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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2017
Love this album, hits from the last 10 years from Christina Aguilera, great to sing along to ad great to dance to,love a sing along with Christina,would recommend to any fans who want well known tracks all in one place.
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on 5 June 2017
This gets played over and over, it makes me happy, dance and sometimes cry. A rollercoaster of an album
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on 9 May 2017
A great compilation album with some extra electronic tracks that really hit the spot. Another great album from Christina Aguilera.
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on 20 March 2017
Can't get better!
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on 13 May 2017
Not her best
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on 26 October 2008
Now to some people it may seem slightly early for Ms. Aguilera to be releasing a greatest hits collection after just 3 mainstream studio albums, but this special ten year career anniversary collection definitely does a very good job in bringing together & highlighting some of Christina's trademark & in some cases iconic songs, the tracklisting for the album runs in chronological order to the hits from her 1999 debut Christina Aguilera, then to the sophomore release Stripped & finally to her most recent 2006 retro influenced album Back to Basics, the two songs that Christina did in between her debut & sophomore Nobody Wants to Be Lonely &Lady Marmalade are singles included that cannot be found on any of her albums & finally their are 4 new songs, 2 being different & fresh renditions of the original back catalogue material & the other two being compleatly new such as `Dynamite' & the electro-pop influenced single `Keeps getting better'. Critically speaking i would have liked to have seen a few songs from Christina's Latin release Mi Reflejo: New Edition, also the other non-album collaborations such as `Tell Me' ft. P. Diddy, `Car Wash' ft. Missy Elliot & `Tilt Ya Head Back' ft. Nelly, would have been great songs for the album & would have raised incentive of the more dedicated fans to buy, but overall a smashing hits collection from living legend Christina Aguilera & just to add very fond of the album artwork.
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on 16 November 2008
I consider myself to be one of the most hardcore and dedicated Christina Aguilera fans around. And now she's returned from maternity leave with this 17 track Greatest Hits collection to keep us satisfied until her next sudio album expect for release in summer 2009.

1.The album kicks off with her debut single which peaked at No.1, Genie In A Bottle. It's classic Christina from her cookie cutting days where she made great pop music. A timeless tune with a great beat.

2.Next is her second single, What A Girl Wants. Filled with synths and cool beats, it's a worthy entry in the collection. One of my personal favourites of hers, it showcases her amazing voice more than it's predecessor.

3.Come On Over Baby is next and is another on of my favs. One of her most upbeat singles and probably her most risqué at the time with lyrics such as "I'm not just talking about your sexuality . . . I can't help myself when you put your hand on me".

4.Next up is her first ballad, one that is overlooked by many, I Turn To You. This is the first song that truly shows us what she can do. Although it commercially did worse that those before it, it's a nice addition to her Greatest Hits

5.The fifth track is her collaboration with Latin singer Ricky Martin, entitled Nobody Wants To Be Lonely. This is the only album of hers in which this appears on and is a great song. Their voices mesh well together and there's a nice melody.

6.Sixth up is her second No.1, Lady Marmalade, which also features P!nk, Lil' Kim, Mya and Missy Elliot. Taken from the 2001 movie starring Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge, it is a very worthy addition on this collection and can only be found on this album.

7.Although the seventh track, Dirrty, failed commercially in the US it did considerably well in the UK and other parts becoming one of the biggest dance tracks in 2002. Accompanied by a controversial video - which had to be censored in certain regions, it is one of Aguilera's signature songs and was continued on her 2006 album Back To Basics with the track Still Dirrty. Another personal favourites of mine.

8.Following Dirrty, is Fighter which gives us the first real insight into Christina's personal life via her music. Speaking of someone who has betrayed her, Fighter, tells us that Ms.Aguilera has very much left her bubblegum image behind her and is now to be known by as a Xtina.

9.Another No.1 for Christina comes in the shape of the truly amazing Beautiful. Originally for P!nk, the song written by Christina's long time collaborator Linda Perry has become iconic to many. It speaks of how you should always be yourself no matter what anyone else says. It is perhaps her most successful ballad to date and a fan favourite.

