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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2009
Nutritional Information
Per 60g Bar (Dark Chocolate flavour)

Energy: 204kcal/856kJ
Protein: 20.3g
Carbohydrates: 18.4g
of which sugars: 10.6g
of which polyols 5.8g
Fats: 5.6g
of which satuartes: 2.3g
Fibre: 5.1g
Sodium: 0.18g
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on 10 March 2014
If you don't have issues with IBS or caffeine then these bars are perfect, they taste great (think After 8), nice texture (not too hard) and have a good amount of protein. There is a huge amount of caffeine in these and if you do have gut issues then the Orange version tastes almost as nice and is caffeine free -
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on 10 December 2015
I wouldn't touch these with a barge pole these days.

They taste nice, and I went through a phase of using these while working out a lot and not having too much time. I found they stalled my progress in getting rid of flab and building muscle. I cut them out and replaced with some nuts or a very plain protein shake (whole food type, no soya or sweeteners) and I immediately (within a week) started getting good results with weights/cardio again.
Here's what they say:

Protein: 20 g
Fibre: 5.1 g
Green Tea and CLA for weight loss
Low GI for sustained energy release

Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate (17%)(from Milk), Milk Protein Isolate, Collagen Hydrolysate, Emulsifier: Soya< Lecthin), Dark Chocolate (14%) (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Flavouring), Sweeteners (Maltitol, Xylitol), Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup, Fructooligosaccharides, Water, L-Carnitine, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (2.5%), Maltodextrin, Flavurings, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B5, Colours (Caramel E150c, Caramel E150d)

Here's what I say. Sweeteners - Maltitol and Xylitol - and Partially inverted sugar syrup, and the sugar in the chocolate - are just setting yourself up for a whole bunch of pain if you are 'healthy snacking' on sweet stuff (and sweetener - your body reacts in similar ways to sweetener, when it comes to insulin). I follow Dr Gundry's advice and 'retreat from sweet' as much as possible. I try to avoid sweetener, except limited stevia. I am not keen on the E numbers either - we don't need more colours and chemicals in our food - I go for whizzing up a hemp protein smoothie with nut milk and cacao or eating a handful of nuts these days, and eating lots of fatty stuff like coconut oil and avocado, and I find my muscle ratio is better and recovery better too, plus no crashes from all the caffeine, sugar, and no worries about fake stuff - colours and chemicals, processed into something pretty.

Too much caffeine - gives me the gurgles, in the gut. Stimulating. Ahem! 125mg per bar. Not necessary.

Now for choc mint, I put a tablespoon of cacao and some mint essence or real mint in my morning smoothie. Boom! And way way cheaper too. I loved the convenience of these bars though. But it's not worth all the other necessary stuff in the bar, screwing up my system!
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on 26 December 2009
I have been battling the bulge of my beer belly for over a year, and these filling, chunky and chewy Diet Bars really did help a lot. Compared to other, either bigger or less satisfying, protein bars on the market, Maximuscle again floors all competitors for taste, texture and a feeling of fullness long after consuming these bars. However, I recently began to question the true advantages of having CLA and caffeine in these Diet Bars, over the extremely similar Promax Meal Bars (see my other review). The Promax Meal Bars pack similar calories and protein, but without the caffeine one can be taken after a late night gym session, or even as a high protein bed time snack to help the body burn fat during sleep. The Diet Bars could not be taken at night by myself due to the huge 125mg caffeine content, which kept me awake on the odd occasion I had one at that time. I also feel that the Promax Meal Bars are somewhat more satisfying and - again for me personally - the Diet Bars often created a tummy rumble effect, that the Promax Meal Bars do not. Therefore, although this product is satisfying, and would have been rated 4 star before trying the Promax Meal Bars I have switched to the latter and will keep on chewing them until I reach my weight goal (and probably beyond).
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on 26 April 2011
To go along with the other post... about cals/fat/cla...
For those who are food nerds, here's some more info...

They don't print this stuff on the packet but I asked and this is what maximuscle replied with
So these figures should be correct but I'm only human (except in the mornings according to popular opinion!)

