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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£14.01 - £50.15

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on 5 August 2015
This game is awesomely crazy.The story(what I can make of it) is brilliant, although it makes no sense at times(but that is the brilliance of Japanese video games). The combat is beautifully styled. I love the fact that you are battling against the heavenly forces.
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on 18 April 2017
Awesome game, keep's me busy for hour's on end....
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on 17 September 2014
You play as Bayonetta, hunting down a special item known as the ‘Right Eye’, which is one half of a special set known as the ‘Eyes of the World’. An informant known as Enzo alerts you to the whereabouts of the Right Eye, located somewhere in a city called Vigrid. The forces of Heaven are also on the search for this precious artefact hoping to use its power to bring forth an almighty resurrection.

It’s very difficult knowing where to begin when describing the story. It’s pure popcorn fantasy, but depicting the angels as the enemy is an interesting touch. Bayonetta is a wonderful character, brimming with charisma, supermodel looks, sex appeal, and showing us all that her clothing is made out of hair too!

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
The opening gameplay sequence is absolutely stunning; the camera work is exemplary and rotates
swiftly to choreograph the action. The beautiful thing is that Bayonetta aims to surpass itself at every stage of the game, which keeps us guessing how one crazy sequence will top another? The city of Vigrid will be the main attraction, swarming in gothic architecture and distancing itself from contemporary design. The art direction is mind-blowing and it’s obvious that the artists worked tirelessly to create a fitting backdrop to Bayonetta’s adventure.

Bayonetta’s character model is both Unique and exquisitely detailed. The slender figure, long twisty hair and witch accessories really make her stand out. Animations are smooth and silky; Bayonetta moves with grace and strikes a pose as if she belongs on a catwalk (she really does!). The cut scenes are presented as animated movie strips, which adds a different dynamic to the narrative and compliments the game‘s exuberant style. Sound design is strong, thunderous audio effects competently back the chaos and destruction.

Unfortunately, the experience becomes tarred by the recycling of levels. This isn’t a complete downer, but it’s a shrewd move on behalf of the designers to stretch out the game’s length.

Mission structure is fairly linear; environments funnel you from one area to the next. During missions, battles are broken up into scored rounds and a good performance will reward you with additional halos, which can be used to upgrade items. Personally, I loved the inclusion of Angel Attack mode, which is featured at the end of every mission. This is a mini-game that features a shooting gallery and a limited number of bullets to blast floating angels. it’s an excellent way of boosting your halo count or trading the points for new inventory items. The feisty heroine is equipped with handguns and firearms attached to her ankles.

The combat system will introduce you to short and long-ranged attacks, which is incredibly smooth and responsive. Combos can be strung together with fluidity, combining hand and feet-based attacks in quick succession. When battling larger enemies, they can be finished with an ultra attack, which summons a large demon to turn any angel into a bloody mess. I adored these brutal finishers, not just because Bayonetta ends up half naked from doing so, but they add comic relief. It can be very easy to become swarmed by enemies; this is where Bayonetta’s Witch Time ability becomes very handy. As soon as Bayonetta evades an incoming attack, the screen will change colour and time will slow down for a brief moment. Players will need to use their evasive techniques in order to keep the battle advantage on their side and get in as many critical hits as possible. Kicking angelic ass all day long isn't the only trick up our witch’s sleeve, there are fantastic gameplay allowing her run up walls and onto ceilings during intense battles.

Bayonetta does include a healthy dose of platforming and puzzle sections. The puzzles are based on witch time situations, which primarily involve Bayonetta acquiring specific items or reaching locations. The boss battles are glorious and wonderfully creative. The Gates of Hell will be your one stop shop and upgrade needs. Players will be able to acquire new weapons, unlock new movies, purchase healing items and specialised potions to increase specific abilities. There is plenty to dig into and will ensure a healthy playtime.

Bayonetta has quite simply surpassed all of my expectations. The whacky witch breathes life into the hack n’ slash genre, immersing us into her surreal world. The graphics and art direction swarm with imagination and creativity. The gamepiay is fast, energetic, and just when you think one heart-stopping moment is over, another comes charging towards you.
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on 14 March 2010
This game is simply everything devil may cry 3 should have been.

