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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2009
never has an album been so very entrancing on the first listen, at first i thought it would be similar in tone to Janet...it couldn't be more different.
here we are given a new Ms Jackson, one with power and elegance when she delivers such powerful vocals to eah meaningful lyric, she interweives political and taboo subjects between each song and even states her personal perspective to the album.
an artist has never been this rich in material for a while and now 12 years later many cannot manage to compare to the status and quality of The Velvet Rope.
it is bacause of this that she has managed to secure herself another album on my all time favourite list, but this is not 'another Janet album' it is deeper than that and also grittier too.
Madonna explored sexuality in her misjudged masterpiece Erotica 5 years prior, but Janet takes everything further and also in the song Free Xone she references to same sex relationships and takes on the homophobes(quite extraoridinary).
overall, this is one of the greatest gems of the 90's that still has an impact today much like that of Rhythm Nation 1814 and Control.
filled with R & B grooves like 'Janet.' inense dance beats like never before and with two years in production she has made an incredible triumph in music.
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on 25 June 2002
This is seriously the greatest album EVER! From the opening title track which features a sample of Tubela Bells and violin supremo Vanessa Mae which is an epic of a song, to the closing track 'Special' a beautiful and spiritual song which is from the heart the album is just consistant in its excellence.
'You' is an original,gritty and funky song with Janet as you've never heard her before. 'Got 'Til it's Gone' featuring Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip is an instant classic and is one of the most original and best songs ever made. 'What About' is an extremely personal track dealing with domestic abuse, its sincere and very sad but an amazing and brave song. Other highlights include the bluesy 'I Get Lonely', the kinky 'Rope Burn' and the hidden track 'Can't Be Stopped' and the anthem 'Together Again'.
It's not the happiest album ever made -but- is the best album ever made...if your not really a Janet fan but your a little interested i can asure you this will be the best buy ever!
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on 1 November 2001
Janet takes you on an adventure through her troubled times and happy times. We learn hoe Miss Jackson deals with problems that opress her. A very personal ablum. Features Q-tip in the huge hit single 'Got til it's gone' and with the mega hit 'Together again,' this is an ablum that you will not be able to take out from your CD player!
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on 2 May 2013
Janet Jackson unleashes her sexiness throughout this album with sensual sexy tracks like Rope Burn, Go Deep, I Get Lonely etc. This album brought about her phenomenal The Velvet Rope Tour which gave a further glimpse into how wonderfully talented Janet is as an artist in her own right. It is known that this album has been overlooked in the past and has not been given its due credit which is a shame but it truly stands out as one of Janet's top 3 albums.
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on 13 November 2001
This album truly lets you into Janet Jackson the lyrics are fantastic and there is not one song on this album that wont make you think that Janet is a extremely talented lady! There are sexy songs feel good songs and others that will just blow your mind away. i would say that you will NEED this in your CD collection. JANET JACKSON IS FANTASTIC
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on 26 August 2007
Even though this is an old album now, I felt the need to review it as one of my all time greatest albums, and with a lot to choose from I've had a bit of a list to go through.

After all these years this is an album I can still put on the player and love. I listen to it a good few times a year even now.

Yes some of the lyrics are explict but she only airs her views that a lot of people would be scared to admit to.

Musically the album is fantastic and has something for everyone. My favourite is 'What about' harsh subject, beautifully written. 'Together Again' is lovely and something everyone can relate to. The cover of Rod Stewarts' 'Tonights the Night' shows the song as a piece of song writing genius, having not been a fan of Mr Stewart before.

If you loved RN 1814 I think you just may like this one.
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on 16 March 2008
1. Twisted Elegance. 8/10
2. Velvet Rope. 9/10
3. You. 10/10
4. Got 'Til It's gone. 10/10
5. Speaker Phone. 7/10
6. My Need. 10/10
7. Fasten Your Seatbelts. 8/10
8. Go Deep. 10/10
9. Free Xone. 8/10
10. Memory. 4/10*
11. Together Again. 10/10
12. Online. 5/10
13. Empty. 8/10
14. Full. 6/10
15. What About. 10/10
16. Every Time. 8/10
17. Tonight's the Night. 7/10
18. I Get Lonely. 10/10
19. Rope Burn. 8/10
20. Anything. 7/10
21. Sad. 6/10
22. Special. 10/10
And If You Keep Listening You Will Hear Track 23 (HT)
23. Can't Be Stopped. 9/10

This album is definately Janet's best album, though 75 minutes is a bit long! (If you're in Japan you get 78 minutes!)

