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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£18.28+ Free shipping

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on 5 July 2016
a bit confusions
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on 2 July 2014
Would recommend
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on 21 March 2013
So....I bought this game quite a few years after its release... its essentially a mix of button basher and combo based combat set against a self indulgent and poorly-explained story setting.
I was excited and intrigued by the rave reviews of other buyers of the game...Im a gamer, I enjoy games that push boundaries and aspire to be different. The description of this game, the enemies, the graphics and overall energy seemed really cool and unusual.
I found it to be like a Tarantino movie mixed with a really poor quality japanese cartoon that you've missed the first two seasons of. And to be honest, the relentless perving on the game's own main character that the game designers make you a party to just made me feel a bit...seedy. This game got taken out and put away after about half and hour...I was SO disappointed by previous reviews, but Im not ignorant enough to say that some people might enjoy this kind of game...to be honest, its the kind of game that gives gamers a bad reputation and is a bit outdated in my opinion. Not a mass appeal game at all...try before you buy!
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on 11 March 2011
I consider myself a guru in console and pc games and I can tell you for sure, this game is mediocracy.
It's too bad when someone spoils a could-have-been-great game, with such a stupid story, and with pointless missions.
I have to be honest, the graphics are good, and the gameplay is well done, but that's not all a game needs to be great.
The music is frustrating, at least for me it is. I mean, killing demons while listening to "Fly me to the moon", it is not something everybody would like.
Second, the story. The story is weak. It is another common fantasy story, it can't suck you in. Even bayonetta lovers will press the "Start" button to avoid the meaningless videos.
One last thing. I don't know about you, but I really hate games which push you to time limits, especially when you have to be super-duper good in killing to complete the goal 1-2 seconds before the time ends.
It's not a bad game, it is just as I said, mediocracy.
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on 21 February 2010
Sorry to those who rate this game, i just don't get it at all. The music is weird, unapropriate and annoying right from the off, with the first main level backed by a dreary version of Frank Sinatra's fly me to the moon. The storyline doesn't make any sense, the gameplay... as frantic and high paced as it may be is basically repetetive button bashing nonsense, I just don't feel attached to the character what so ever when playing it.

The 'baddies' are poorly designed and very repetetive. I understand that sony have tried to give this game a quirky old style arcade feel but it just isn't for me. I have tried putting this game down and approaching it the next day with a different frame of mind, but each time just end up going through the motions of randomly bashing away at my controller. I generally dislike everything about this game, even the character herself grates on me .

Plus may i add that even with the patch update this game takes far too long to load, and also there are graphics issues with this game, often seen in the background, plus i have a flickery line appear at the top of the screen now and again which i find really distracting. To summarise I just can't get rid of this game quick enough, i don't care to play it, i don't care to complete it, i just get no sense of achievement with this game, each to their own i guess. In future i shouldn't always believe the hype and buy on the back of fancy adverts.

I can understand why this game seems to be falling in price daily, i bought it for £24, which i thought was a great price for what i hoped to be a fantastic "sensory overload" of a game, the only senses that i overloaded were sense of dissapointment, frustration and boredom.
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on 1 February 2010
I've just finished this on Easy and have started normal difficulty....

Echoing the comments and reviews below really to be honest.....I would review this by its good and bad points.

Bad: not much really to be honest....Bayonetta isn't as good looking as the game writers want her to be I think...but the style is all very tongue in cheek anyway....I actually think Jeanne is better looking....the cutscenes are a bit long in the beginning, but once you get past the first 30 mins or so, this thankfully drops down in length and occurence. A few people here have complained about the quality of the cutscenes. From my own point of view I thought they were fine, but I have never been fussed on cutscenes anyway, I watch them for the story bit, but never define how great a game is by them - I want to play a game, not watch it.....if I want to look at great CGI, I'll watch a CGI movie....the plot: Ok its weird to put it mildly, but then you don't come across a bunch of angels to fight everyday do you, so I guess it will be odd at times.....