The brackets are the percent one bar gives in terms of RDI/RDA (NB the RDAs change every 5 years)
Vitamin A = 500.0 IU (10%)
Folate = 124 ug (31%)
B1 (Thiamine) = 0.4mg (25%)
B2 (Riboflavin) = 0.5mg (27%)
B3 (Niacin) = 5.4mg (27%)
B5 (Panthothenic acid) = 0.8mg (8%)
B6 (Pyridoxine) = 0.4ug (7%)
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) = 0.4ug (7%)
Vitamin C = 14.2mg (24%)
Vitamin D = 68.0 IU (17%)
Vitamin E = 4.8 mg (24%)
Vitamin K = 0.0 ug (0% :P)

Calcium 270 mg (27%)
Copper 0.4 mg (23%)
Iron 2.9 mg (16%)
Magnesium 50.0 mg (13%)
Manganese 0.4 mg (18%)
Phosphorus 250.0 mg (25%)
Potassium 1200.0 mg (34%)
Selenium 17.0 ug (24%)
Sodium 180 mg (8%)
Zinc 4.0 mg (27%)

Now what's really weird is they give a warning about the manganese and phosphorus intake, yet from the values above they should be fine, probably miscopied the units or something, I've had no problems but everyone is different. Though I suspect the caffeine content would send some people up the walls 125mg is about 1.5L of cokes worth and that's per bar.

I do know maltitol (The sugar substitute) can cause me stomach cramping, so if your trying for the first time, eat one and see if you get stomach cramping. Saying that I've had no problems with these bars, but I normally only eat one a day when exercising and if eating two, I space them out quite a bit, and I watch for other stuff containing maltitol for example chewing gum. I recommend that you have a drink with them, to take it longer to digest.

I use these bars as Lunch/pre-exercise (choc/orange are the best) and I find they keep me going for about 3-4 hours before I get hungry again.

Anyways I'd recommend these bars for anyone looking for that quick fix around lunchtime/pre gym to curb the pangs of hunger. Are they the panacea of weight loss, nah, they work for me because they are less calories than a normal lunch or even a mars/snickers bar, and they are handy to have around just in case you rush out the door in the morning and forget to bring lunch :)
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on 17 June 2014
I do like these a lot and cheaper than getting individually from tesco

I find I can cut a bit off of it and leave the rest for another day, it satisfies the need for choc without making me want to eat the whole bar at once. Would recommend
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on 6 December 2015
This is a great protein bar that tastes quite good. I have a very minty after-taste that kind of leaves you mouth feeling fresh. I must say, some will love it and others will hate it. I do love this protein bar but my girlfriend hates it due to the very strong mint taste and the after-taste it have. So, if you are looking to buy in bulk it comes to a cheaper price per bar but if you don't like it, sorry to say but you are stuck with a whole box of bars that you will either not eat it or force yourself to eat them. I'd recommend trying one first from a supermarket or supplement shop and if you are satisfied with the taste, then by all means get the whole box :)

Now for the benefits of the ingredient of this protein bar... well, most protein are about the same. So I tent to look at the amount of protein per bar, energy, carbohydrate, fat and what other additives are being thrown in there. If you look at the nutritional information, this bars has a good content of protein as well as a suitable level of Carbs and sugar to feed the muscles right after a workout.

The main reason to consume carbs post-workout is to replenish the muscle glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose and it is needed to break down glycogen chain in order to generate ATP, which transports chemical energy and is important for muscle contractions. In other words, the best way to replenish muscle glycogen stores after a workout is to consume High-Glycemic (fast digesting) carbs as soon as possible. This means that having a protein bar right after your workout will help in that process. I am not a pro athlete or an expert in the field, so do research on the benefits of post-workout carbohydrate to learn more.

Overall, I do recommend just because I like the flavour of these protein bars. So if you think that you like Dark chocolate Mint flavour products, give this a go.
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on 18 August 2016
These bars are fantastic if your looking for an easy way to boost your daily protein intake and boost your bodies metabolism.

I tend to have one of these before I go to the gym. It give me a boost and my body the energy to get through my work out after which I take my USN shake.

The bars themselves are quite tough, and are not for those with brittle teeth :). If you remember it's a good idea to keep it in your pocket for 30 mins before opening it to make it slightly softer.

Don't rely on it as a substitute for a meal, any way if your anything like me it wont last you more than an hour rather than the recommended 3hrs you should have between meals when training.
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on 30 January 2016
I've been buying these for months now, great tasting and good for an energy boost. I use them as a snack between meals when I'm working long shifts to keep me going, however, there has just been a price increase of £5 so I won't be buying these again and now have to look for an alternative.
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on 24 July 2015
Fantastic on the go. Really handy, low calorie, high protein bar. Great for someone wanting to indulge without compromising on calorie and fat intake. Very good for anyone following a high protein, low calorie diet.

The chocolate and orange is my favourite but the Chocolate mint is also very good.
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