10.The Voice Within is the last single from her sophomore album Stripped and the last we see of Xtina. Another ballad that shows of her voice beautifully, it's a great way to end the Stripped era. The time we see Ms.Aguilera she'll have taken on a totally different alias . . .

11.Enter Baby Jane! Christina's gone back to the 40's and 50's for her third album, Back To Basics, and lead single Ain't No Other Man says she's back with a bang! The sounds of brass accompany Christina as she sings of her husband Jordan Bratman, it's another favourite of many and the start of a new era.

12.Next up is the equally as retro, Candyman, a fun upbeat track. It has a 50's inspired music video to follow it and is the making of yet another hit for Christina.

13.Hurt is first ballad and last single from BTB, and once again she blows fans away. A Circus themed video accompanies it and showcases Christina's powerful voice more than ever before. As we leave Baby Jane behind in the 50's it's time to go back to the future.

14.BAM! We kick off the new Tokyo/Popart/futuristic inspired era with Genie 2.0, which is essentially her debut single Genie In A Bottle, re-recorded with a new cool modern beat and electro vibe to it. It's a new direction for her and a nice way to celebrate a decade in the industry. A favourite for me, I like it as much as the original.

15.Christina sends us a message with the title track, Keeps Gettin' Better - that she's here to stay and that she really does keep getting better! For the first time in years she's gone head to head with rival Britney Spears for number one in the UK (although neither of them get the coveted spot). A futuristic video accompanies the cool electrifying track.

16.She keeps up the new fast paced modern feel with Dynamite, the next single from the album. It is equally as dance-inducing as KGB with hot beats and sharps vocals. One of my brand new faves and is sure to grow on you after a few listens

17.The album ends on another re-recorded version, this time of her iconic hit, Beautiful. Entitled, You Are What You Are (Beautiful). It is a slow, synthy, electro filled track with a great tune and slightly computerized lyrics. There's no denying that YAWYA leaves you wants more of this new Christina.

To be critical, it would've been a nice inclusion had she put in some of her other collaborations such as Car Wash with Missy Elliot, Tell Me with P.Diddy, Song For You with Herbie Hancock or Tilt Ya Head Back with Nelly, each of which would've fitted in nicely on here and would've perhaps encouraged more softcore fans, who most likely own most of the songs on her anyway to go out and buy it. Or even Slow Down Baby which was released in Australia or Save Me From Myself which she released on her wedding anniversary. Or even Can't Hold Us Down, which was a big hit in the UK.