Action games need to have something to stand out. For example, Dante's Inferno has the great conceptualisation of hell behind it, but comes across as a God of War clone. However, Bayonetta has so much more than Dante's Inferno.

You play as Bayonetta, a witch who fights against angelic forces who have extinguished all but one of the witches, destroying the balance between the two sides.

Bayonetta is a highly sexualised character. For instance, you can 'punish' a foe by, essentially, spanking them repeatedly. She attacks with her hair, which also serves as her clothes, so as you use increasingly powerful moves she... begins to lose clothing. It would be tasteless if not for the overall light-hearted feel of the game, and also if you weren't laughing whilst doing it. The gameplay is closer to Devil may cry than anything else, but has hints of God Of War's execution and button-mash sequences. There is no block button, which means you have to stay on your toes. Too often has a block button become a crutch to lean on, leading to Assassin's Creed style turtle combat. In Bayonetta, you have to dodge. It is your only defense, and works more fluently that Devil May Cry 4. A perfectly timed dodge will allow you to enter 'Witch time', which is essentially matrix-style bullet time. This feels rewarding as you pull off the perfect dodge, leaving the enemy defenseless for a few seconds. But unlike Max Payne, it doesn't overdo the bullet time: you have to work for it and it doesn't last long, and isn't the cornerstone of the combat, more just a little treat you get for a perfectly executed dodge.

Bayonetta's moves are designed to attack several enemies at once, often in more than one direction. She can shoot 360 degrees and spawn demons to crunch up her enemies. The combat is typically frenetic, with more urgency than Devil May Cry. You feel that Bayonetta is not to overpowered but also has a lot of moves etc. It's strange, I know, but in some games you feel invincible, and in some like Demon's Souls you feel powerless. Bayonetta get the balance just right.

As a pure action game, it's fun enough just to try to discover all of Bayonetta's combos. But in real time it's just crazy. It's very difficult to describe, and certainly not for everyone. My suggestion is to download the demo from PS store, then decide whether or not you will buy it.

There were some graphical issues, but these have since been patched. I've never noticed a drop in framerate, or any real screen tearing and didn't have any issues with it graphically at all.

Finally, don't listen to the people who say it is a bad port. There have been worse, and as I said the graphics have been patched. People do that all the time, because Digital Foundry say it is better on one console, it is automatically a bad game on the other, but in reality it is a good game on PS3. If you have an Xbox 360, I'd recommend you buy it for that, but if not it's fine on PS3.
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on 2 April 2010
In Bayonetta, the following chapters promise and provide even more over-the-top sights and action than you could reasonably expect from one game. From moon powered wall-walking, to a level that takes place entirely on a missile; this game by Platinum Games is both a masterpiece in showing off and an in-depth effort.

While those who aren't too skilled at action games can get away with spamming the seemingly overpowered sword attacks and dodging when they can, the more experienced will be glad to know that there's as much reason to play as they have time to do so. With dozens of unlockable new weapons, attacks, abilities and costume changes (each costing a hefty amount of Halos; the in game currency), it's gonna be a while before you can claim full completion of this title. And that's not even mentioning the difficulty of the Trophies; the irritation of not catching one of those crows for the 15th time in a row; or going back to old levels to improve your rank... Most games of this type have bronze awards handed out at the end of the level for a better than average performance, and reserving gold or platinum for a top quality player on a good day. Bayonetta gives out these rewards at the end of every battle; starting from stone (rock-bottom you might say) to pure platinum (getting nothing less than a platinum the whole way through). The number of times that caught me out on a run...

There are a few areas of concern in what is otherwise a fantastic game. In levels of the game that involve altered gravity, falling or tumbling airplanes, a few glitches have been known to occur and unfairly cause death; and there is also a few graphical problems caused in cut-scenes by having Bayonetta wear an alternate outfit in them; it appears only her initial clothes are fully programmed into them, so you get her hat moving into other characters heads and so on. The combat can also get repetitive quickly if you don't earn enough for new abilities often or if you don't experiment a little. Overall, Bayonetta is a great game that will provide hours of fun for anyone ready and willing to get over a steep learning curve and isn't too picky about plot details (the real story isn't picked up for a few chapters).
86% This has been a Nathan Holder review.
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on 9 July 2010
If you like games like Devil May Cry you will like this game.

