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  • 1987
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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2007
I was really excited when I heard David Coverdale and EMI were re-releasing the '87 album for its 20th anniversary year. Arguably the greatest British hard rock album, `Whitesnake 1987' spawned major US commercial success and provided the backdrop for Whitesnake's metamorphosis from a kind of Dad-rock British band into a MTV-polished, multi-national, `hair metal' band. Recorded by David Coverdale, John Sykes, Neil Murray and Aynsley Dunbar; sold by Coverdale, Adrian Vandenberg, Vivian Campbell, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge, with Tawny Kitaen. Quite a contrast. The actual recorded work showcases some fabulous singing and musicianship. Coverdale's voice is at its peak, and John Sykes's blistering, powerful, majestic riffs and solos compliment perfectly. The rhythm section of Murray and Dunbar (then in his 40s and drafted in solely for laying down the drum parts after Cozy Powell's departure) is impeccable in its timing and execution. Songs like Still of the Night, Give Me All Your Love, Crying in the Rain and Here I Go Again 87 encapsulate and epitomise hard rock. This is more sophisticated lyric-wise than the American `hair metal' genre - but it's hallmarked by the same high quality musicianship. The recorded work is only half of the story though. 1987's marketing was integral to its success. Shortly before the album's release, Coverdale found himself without a band: Sykes couldn't stand him (the feeling no doubt mutual!), Murray had grown tired and Aynsley Dunbar had long gone. The changes in personnel transformed Whitesnake's image. On guitars, long-time friend of the band `the Flying Dutchman' Adrian Vandenberg and young Northern Irish riff-meister Vivian Campbell. On the bass, the `unbelievably sexy' Cuban, Rudy Sarzo. On drums, the stick-spinning Mississippian, Tommy Aldridge - a man Coverdale referred to as an 'octopus'. On stage, and in the videos, Vandenberg and Sarzo posed, strutted and pouted with all the arrogance of men who knew how. Undoubtedly the videos for Is This Love and Here I Go Again, starring Coverdale's then girlfriend Tawny Kitaen, made Whitesnake irresistible to MTV.

Why then did I use the past tense when referring to my excitement in this release? Well, let's have a look what's on offer: a remaster of the original album (although 1987 was DDD recorded anyway); additional live tracks; a DVD of the videos; live videos; some fancy packaging and sleeve notes. Ostensibly not bad. However, all of the live stuff has already been released in the past year or so as part of Live in the Still of the Night and Live in the Shadow of the Blues. As such, it's played by the latest incarnation of Whitesnake. Given the nature of the '87 album this matters less than it might, but most people who will be interested in this release will simply already have the live tracks/videos on offer here. That's disappointing. I'd have liked to have seen some live material from the 1987-88 era; perhaps a documentary on the phenomenon that was the '87 album; and some rarities such as demo tracks or alternative mixes. As it is, Coverdale and EMI are not offering much to the dedicated fan. So, unless you're a completist I'd suggest caution before shelling out for this. If you're new to the band or your original copy has worn out, this is a good buy. The videos are classics in the genre and the live material is high quality.
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on 11 July 2007

whitesnakes best album re-mastered so its gunna be sharper and louder - just how it should be!

the album has by far the best opening track i have ever heard - still of the night, why?

coverdales high pitched voice
john sykes coooool guitar riff
addictive lyrics

the kind of song thats makes you wanna carry on listening to the album.

the track order differs from that of the original album but if you guys have girlfriends or wives that are easily bored by rock, the new order helps. following on from still of the night is "give me all your love" - a fast paced love song thats anyone will like once they have listened to it. a couple of ballads are also present in here, "is this love" is the most popular of them.

even the songs that wern't massive hits are still great to listen to (you're gunna break my heart again)

the live tracks are from last years tour which is a bit odd to be honest, could have been better were they from that era but apart from that the album is a must buy for any rock fan.

PS - play it loud and annoy the neighbours!
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on 11 February 2008
Some of the criticism of this album in other reviews is seriously misplaced. The reviewer who points out (correctly) that this CD was recorded digitally in the 1st instance has clearly not played this new remaster back to back with the original. The remaster wipes the floor with the original due to the obvious advances in digital technology over the 20 years since the original release. The other reviewer who states she won't buy the album because "Slow an Easy" is not on it obviously doesn't realise that it was never on the album in the 1st place! So ignore these gripes and look at the positives- the music sounds awesome, Coverdale is on fire, and the revamped packaging is fantastic. And what's more, you get the original vidoes with Tawny Kitaen for good measure!
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on 30 August 2015
Lets get the bonus features out the way first,because they are crap.Sorry,but for an album of this magnitude & signifigance,they are simply not good enough.On the c.d. we have 'live versions' of the 4, 1987 singles,as previously released on the Live in the Shadow of the Blues album.Save, for Doug Aldrich's lead guitar work,they are pretty unremarkable ,hardly essential versions,at all.On the DVD,we have the promo videos for Still of the Night,Is this Love,Here I go Again '87 & Give Me all your Love Tonight, which feaure Ms.Tawny Kitaen doing,no doubt,what she did best,ahem.It all looks rather dated now,but at the time groundbreaking no doubt,I'm sure.Particularly in North America,where the image of the band was re-imagined for MTV in mind.Also on the DVD are live versions of these 4 singles.Yet again,these are already available on the 'live in the Still of the Night' dvd,so please bare that in mind before you part with your cash for this.........Now to the main event;the album itself.It's apparently re-mastered & certainly has a different running order to the original album,although no reason is given for this.Personally,again,I'm disappointed with the mix.The bass is way,way too low in the mix & at times,the backing guitars seem to drown the solo's.Just my view.If your a Whitesnake fan you will have this album.If your a rock/metal fan you will know the lead tracks.Trust me,the rest of the album is very,very strong also.Bad Boys,Children of the Night,Straight for the Heart,fantastic stuff.Completists will notice that Here I go Again (Radio Edit),& the reworking of Standing in the Shadow 87 are NOT here,neither is Need your Love so Bad.Strange that.The most intriguing thing here is found in the booklet.Geoff Barton is responsible for the notes,obviously Dave Coverdale features heavily,& talks at detail about his health problems,not about how he & John Sykes wrote together,who brought what,what influences they had,etc, but there is far,far too much emphasis on the line-up that toured the '87 record,which to this fan,is a nonsense.Coverdale is very cagey on the actual specific,exact, details that led to Sykes,Murray & producer Mike Stone's sacking.He also talks at length about marketing the video's for MTV USA,yet seems to forget that in 1987,virtually no-one in Britain had access to it!!!Thanks Dave.As is usually the case with Coverdale,there is selective memory syndrome & some contradictions with his story telling of how events evolved,certainly compared to some of his notes made on the Slide it In Deluxe Re-master,which is why this project cries out for another voice/viewpoint from someone else involved with the album.Again,just my view.To conclude;This remains 'the' greatest album of 1987,bar none,featuring the finest guitarist of 1987,who s***'s over that hat-wearing-over-rated fanny,from Stoke,on a bad day.Please refer to my original review for more detail.In all honesty this remaster sounds no different to the original,& the bonus/additional features are lame,yet the booklet that comes with it, is okay.5 Stars for this album every time,2 Stars for bonuses'.
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As with the original album there are some excellent moments,some fantastic and quite a few garbage(see previous review)

