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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2008
Johnny Depp is outstanding in this drama about a down-at-heel Indian who sells himself to be murdered in a snuff movie to lift his family out of poverty. Also directing and involved in the script writing, he shows he is a character of many faces.
This is a sad tale and Depp's boyish good looks and expression carries off the role to perfection. Marlon Brando has a small part in the film which he interprets in his own inimitable as only Mr Brando can.
The music is outstanding and the sets excellent. Everything about the film is realistic even down to the battered bus.
Personally, I read Gregory McDonald's book only a week or two ago, and I preferred the book, however, "The Brave" is an outstanding piece of cinema which JD would not allow to be released in the USA owing to the reception it received at Cannes. The British public, however, have always had a soft spot for the American Native and will take it to their bosom.
Had I not read the epistle, I would doubtless have given the film 5 stars, but I preferred the Rafael in the book. JD lacked the naivety and innocence as did also his wife. In addition the attitude of the whites to the Indians did not come across.
Well worth watching - but DO get a copy of the book; it leaves a deep impression. That would be my advice.
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on 11 March 2017
Wanted to see this as it's a film Directed by Johnny Depp. Wasn't sure what to expect and although it's very sad it's something I'm glad I watched. Fantastic acting and very different. Shows what Johnny Depp's character Raphael would do for his family.
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on 16 June 2017
This is a brave effort from Johnny. It is his best movie. If you look into the imagery and allegory of this movie you will understand it is a study of indigenous exploitation on a universal level. It is a dark, disturbing yet beautiful movie. Marlon is wonderful in it, too. Thanks for a beautiful sensitive movie Dear Johnny Depp. They brought only death to indigenous people when they colonized.
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on 3 December 2017
this is actually a pretty decent film but viewers beware it is deeply deeply deeply depressing
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on 18 April 2012
Johnny & Daniel Depp: THE BRAVE after Gregory McDonald's book
This is a film close to my heart, and a very realistic portrayal of the tragic poverty of too many Native American families of our time. Having had the opportunity to live with some of them, and being an Indigenous person myself (Sámi or "Lapp") I feel it is very important that this film is seen by as many as possible. Apart from being a realistic documentation of reservation life, it is also a symbol or modern versions of the trials people in such situations have to face. The set sentence uttered by Rafael's father, with such deep wisdom: "Whatever you do, think of the children first", which makes Rafael's (Johnny Depp) choice, no matter how sad and terrible, at the same time understandable and heroic, if not noble. The Braves of the past also had to face an enemy equipped with far better weapons, and obsessed with the wish to literally butcher the Native Americans, braves, women and children alike. What a shame this movie is not distributed in its homeland, USA, where its message is needed the most.
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on 10 June 2016
Avoid at all costs.
If somebody offers you this for a penny or even free don't accept.
Stinks of a vanity project.
Depp plays his usual one note wooden self.
Dreadful on every level and even a minute cameo from Brando cannot save this steaming pile
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on 14 May 2008
i read the reviews on this film and being a johnny depp fan i really wanted to watch this. ive heard all the bad stuff and was quite prepared to be unimpressed. ....but..what a fantastic film. i was so surprised it started out very slow and took a good 10mins before a word was spoken but once the film got started i found it so moving,,,yes i cried..the ending was so unexpected i wont say what it was for all you who havent watched this. but wow. johnny depp is a fantastic actor and director. ok so some of the others in the film are not so great at acting but what a powerful subject to tackle on a first movie..i would recommend this to anyone so long as you can get through the first few minutes when you have no idea whats going on. A++++++++++
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on 13 May 2018
good but not great
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on 7 March 2013
i don,t want to spoil the plot, so i will say, a really excellent film that johnny had produced etc, himself, and great to see that marlon brando has a good role too, it tells of a man,s courage and sacrifice he makes because of his family,s difficult circumstances, it is a touching film, and like johnny or not, i would reccomend getting this one.
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on 2 April 2016
This is one of my favourite Depp films. It's dark but beautifully crafted. Shame his commercial films are not as good.
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