But it must be taken into account that this is "A Decade Of Hits" not "A decade of Christina Aguilera Songs". This collection shows us that the reason she's still around i because she's kept it fresh and taken risk, unlike many of her contemparies. And I am very excited to see what is to come next from the fabulous, the one and only, Ms.Christina Aguilera!
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on 15 April 2009
I heard many songs of Christina Aguilera on the radio and some beautiful clips on VH-1 or MTV, then I was in the shopping center of my City in the Netherlands and saw at a record shop a sell-off of some DVD's of Christina,
"Genie Gets Her Wish" originally from 2000 but a re-issue from SONY 2009 for 5.- so I bought it drectly, without doubt, hard plastic cover, then I went home and I didn't knew she sang Etta James cover AT LAST (wich I already had in my soul collection, and found out that she can sing better then average what I heard from her ever. So the next day I realized there could be more CD's and DVD's in a sell-off somewhere in the city, then I was confronted after asking the salesman who I asked for titles from Christina, he gave me a copy of the DVD "STRIPPED"(5.-) a concert from 2004 in the UK, with her original hair color BLACK, (not peroxide blonde) wich I like better, and "BACK TO BASICS" a DVD concert in AUSTRALIA 2008(10.-) so I bought tose too, and coming home, I was frustrated why I so late became interested in collecting her material of songs...
and I couldn't found any more in the city, so in the evening I went on the Internet at AMAZON US and UK, because I earlier found there titles wich I couldn't find elsewhere, and yes bingo at the UK Amazon I found "A DECADE OF HITS" one CD and a BONUS DVD, so I didn't wait no longer and ordered that Album, within two days it was delivered at my home!!!!
Then I found out that all her hits I knew, but some songs where she don't shout and goes that high with her voice I preffered, like "Ï TURNED TO YOU"", "BEAUTIFUL", "HURT", and that stuff. But in general she can do almost all other songs like "LADY MARMALADE"/ÄT LAST"/"SO EMOTIONAL", and with every duet or with more singers(Marmalade) you hear her voice as the best... About her DVD material, all her concerts she did is no sing some songs, and bye, no the choreography of all her concerts has a theme, you could compare it with "Circue du soleil" all the tricks, dances and flying in the air, makes it exceptional! I'm over to Christina for a month now, and asked myself why my interest so late in Christina Aguilera was developed... at Amazon they have a good selling system, you can hear a short sample of most of the tracks, and a lot of videclips to watch to decide your definite choice! I have included another front wich I like more, that's a personal choice, find out!
(I saw above before my birthname my nickname Woody Thompson, that's what they call my friends here because I don't like dutch music, and mostly listen to British and American music)
review image
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on 23 September 2017
Christina Aguilera is a prime example of a performer who oversings just because she can. Her voice is barely tolerable, even in small doses. She sounds like a cross between a foghorn and a whale. It's often jarring and makes one scrunch their face in pain and disgust before reaching for the off button while also trying to keep their fingers in their ears to avoid loss of hearing. Her voice lacks the warmth and versatility that made Queen Whitney Houston a worldwide superstar and a legend that rightfully dismissed Madonna in the 1980s.

Christina's record label marketed her as the antithesis to Britney Spears. She was the teen pop star who didn't need a backing track when performing live but it didn't take people long to realise she's nothing more than a bargain basement Mariah Carey. The problem with Christina is her music is forgettable. Listening to the songs on this album proves what a lacklustre pop star she truly is. While Britney went stratospheric, Christina was irrelevant by the time she released Back to Basics in 2006. Her last two albums - Bionic and Lotus - haven't even sold enough in the US to earn a gold certification (500,000 copies). Her last solo number one single on the Hot 100 was way back in 2000, and her last significant solo top 10 hit was ten years. She has to rely on other acts to get a hit nowadays (Maroon 5, Pitbull, A Great Big World).

What matters the most in pop is the music, this is why Britney is still a superstar, she has scored some of her biggest hits of her career in the last six years. It's all well and good for Christina to boast about the strength of her voice but it's next to useless when most of the material she's singing isn't even worthy of B-side status. Britney has a handful of classic tracks (Baby, Oops, Toxic, Everytime, Gimme More, Womanizer, Till the World Ends) whereas most people would be hard-pressed to name anything Christina has released since Stripped. She isn't an artist who can afford to disappear for long periods of time between each album while at the same time expecting the general public to remain interested and invested in her music. This is why so many fans moved on quickly. There's no point in most of them waiting around if Christina is going to keep coming back with insipid ballads and forgettable electro-pop songs.

Nearly ten years on from the release of this career retrospective it has only managed to reach gold certification in the UK (100,000 copies). If you like lightweight R&B music sung by a washed-up former pop princess whose voice sounds like a goose fart in the fog, I'm sure this album is right up your street. You can find it in most chartiy shops for about 20p. Keeps gettin' better? Oh, the irony.
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on 3 November 2008
Christina is without a doubt the voice of our generation. Here she releases her greatest hits along with a collection of her finest videos.

The main singles such as Genie In A Bottle and Dirty are on there but some of her big UK hits like Can't Hold Us Down and Car Wash aren't. Neither are Tilt Ya Head Back or Reflection. Her break through single. But it's still a must have. Keeps Getting Better see's Christina return to her pop roots while You Are What You Are, while lets say. Daring. Is a taster of what's to come with her new album, due for release in Summer 2009.
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