The running order has been revamped(with the americans getting all the tracks we originally had),the original order was better.

The remaster is certainly louder when compared to the original,which was excellent,this is what they term 'Brighter' 'Sharper' and certainly uncomfortable at very loud volumes,although as im not allowed to play them at those volumes anymore(ha ha) it wont affect me too much.

Disc 1 is fleshed out,unnecessarily with 4 live tracks from the CD 'Live In The Shadow Of The Blues' and quite frankly they sound even poorer than the original CD,poor mastering no doubt,surely there must be live tracks from that era?.

The Dvd comes with the original 4 videos that made up the 'Trilogy' video,oh the humour of the marketing department then needlessly repeats the 4 songs with versions originally shown on the 'Live In The Still Of The Night' dvd,Shoddy and lazy.

Not an essential purchase,unless like me you want everything,excellent booklet as ever.
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on 2 April 2016
The stuff on here about "Whitesnake's best album" and all the rest of it, smacks to me of rose-tinted spectacles in the extreme. This album is massively over-rated, and Still Of The Night is the only timeless song on here, worthy of being called a classic. The reason this album sold so many copies was the success of Is This Love? as a single.

Many unmemorable songs......and the later albums with Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich on guitar duty are far better albums, although like all Whitesnake albums they are adorned with Coverdale's utterly useless lyrics. Slip Of The Tongue is better too even if only because Steve Vai embellishes it though he sounds like a fish out of water.

The Purple Album contains better material, Coverdale's middle-aged voice suits it well enough, and Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra do great work too on that, so that many of the versions are improvements on what were already fabulous songs.

Why people get so romantic and nostalgic about 1987 I do not know.
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on 28 August 2009
Brilliant remaster and sounds like the original always should have done. The CD I bought back in 1988 had such poor production I even I appreciated this when I was just 15. I just didn't fully understand why it sounded so bad at the time. Fast forward to 2009 and over the years 1987 has spent too long in it's case, for exactly this reason. Now it's back in the CD player much more than it ever was and the remastered version finally does justice to the album.

As stated by previous reviewers, Slow and Easy wasn't ever on 1987.

If all digital recording/mixing/mastering equipment had not advanced over the last 20 years, then we would not have seen digital production capabilities improve at all, which they clearly have. Also, if you listen to a £500 CD player today and a £500 CD player from 1987, you would notice a big improvement even though they are both digital sources. Therefore improving on an original DDD recording is entirely possible, as has been proven with this remaster and many others.
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on 18 June 2007
Stick with your old cd because this album was originally recorded "Digitally" so this re-master wont sound any different to the old cd, all the bonus material is not from this original era but from a recent live dvd maknig it a bit of a joke in my opinion, do your self a favor and seek out John Sykes "Blue Murder" album on the Geffen label to see what the next Whitesnake album would have been like if Mr. Coverdale and Sykes hadn't of gone seperate ways. a line up of David Coverdale, John Sykes, Ansley Dunbar & Neil Murry would have been the best Whitesnake line up ever and also a natural musical progerssion of the spirit of Whitesnake, sadly it was not to be. Keep your old cd because that disc is a ***** rating, this one is a joke.
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on 2 February 2011
With 1987 Whitesnake definately stepped away from their bluesy rock sound. Coverdale and co became aware of the importance of a certain image. So they created one of the best eighties metal albums along with the cliché image of 'men looking like ugly girls'. Hail to the perm, the skinny jeans, spandex, shoulderpads, etc.. This is the epitome of eighties metal. Behind that image lies great music. From start to finish, 1987 is a high energy bomb, and you get the occasional ballad here en there. The sound on this edition is perfect! Highly recommended.
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on 30 April 2011
Fantastic album, end of.
I bought for the bonus tracks but these are live from another DVD, not from the 1987/88 tour.
Missed extra tracks from the time - no Here I Go Again US remix, no Gimme All Your Love alternate solo (Viv Campbell), no Need Your Love So Bad '87.
on theDvd what Is advertised as the complete Trilogy video is only the 4 main song vids, despite the whole video only clocking in at 30mins.
Great album but this Special Edition culda been so much more... well... Special.
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