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on 8 July 2013
I saw this at Hamleys. We walked around the whole shop and it was the one thing that my son asked for over and over again.

We saw a big, happy, attractive dude demonstrating to 30 kids at a time how magical and amazing it was. All the kids jaws were dropping, it looked AMAZING.

I instinctively suspected it would not be what it claimed (because I have a good grasp of science and reality). So we bought something else.

Afterwards, I felt bad and figured I'd make it up to my son by buying it from Amazon.

Imagine how I felt when it arrived and the "trick" (trick? where's that fit in a SCIENCE product?) was some tiny strings?

And a DVD to tell you how to fool people, assuming you have the time or skill (as a 6 year old, I can tell you, he has neither the attention span nor skill to achieve this).

His first words when I showed it him were "Oh. So... there's no magic?" "No, son. There's no such thing as magic. This is just a trick."

He gamely played around with it for ten minutes before breaking two of the strings and becoming extremely disconsolate. I found him something else to do and put it away.

This is a terrible, horrible joke. Not to mention a terrible waste of money. Firstly, the parts would cost about one pound. Secondly, it's a TRICK. There's no magnets, no thermodynamics, none of the ways you might have guessed this thing maybe worked, it's just a STRING and some blobs of putty and a load of showmanship that no kid is going to achieve in a hurry.

I'm sickened by this. I'll never buy anything from the Science Museum range again. I don't feel good ever returning to the Science Museum, either. What the hell is the point?

You can sell this junk as a science toy?

You should be ashamed.

The only lesson my son and I got from this is that some people use the word 'science' to tell lies.

If that was your goal, MAN you achieved it.

To add insult to injury, there's a little slip of paper saying how you can get a FREE HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR because of your purchase. Going to the website, you find a typical postage-price scam, where the "free" thing costs 2.50 "postage" (and it is not, let me promise you, a 'hologram projector', it uses reflection to show a false-3d image). Another lie posed as science, to make cold hard cash.

I'm disgusted with this. I will post this everywhere in the hope nobody else every gets ripped off by you people again.

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on 3 January 2018
for the record, I didn't buy this product from the merchant here, it was bought from Hawkins bazar, but the review will hopefully warn you off buying it from anywhere.
this is possibly the worst product I have seen and had the misfortune to buy.

my son bought this reduced from £20(!!!!) to £12 with some of his Christmas money and later in the day I walked into the front room and found him holding it on the verge of tears.

the product is a cardboard disc, 8 pieces of thread and 16 small pieces of plasticine. that's it. the 'trick' is you attach the disc to the thread, hang the thread behind your ear and then basically try to amaze your friends while they go "it's attached by thread isn't it?"
there's an instruction dvd which is laughable as they show a guy doing the tricks, but edit out the threads!

how Science Museum put their name to this I have no idea - we've bought some really nice toys and kits in the past, but this is an absolute disgrace.
worst is I could easily see how people buy it, falling for the packaging same as we did. muggins here was reading that it didn't need batteries, thinking that it maybe charges off USB!!! ha, well it's very very low-tech and you could make it yourself for 50p. If indeed you could be bothered. I wouldn't.

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on 10 February 2018
This is stupid! I wasted my money on this! A piece of string and a cardboard 3D shape! Don't buy this!
review image
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on 20 January 2018
i went to hawkins bazaar for this it was £12 at this price a definite con it was reduced so I bought it the dvd makes it look impressive the same trick can be done with a playing card and string which when performed by a magician and a sales person doing a demo people must think wow children would be disappointed by this but a grown up doing the trick for their child they would be impressed the ufo works by thread and wax on the skin the wax can be a disaster to remove from carpets, this is not a toy for young children for themselves as they would be upset and disappointed this should be for teenagers at 12 upwards as they would appreciate it more magicians sell a playing card on string for 30 dollars in America which is the same gimmick as this takes a while to master but would look impressive and amaze your friends I can see how parents and children would be upset if they bought this as it is a complete con
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on 30 November 2016
I have read everyone’s reviews on this product but I'm still getting one. this is like something you would find in a magic trick box.

