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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 October 2005
I've had a few listens through now, having got my copy a couple of days early (thank you Mr Post office!)
This album is definitely a more mature production from Robbie. Songs that grab you straight away - Make Me Pure, The Trouble with Me and Advertising Space, which has a definite U2 influence. Then the songs that take a couple of listens like Tripping, Ghosts and Sin Sin Sin.
The influences of Robbie's upbringing near Manchester and that of Stephen Duffy are evident in a lot of the album with an 80s beat particularly strong in Sin Sin Sin.
This is heading to be one of my favourite Robbie albums, his voice has improved and the song writing has definitely improved. He's not missing Guy Chambers at all. Even if you've never liked Robbie before, give this one a go.
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on 5 September 2015
I know this is a late review (like 10 years too late!) but I've just been revisiting this album while doing the washing up and I've got to say that the songs on this record are pretty awesome. Having not heard this for a long time, as each song started I remembered it instantly and started to enjoy this album again. Surely must be one of his best by a long way. Songs like Pure, Advertising Space and Ghosts are truly great lyrically and musically and there is not really a weak point on the record. If you haven't discovered this record yet for some reason, do yourself a favour and invest in a copy.
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on 14 November 2005
Having been disappointed with his last studio effort, 'Escapology', I was looking forward to this album with hesitancy. However, after having listened to 2 songs, I knew that Robbie was back and better than ever! I very much enjoyed the entire album, standout tracks (for me) include: Ghosts, Spread Your Wings, Advertising Space, Sin Sin Sin, and The Trouble With Me. I had already heard the single 'Tripping' sometime last month, so I had a feeling that it would be a stellar album, and I wasn't disappointed!
My advice: go out and buy this album! I haven't heard a better Robbie since 1998's 'I've Been Expecting You', but even now I think this is slightly better than it. A more mature, reflective Robbie is what you'll get with this album!
The added DVD was really great as well. As a Robbie fan from the US, I haven't had the opportunity to see him live, so the interviews and live studio bits were really helpful to me to see how he works, and what he's really like.
So go on, buy it! You know you want to! :)
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on 27 November 2005
A decent effort from Robbie but it just does not jump out at you. There are some good tracks:
Nake Me Pure
Sin Sin Sin
but nothing spectular. ON the other albums there is at least one mega hit, but most of this is just safe ground. the album drags on and the tracks are average and do not stand out. a bit dissappointing.
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on 7 January 2006
I came to this album objectively having been impressed with some of Mr Williams more recent outputs like Escapology, however I was hugely disappointed - and that disappointment only increased on further listenings (the wife is a fan!)
Some of the more thoughtful lyrics might well have been bearable if it wasn't for the completely substandard tunes that turn this into a collection of 'B-sides I'd rather forget'.
I would like to recommend at least one song for further listening but to be honest there is nothing redeeming about this album. This once likeable northern hero seems to have developed a case of self-obsession, false modesty and an arrogant assumption that he can churn out any old drivel and peaople will buy it - ah, it's sold in shedloads - what do I know!
Still, next time something for everyone, eh, Rob?
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on 28 November 2005
I have all Robbie's albums and this is the best one todate. It's more grown up and the songs have great lyrics. I feel that he has excelled in this album, although, as with all albums, I feel explicit lyrics are not necessary to sell an album, but I get over this and find myself singing along with the words, whatever! I recommend it and look forward to the next one.
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on 25 October 2005
I like Robbie, really I do. But what was he thinking? Not really any catchy songs and all very depressing stuff.
I would recommend you steer clear of this.
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VINE VOICEon 25 October 2005
Poor Robert Peter Williams - more than twenty UK hits under his belt, but still a mere blip on the US radar. Always the underdog, he was voted "Take That" member least likely to succeed, and dismissed by Noel Gallagher of Oasis as "That fat dancer from Take That".
Having resurrected his career with the 1997 mega-ballad "Angels", the tattooed bad boy took off from there with hit after hit, despite being largely ignored on the music charts between Canada and Mexico. Although a US resident, Robbie didn't intend to release this album stateside even though it was recorded in LA, but eager fans started grabbing the album from iTunes as soon as it was released in that format.
Firing his opening shot with "Tripping", a reggae-backed song reminiscent of "Dreadlock Holiday" by 10CC and "Overkill" by Men at Work, he follows up with the sweet ballad "Advertising Space".
A sample of the lyrics from "Tripping" seems to tell his tale:
"First they ignore you
Then laugh at you and hate you
Then they fight you - then you win
When the truth dies
Very bad things happen
They're being heartless again
I know it's coming
There's gonna be violence
I've taken as much
As I'm willing to take
Why do you think
We should suffer in silence?
When a heart is broken
There's nothing to break"
Most of the album is typical Robbie Williams, but having been two years in the making, it is lyrically improved over his other albums. You can pick up influences of Shawn Mullins "Lullaby", and John Mellencamp's "Small Town" on "Spread Your Wings", and do a little '80s reminiscing on "Your Gay Friend" and "Sin Sin Sin",
Never one to pass up a little humor, the almost religious "Make Me Pure" includes the tongue in cheek lyrics:
"Oh Lord
Make me pure
But not yet"
Another fun album from Robbie Williams with twelve good songs - will this be THE ONE to finally make him a part of the mainstream USA pop scene? You'll be the judge of that. Rated 4.5 stars
Amanda Richards, October 25, 2005
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on 22 October 2005
robbies back with an amazing new album i do believe this is his best album ever. instead of it just being a collection of songs like the past albums its an album that seem to tell a story. good work robbie deffiently your best work yet... go buy this album people.
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on 23 February 2006
This was the first CD I have bought in a while and I put it in the CD player as soon as I got home. I've always enjoyed Rob's work and what I enjoyed the most were his honest lyrics, lyrics I could relate to. He's released some real gems in the past, such as "Strong", "Millenium", "I will talk and Hollywood will listen", "Something Beautiful" and my all time favorite "Feel". I guess I had very high expectations from this album.
Having read the book "Feel", I've gained an idea of how this album came to be and I can understand the reasoning behind it. However, I much prefer the Rob who put his feelings and emotions into his work. The lyrics on this album... I can't relate to them at all. They feel harsh and cold and bitter, very arrogant in some parts. If these songs were the first I'd ever heard from this artist, I would probably not have a very favourable impression of him.
As for the overall sound, it sounds like he's trying to imitate other artists, such as David Bowie. There's nothing wrong with David Bowie, but what works for Bowie, doesn't work for Rob.
I'm all for artists experimenting, and for creative freedom. And I seem to be one of the few who did not take to this album. For me, though, there was not a single song on it that I connected with, that stood out.
One lesson I've learned as a poet is "write about what you know". I don't think this writing team has done that. The result is an album that lacks conviction and, sadly, emotion.
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