For me I liked it a lot because it had more things added to the game like ranking in each battle, the amount of weapons you can obtain, witch time and torture attacks. Tasks that they give you are simple and do not ruin the speed and fun of the game like puzzles in the same genre.

Other games just have a maximum of 4 weapons to choose from. Sometimes new weapons do not even matter or don't suit your playing style. Bayonetta has loads of weapons to choose from and you will be finding yourself swapping them around just for fun. Puzzles in other games are to occupy the player, but in Bayonetta they are just short little situations that do not ruin the pace of the game . Id rather be slaying whatever the game throws at me than long puzzles that could frustrate me.

The only thing missing is some sort of horde mode where endless enemies come at you. That would be fun. And the difficulty can be hard when your new but gets easier with more playing hours.
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on 18 March 2010
This game makes very little sense with switching between times and locations but who cares! It's great fun to play and who can get bored of slapping up huge bosses with some intense attacks that are so varied it's impossible to get stuck in a gaming rut or become overly repetative. Gorgeous graphics and lightening gameplay add to the enjoyment and some nice humerous touches throughout are also welcome. Basically if you like the thought of destroying everything in your path while performing some awesome moves, summoning bizarre creatures and torture devices while controlling a saucy witch in bondage gear then this is the perfect game for you.
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VINE VOICEon 8 January 2010
I am currently having a rest from what can only be described as sensory overload. This is sincerely the most intense and at the same time absolutely bonkers gaming experience I've had in all the years since videogaming itself began back in my distant youth. There's no slow invitational build-up here; Bayonetta just grabs you by your short and curlies and insists.
Plot you say?
What's the point when you have witches, Heaven vs Hell, huge mutant angels with babies heads or two headed dragon/angels with upside down heads for bodies.
"Bullet Climax"?... you bet.
A suit made out of hair that unravels into a giant boot, a hand for picking up and throwing cars or even a huge serpent that eats major enemies?... of course.
Sega's groan-inducing in-jokes and cutting off angel's heads in guillotines or sending them to hell kicked into an iron maiden?...just all in another day's work for this game.
These are just a few of the delights experienced within my first few breathless hours of play. Next thing I know I'm running up waterfalls in heaven (Paradiso) and stealing an enormous egg-timer. The pace never really lets up until you die.
(3 cheers for prompt delivery in this severely inclement weather too)

Certainly it is reminiscent of other well-known games that I won't mention here but take my word for it, within the first few hours of play Bayonetta has already surpassed them all. It's time to take off those training wheels and play with the grown-ups.
Fast and intuitive combat mixed with a superbly ecclectic soundtrack and some ridiculous "stupid big smile" moments. I know I haven't got far but I do know when I'm gobsmacked by something and Bayonetta finds me rocking back and forth mumbling in the prescence of true gaming greatness. The cutscenes initially appear to be the work of a lunatic mind but do link the segments together well enough so you can get on with enjoying yet more of the sublimely engineered combat. Rest assured the story does make sense but you'll only pull all the threads together towards the end of the game.

The animation of Bayonetta herself is so characterful and so over the top that she puts all other generic game leads to shame. In between acrobatics she struts around like she means it and her measured, disdainful English accent only serves to enhance the appeal.
There are a few rudimentary puzzles, a bit of "item/ring collection" and some very useful "Alchemy" which will no doubt bolster your offensive and defensive capabilities later on. Visit "The Gates of Hell" a cheesy cocktail bar on the edge of Hell where you can buy new items or fighting techniques. Replayability is looking good with scaling awards for each level completed and the usual host of unlockables and trophies to earn. There is more that I could add but I wouldn't want to spoil the joy of discovery for anyone else.

edit: Still playing Bayonetta over a month later and the addiction level is still fierce. The sense of achievement and actually becoming better is beautifully paced with what once seemed near-impossible now being a walk in the park. Don't let that fool you though; Bayonetta continues to ramp up the difficulty with "Hard" and then "Infinite Climax" mode. The latter becomes a war of attrition between you, your joypad and the joints of your fingers. This is not just a case of more hit-points per enemy but more enemies and the later-harder-enemies actually replacing earlier easier ones and they all move about three times as fast. Bosses have new moves and are less forgiving but worst of all there is NO WITCHTIME when you dodge so thank goodness for the "Dodge-Offset" move. I'm still trying to get platinum trophies, all umbran tears and unlock all weapons until I can face the ultimate unlockable enemy...Rodin..and I'm still enjoying it all immensely.

