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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 November 2002
as many other reviewers have stated, no sane musician would go near Jim Steinman or his songs. who ever said Meat Loaf was sane?
this, of course, is the sequel to the third biggest selling album of all time, and is just as good, personally I think Meat's voice has matured along with Jim's songwriting.
You all know about "Anything For Love" so I'll cover some other gems...
"life is a lemon (and i want my money back)"
a phenomenal vocal performance, absolutely belted, its also a funny lyric on top of some real rockin' music.
"it just won't quit"
this was orignally performed by pandora's box, written, alike all the tracks on Bat, by Jim Steinman. another good lyric and vocal performance with a helluva guitar solo.
finally, my favourite track?
"objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are" - you'd think this would be funny too. but if you know anything about Meat's life and childhood this is perhaps the most honest, tear-jerking song ever. beautiful, long, powerful, strangely operatic. could this be a review of anything except a Bat album?
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on 29 April 2002
The album winds up from the void of dead-tape, rising to an enthralling climax known to all as I'd Do Anything For Love. After getting the listener going with it's massiveley extragant, Broadway-esque guitar solos and choral interludes the album continues, tempered with insight and new takes on old cliches. This album has it all, happiness and sadness, love and fear, with a plethora of solos of so many kinds to boot. The original Bat out of Hell was stunning - and it just just got a whole lot bigger.
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My own personal favorite Meat Loaf album, this has it all. It hits the ground running with the opus "I would do anything.." a fanatical powerful opera peice, almost duet. Next up is "Life is a Lemon", which good as it is, I prefer the remix version on Best of.. "Rock and roll dreams" another teenage love song which is fantastic. "It just won't quit" and neither will the song, luckly."Out of the frying pan" is classic Steinman with a great cresendo build up to the chorous.
"Objects" is a real tearjerker from the first few lines, whilst "Wasted Youth" is exactly the same as "Love, death and an American Guitar" from Steinman's own Bad for good - but with "Wasted youth" added at the start :) "Everything louder" is my fav track on the album - turn that one up to loud! :-) "Good girls" from the Pandora's box album is probly the only track I would call duff. "Back into Hell" a wonderful instrumental peice and finally "Lost boys" round ups a great album.
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on 13 August 2016
Replacing my massive Vinyl collection of music and Meatloaf has and always will be a favourite musician for me. JIM Steinman, who worked for a very very long time writing these songs produced some of the finest songs ever written. His passion is shared here and the accompanying backing vocals are so wonderful, especially played using my music soundroom equipment.
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on 17 February 2005
What a comeback for Meat Loaf in 1993 when he released this album and the single I'd Do Anything For Love, well it's anyone rock star dream to have a comeback like that but it happened to Meat.
After 10 years of delays and wars, Meat and Jim Steinman finally got their second masterpiece together.
This album contains the longest album titles I known such as the very sad and powerful 10 minute song Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are.
Most of the songs of this album are taken from Jim 1981 solo effort Bad For Good and Pandora's Box.
If you've heard all of Jim previous work it may be a slight disapointment of lack of new material. Only 4 songs!!!
Jim and meat's new carnations of Jim's new songs are so much better than the original, Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everything) races miles head of it's Pandora's Box orignal.
Everything Louder than Everything Else, well the title explains the song straight away, I wish there were more meat loaf songs like this once.
Every song has a new story to tell, it's a Masterpiece like the first bat album but with much more attitude and jim has got lot more to say this time around.
This album brought Meat Loaf out from the closet and made him into a Rock Superstar, he won a new generation of fans which he deserve and it's good he's still at the top after more than 10 years after the release of this album.