* Totally pointless.
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on 20 November 2003
I Brought this when it first came out and thought i'd write a review just to tell you how good this is
1.Interlude - Twisted Elegance/Good intro good beat 10/10
2.Velvet Rope (Featuring Vanessa Mae)/What Can i say both girls give a wickid performance love it 10/10
3.You/Very good song one of my favourites 10/10
4.Got 'Til Its Gone (Featuring Q-tip & Joni Mitchell)/A sample from Joni's "Big Yellow Taxi" I ,ove this q-tip brings a goos flow very catchy song heavy beat 10/10
5.Interlude - Speaker Phone/"Your P*ssy gon' swell up & fall apart says her friend on the other line i think its really funny 10/10
6.My Need/Good R'n'b tune it sounds like something Aaliyah would have sung but either way very good 10/10
7.Interlude - Fasten Your Seatbelts/Funny 10/10
8.Go Deep/Very good ol' school sounding song i live this Can relate to this :) 10/10
9.Free Xone/A song about finding hidden sexuality good song maybe Janet had a n experience you never know 10/10
10.Interlude - Memory/Can't really comment on it 'cos its only 4 seconds long (No Grade)
11.2gether Again/Very good song about losing her friends to AIDS very heat warming dance song 10/10
12.Interlude - Online/Ahh I remember that sound of dial-up internet thankfully i have broadband now lol 10/10
13.Empty/Its ok not one of the best good beat tho 9/10
14.Interlude - Full/Very True what shes syas 10/10
15.What About/The best song on the album i can really really relate to this 11/10
16.Everytime/Very chilled song 10/10
17.2nites the Nite/Rod Stewart remake as ive never heard the original so i can't compare the 2 but i like this song its sweet 10/10
18.I Get Lonely/I Prefer the Blackstreet remix to this song but this is still good 10/10
19.Rope Burn/I Love this is so sexual but i love it 10./10
20.Anything/Nice Slowjam 10/10
21.Interlude - Sad/Just an interlude (No Score)
22.Special/I really like this when i first heard it thought it was crap but i love this now 10/10
*Hidden Track - Can't Remember what its called but its really good 10/10
So Overall i think this is one of the best Albums Ever!! she has put her heart & Soul into this shame "All For U " wasnt as good but either way Janet's a legend.
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on 12 October 2012
The Velvet Rope was a time when Janet wanted to take her fans into her private thoughts, emotions, as a way to help those facing difficulties as well as releasing her pains and putting issues on the *spotlight*. It was also a time when Janet joined with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on a project to tackle social issues such as AIDS awareness, domestic abuse, and more. The Japan Bonus track is "God's Stepchild" [3:29] bringing to light the insecurities many face of "... never felt pretty, learned to just pretend/Maybe I'm the lucky one/Maybe the forgotten one/Maybe, but I know I'm not God's stepchild...". The lyrical sheet is all in Japanese Text as the regular releases included the words to the songs. However, this has the words to the bonus not on the regular or other Imports. The bonus is about "loving me" and the vibe hearing this album is just that--Love Yourself regardless of insecurities, life's throwbacks, or just emotional state! This is Janet's love for the world!

Favorite tracks sure fire hits would include "Together Again" with the notion that persons she lost to AIDS will definitely be with her again one day. This is open to the listeners interpretation. "Every Time" is a ballad expressing the issues of of being afraid to love again for fear of being out in the cold again. "I Get Lonely"is the third single expressing the loneliness many face in a world of love. A smashing track, "Got 'Til It's Gone" brings to the table an array of emotions one like not appreciating the things you have until after you loose it. A stand-out, "Tonight's The Night" is taken from a cover song definitely sung in phenomenal style by Janet. "Free Xone" touches on the issues of sexual orientation in class fashion! All tracks are great making it no filler.

The music is funky, R&B jams packed with sensational hits, stand-out tracks, with the sound that made Janet Jackson reach huge heights. Rumors have it that she is working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on a new album. The bounce, rhythms, and blues are like no other artist to date! This is the best Janet Jackson in terms of technology, sound, and themes. The messages are rampant, the up-tempo, mid-tempo, and laid back grooves are all over. This is the natural down-to-earth Janet filled with energy, drive, ambition, and more!
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on 16 November 1999
Definitely my favorite Janet Jackson cd. This is much funkier - more in line with the latest release from Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill' debut. The beats on this cd are terrific and for the first time I have found a Janet Jackson cd that I can really recommend. There really are a number of great songs here - Got 'til it's Gone, What About, Go Deep - all of these songs have infectious beats that make you feel more energetic. I especially like Got 'til it's Gone because it features Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell which is a very unique combination of performers.
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