I had heard grumbles about the conversion for PS3 but seriously I have no complaints at all. Something this good shouldn't be compared to other versions; it should just be enjoyed.

As Bayonetta herself says "I've got a fever and the only cure is more dead angels"
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on 22 October 2011
Awesome and over the top. The opening intro gives you the right impression as you fight hordes of angels while plummeting to earth on a chunk of a clock tower. The fighting has a sense of both ease and skill in one. Just the square and triangle buttons combined in various sequences will generate scores of moves (including some from bayonettas shoe mounted guns). The skill comes in chaining massive combos using witch time. This ability is essentially slow mo triggered by tapping the shoulder button as you are about to be hit. This is stunning, as not only do the enemies slow, but also the surroundings. A screen full of rain freezes in its tracks and fountains become platforms. Bosses can be monumental in size and attack force, but after some punishing you can use quick time events (push button at right time) to pound them down to size.

By collecting halos as you fight the enemies you can buy extra moves, single use items and permanent health / magic boosts. You can also find various items throughout the levels just by having a look around. The levels can sometimes feel muted, with lots of greys and browns, but still with a look of beauty to many areas. A lot of the time the screen will be too full of action for you to notice anything. Cut scenes can either be fully animated, or static images with a comic book style switching between frames. This is kinda annoying when the whole lot could have been fully animated. I have already mentioned some style points, but there are loads. This is the kind of game in which the heroine ends up riding missiles, fighting a dragon thing inside a church while the dragon is carrying said church on its head, having a rally match with a boss by throwing a satellite at each other. Its just balls out nuts. If you like devil may cry, you must play this!!

-story revolves around the witch Bayonetta discovering her past when she awakens after being trapped in a coffin for 500 years. Unfortunately, while everything is explained, it somehow doesn't make sense after the reveals at the end, particularly when you think "why on earth was THAT character fighting me?".
-Quick time events are generally predictable, but there are several that will end up killing you multiple times towards the end (frustrating)
-overall, despite her funky attitude (especially to bosses that tower above her), Bayonetta doesn't seem to be as likeable as Dante from Devil May Cry.

Some people may play multiple times to unlock everything and beat certain limits (You get rated on each level combos, finding items, time to complete and items used) but overall i think most people will play once. That is not to say you won't have any fond memories of the madness.
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on 20 September 2010
This game is ridiculous, that is probably the single over-arching principle of Bayonetta and this is both a positive and a negative. Firstly the story is complete trash and has about as much substance as an episode of holyoaks, frankly anyone finding anything remotely profound in this mess is clearly looking too hard and probably watches too much anime. Despite the lobotomized story telling, cliche set to overload and set pieces that would have michael bay weeping impotently it does have its charm. I got the impression that platinum prides itself on their arent we crazy approach to gaming at least on the impression of madworld and now bayonetta gameplay, style, cliche, story is all turned up to 11 and again this doesnt always work for the best. The graphics, style and character design can at times looks like an antique porcelain collection on some combination of acid, pcp and catholic guilt and is certainly imaginative and often striking but not always successful. This can also be said of the gameplay, sometimes the graphics coupled with the environments and over the top action can make it hard to tell what is going on; however, the controls excellently implemented and as hard as the game is i havent felt it unfair. Basically Bayonetta is chocked full of goodies, challenges and is above all fun, platinum dont appear a developer whom take themselves too seriously (which is a refreshing change) and since the patch and optional install (4gb ouch) the ps3 version seems to no longer suffer as it once did. To sum up i got it cheap and i dont feel disappointed in any way, its really fun you will probably laugh and cringe in equal measure and the rest of the time you can just look confused.
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