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on 9 January 2004
It surpasses Bat out of hell in a few ways. It has more songs and better songs. Plain and simple. 'Everything louder than everything else' is excellent and so is 'Good girls go to heaven'. Not to mention 'Anything for love' as the opening song and 'I want my money back'. This album reeks of value for money and with the exception of the dodgy poem before everything louder than everything else and the musical 'Back into hell' this album is superb. 'out of the frying pan and into the fire is also a great song. The weakest song is probably 'Objects in the rear view mirror becasue i dont count 'back into hell' and 'wasted youth', and 'rock and roll dreams is superb also.
Buy the album and you will realise just how good it is. Nuff said.
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on 11 November 2006
Seven years after his previous album and 15 years after the legendary 'Bat Out Of Hell', he's back! And not only that, he's back with Steinman. It's a great album, of course, and puts him back where he should be at his own special niche in rock music. 75 minutes of very long songs (almost 12 minutes for the opener; the highly successful version released as a single was a lot shorter, and perhaps, arguably, more effective?, great big overblown, bombastic, revved up, no holds barred, turn it right up, rock opera. It's as if he never was forced into releasing an album or two in the interim which weren't quite as, well, Meaty. The album cut across the generations: thirty-somethings and teenagers were listening to it. In spite of its power, this album does not quite capture the spirit and magic of the original. Also, most songs were not new; many had been recorded previously by Uncle Jim himself on 'Bad For Good' and also by his own ensemble of foxy femmes fatales known, albeit briefly, as 'Pandora's Box'. But it is an album which can be loved until hell itself freezes over. Or at least until October 2006.
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on 16 June 2007
Meatloaf is again on top form and I suppose that with the success of Bat out of Hell there had to be a follow up. While it follows the same premise as the first it lacks the originality that made Bat out of Hell so good. Yes there are some fantastic tracks and the rock opera works well, but I can't help feeling that it was written because the first did so well they felt they had to do another. Some of the trachs, like the first album, have been released on their own and several have been covered by other artists. 4 stars given because it doesn't quite reach the heights of its predecessor but otherwise it would have been 5.
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on 21 September 2015
I listened to this album years ago. I thought it was brilliant then and I still do. Every track is superb. My favourite (and definitely the saddest song on the album) is 'Two out of three ain't bad.' I think that most of us have loved someone who will never loves s back haven't we? I do not hesitate to give 5 stars.
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on 22 October 2012
What can be said about this album that hasnt already been said before? Well plenty, this has got to be ranked as one of the best sequels/comebacks of all time, i would say as an important comeback as Elvis in 1969. After the massive sucess of the original Bat Out Of Hell and minor sucess of Dead Ringer, Meat Loaf droped off the radar, he was still big in europe but and made a futher 3 albums but nothing of any major sucess, that was until the release of Bat 2 in 1993. As with any great sequel it builds on the foundations of the original and heads straight for the skies, Bat 1 was full of emotion and teenage dreams, dramas and lost and found love with comedy laced throughout the songs. This album goes darker and deeper into the mind of Jim Steinman and once you put this album on the CD player it will grab you by the throat and not let go for 77 minutes from the beautiful "Anything for love" to the angst filled "life is a lemon" to the haunting "objects in the rearview mirror" this is a rollercoaster of emotions and passion served up with great vocals, sounding better than ever Meat Loaf.
People say that there are two types of Meat Loaf album out there, ones he's done with Jim Steinman and ones he hasnt, people ususaly say the albums without steinman are inferor, which is not true its just that the steinman written albums have that secret ingredient that can't be replicated by any other person (this can be found more so with bat 3).

This deluxe edition released to co-incide with the release of Bat 3 in 2006, is a great collection that incudes the original 11 track album on disc 1, disc 2 contains a thrown together Bat Out Of Hell live album which was recorded during 1993-94, great sound quality through out but not really essential, however its disc 3 that is the true jewl in the crown, a DVD which contains all three promo videos directed by Michael Bay which are just fantastic and also a nice interview with Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf from the time.
An essential buy for anyone that loves over the top bombastic emotion filled songs with a dark sense of humour running through out, sung with passion and heart this album is for you.
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