I recently made a trip to Hamleys London and one of the sales people there were demonstrating it. He obviously had a lot of practice with this product and made it look so easy. He had the crowed in amazement, my kids too. He even stuck the blue tack line to someone’s credit card from the crowd and spun that too. we couldn’t see the line at all, he made it look like it was flying around him. yes it’s just a cheap product and it’s not rocket science but it was fun to see it done in front of your eyes.

it’s on my boys Christmas list.
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on 1 August 2016
Over the years I have purchased a variety of Science Museum items for my children and found them very educational. After a recent visit to London, I purchased "My Mystery UFO", primarily because of the Science Museum brand, on foot of our family visit to the museum. This is a piece of cheap tat and it is highly regrettable that it carries the Science Museum logo. In the long run this can only damage the Science Museum brand and it serves as a grave disservice to their stated mission of "striving to be the best place in the world for people to enjoy science."

It is a piece of junk, essentially some pieces of flesh-coloured blu-tak and some fishing line. It is an out-and-out gimmick. If it was available at a cost of £1, it would be overpriced.

The contrast between this piece of junk and our visit to the Science Museum could not be greater -- our children wandered around the magnificent exhibits, looked in awe at the lunar lander, chatted with the students from Durham about their solar powered car, and learned a great deal about DNA from the interactive exhibition and displays. It was a truly educational experience. This product did the precise opposite and certainly made them wonder about the connection between this gimmick and science -- their conclusion is that profit trumps knowledge.

As a Science Museum supporter and customer, I am literally appalled that this piece of junk carries their brand. I hope they will withdraw it. Whatever individual or committee made the ill-informed decision to add this gimmick to their collection has done them, their brand, and the cause of science education a grave disservice. It is literally shameful.
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on 7 December 2016
Save your cash, this is worthless cardboard, a thin thread, putty - and a total con! I first saw this item being demonstrated buy several shop assistants in a large London toy shop. (Shop sounds like Famleys!). They were giving the big sell, it looked amazing fun, and just the thing for my 8 yr old nephew. I thought the price was pretty steep at £15 for flimsy card so had a check on Amazon - much cheaper!
Then I saw the poor reviews (thanks Amazon, very handy!) I went back to two separate assistants asking " what battery does it take" Reply: "none". "What makes it fly then?" Reply: "This bit of putty behind my ear".
Long story short, I went round the displays again asking the question of others. Same response. I asked to see the putty behind one fellow's ear, finally obvious that there is a very thin invisible thread hanging from the ear to the ufo, he then finally explained this was the whole thing!
I felt this was a total cheat. There is no science. If you want a fun magic trick, go ahead. It is great fun.
I object to the "science" part. I object to the £15 for a piece of card and thread.
Science Museum should remove the science reference! They should state on the pack that there is no science! I wouldn't buy it then either but I wouldn't object to it. They are not selling what they say they are!
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on 9 January 2018
Would have given 2 stars if cost was only £2.50 as its not worth a penny more. Its an illusion trick hardly worthy of the science museum. Once your child breaks the thin 8 extremely thin threads (in order to be invisible) it comes with then that's it, there are no replacement threads for sale that I can find and then it's for the bin. What a waste of money! I now have a tearful child distraught at running out of the special thread as it took all but the last thread for him to master it and that broke pretty quickly too. Do not waste your money!
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on 1 November 2013
I saw this boxed in Sainsbury's just the other day and picked it up - I thought the box was a bit light for £12 and decided to look it up on the Internet to see how it's supposed to work. The Amazon reviews are fantastic - mystery solved! I've not laughed so much in that so many people have been taken in by fancy packaging and claims of 'science' when I already know that stuff claimed under 'science' isn't true science at all. This is so funny because I would NEVER pay £12 for a box that weighs a few gms. Everybody that has picked up this box can feel the weight and has willingly paid £12 for it. I say .. serves you right for being so gullible. Some 80 reviews revealing genuine purchases and all giving a rating of 1 star. That is just so funny! A quick estimate that some £800 has been spent on cardboard and Kevlar thread and nobody is happy with their purchase because .. they have allowed themselves to be deceived. Good! Let that be a lesson to you. Maybe £12 will teach you to be more careful next time. What was that saying ..? A fool and his money are easily parted. Yes indeed! You may complain to the Science Museum for having been fooled, but also take a good look in the mirror and discern what kind of a person you really are. People who claim to be interested in science and yet fork out cash for an obvious 'mystery magic trick' only to be disappointed, are really deluded. Same as that Richard Dawkins chap.
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on 19 November 2017
Terrible product. Completely misadvertised. This is a cheap paper type ufo which has invisible string that you have to surround yourself with to use to puppet the ufo. Poorly made and very flimsy £10 for two very disapppointed children. Do not buy this product. It is nothing like it is advertised its a joke, a con. Not impressed at all.
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