The Good:
The combat is intense...very similar in style to DMC series of games...there are some varied bits in the game, like the motorbike bit and the plane sequence....as mentioned in the previous review very good salutes to past games! Being able to run on walls at all angles is also a good addition to this making it feel like an action platformer at times. The in game graphics are very good, especially some of the landscapes / locations, which are not repeated either - one of the flaws of DMC4 was having to go back through all the previous locations for the second half of the game.
The boss fights are just epic in scale! The replayability is very good, just started on normal which is a lot harder to survive, but forces you to start thinking more about what you need to buy and more about combos etc...

In conclusion, a must for DMC fans and seems a shame that this is so low down in the bestseller list!

By the way, can anyone comment on tha makers of this game? Its so similar to DMC that I thought that it would have been a Capcom game, so how come its SEGA?
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on 5 February 2010
Like just about everyone else I felt victim of Bayonetta's flamboyant visuals and combat overkill and never seen before epic reach, and boy I hate myself for being sucker for japanese over-the-topness. The PS3 demo sadly demonstrated one of the few sanely developed levels that follow what we've come to expect from God of War and Devil May Cry, and I loved it. Stepping further into the real game, all its flaws become evident to the point where no matter how much your eyes ADORE the game, your brain will ultimately DESPISE it.

Bayonetta is like a surrealistic "random stuff happen" dream, with absolutely no coherent storytelling to glue the mind-blowing combat. Despite running about 1:50 hours of cinematics throughout the 8 hours gameplay, it tries not to explain anything but leave you putting the jigsaw pieces together and doesn't even care if you succeed at it, an unnatural and poseur dialogue consisting of stuff you'd expect a paid dominatrix to whisper in your aroused ear, total lack of character development and hollow environment that pay tribute to the loneliness of MYST games.

Aside from the story, the game is absolutely linear with invisible walls everywhere, and the game-play does not even sweat to provide any re-playability whatsoever aside from the sad opportunity to miss some combat situations that require you to tread back the levels to find out secret combats; dreadfully boring practice that kills the eardrum-throbbing pathos of the game. Combat and puzzle make most of the game but are incoherently paced together, in almost random manner. Expect to love combat but hate its utter repetitiveness and reuse of a dozen monsters and bosses until you get sick of the same; expect to love facing puzzles or unique dramatic situations only to hate moments of wondering what to make of surrealistic imagery on the screen. Expect moments of love and hate to rip your expectations aparat and as you progress further, to put a chasm in your heart for a game so dearly loved and so hated at the same time.

As you come close to the ending of the game, the chasm between brainmatter-splattering-out-of-your-cranium combat and gameplay is impossible to even pretend it does not matter. It matters, and it will destroys so many cinematographic moments with challenges so madly rooted in bullet hell gaming that you will wish you could just destroy your PS3 and return to life where beauty is no longer so maddeningly demanding. At the end, you'll be merely allowed few minutes of play between dozens of minutes of cinematic pointless converations, combat ceases to even pretend to be fair, and even if you chicken out at Very Easy mode and turn combat in a single button mash and fool yourself you play out impossible otherwise situations by hitting it as fast as you can, expect to face situations requiring constant trial and error to the point of a dozen and a half replays for situations that are presented as cinematographic climax meant to be successful at the first time in order to poud your brain with never to forget fond memories... instead, expect to replay glorious slow-motion choir-screaming climax a hundred times because of few specks of glass. Enough spoilers.

Eventually, Bayonetta will do you few favors you wish it would not. It's unique take on epic combat can make even Dragonball Z's Goku whimper in clinical depression, and will render you jaded for any cinematic combat glory for years to come. After Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden wish feel 8-bit, you will merely sign of apathy at God of War III Kratos exploits, and Dante Inferno will be branded as boring at best. Bayonetta will make you experience the sweet nectar of dominatrix beauty and impossible scale of events that will leave you in a severe state of imagination diabetes, and at the same time will not even bother to back it up with game-play you will find enjoyable and likelt to return to. It is like being raped in all places possible, without the foreplay. At the end, it just hurts and you wish you could forget about it but no you won't ever!
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on 21 June 2016
very good
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on 15 February 2015
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on 26 April 2010
Bayonetta is a great little game with a great combat system, however the game does take a while to load but this doesnt for me at least take away from the enjoyment of the game.
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