The phones still sounded great.... Contacted Amazon and they are in the process of giving me a refund.
I liked the K44s so much, I ordered the new AKG K52s on the strength of them as a replacement.. They sound even better than the K44s did. Let's hope I have no problem with the elastic on these ones... Even more comfortable to wear than the K44s were.
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