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4.5 out of 5 stars
Corridors Of Power
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on 9 February 2017
I wonder if we were all a bit unfair to Gary Moore when he was alive. In the past year (2016) we have seen so many music 'greats' depart with elaborate fanfare, yet hardly a murmur seems to have accompanied Gary's passing 6 years ago. But when you listen to the heap of great records he left us, perhaps we all should have shouted his name louder. Maybe he just didn't have 'the look' - unfortunately that may have counted unfairly against him.

Focusing on his '80s rock era, Gary was such an antidote to cocky American hair metal. While he performed with great authority, he came across as a very fragile personality. His songs evaded the shallowness that the MTV generation tended to go for and instead were often either anti-war songs (Fanatical Fascists, End of the World, Victims of the Future, Hiroshima, Nuclear Attack, Military Man, Out in the Fields etc.,) or lamentations about being a sad case (Don't Take Me For A Loser, Always Gonna Love You, Gonna Break My Heart Again, Empty Rooms etc.,).

There seemed a lot of sorrow in Gary's life - and he could really bring that to his music. He was able to mix bombastic technique with tenderness in his guitar work. Corridors of Power is stuffed full of it (try Always Gonna Love You). I love all the guitar giants of the 70s and 80s and listening to a record like CoP, I reckon he stood shoulder to shoulder with them.

Perhaps, on reflection, he was not quite at the cutting edge of rock guitar, defining a style that would influence streams of others (eg Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, Page, Blackmore, Van Halen, Malmsteen, Vai). But that should not stop us from wallowing in his delicious sounds.

I think we were also rather critical about Gary's voice - but actually, it's excellent. He had a great range and great feel. I love his duet with Jack Bruce at the climax of End of the World. His balladry was also well performed - especially on CoP. A bit cheesy but I like cheesy rock ballads. And the song RIP from Dirty Fingers, beautifully sung by Gary, is a massive hit single still waiting to be discovered by the masses - stick it in a popular TV soap opera or big budget movie and it will fly.

I once saw him in W.H. Smiths in my home town during the mid 80s. I felt it was wrong to intrude on his privacy so I didn't speak to him. Wish I had now.

If you love classic rock music with great songs, superb riffs, cheesy ballads and awesome guitar, Gary's rock records are for you - so go and get them. And Corridors of Power should be the first one on your list.

I'm asking; is it time to confer legendary status on Gary Moore?
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on 15 May 2010
I own numerous of Gary blues albums and have seen him live a few times. I bought this album really based on that track record and the positive reviews on Amazon. But to say I'm hugely disappointed is an understatement. I'm afraid if you're used to the high quality playing, songs and recordings that Gary has produced over the years, avoid this one, with the exception of the cover of Wishing Well, this is bland uninteresting metal/soft-rock.

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on 18 March 2017
My introduction to Gary Moore was the dual CD combining Blues for Greeny and After Hours some two decades ago, and recently I felt the need for more Moore.

This feast of Metal and Rock in Corridors of Power released in 1982 did not disappoint me, and each time I've listened to it over the last few days I've heard more details in it. I've tried to play guitar for enough years to know I'll never make a penny at it, so each time I hear Gary playing with such dexterity and speed and emotion and precision I cannot believe my ears; how does he do it? Pure Genius is the only explanation.

This is one of those albums that just needs to be listened to. I've yet to establish any specific favourites or dislikes with any of the tracks and am very happy to just let it play through, like it is doing now as I write. Several of the tracks have been influenced by other artists, and it is fun to pick out Gary's nods to them.

This is definitely an album for the ear-Player, to ensure continuing enjoyment on the bus and tube regardless of the delays and over-crowding.
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on 21 December 2016
I hate to employ a cliché, but this album is simply awesome. A friend handed me a cassette tape of Corridors of Power when it first came out 82 or ''83... forgive my not being sure, those were 'high' times. I remember falling in love with the album instantly and about 5 years ago asked another friend if he knew of it. He gave me the names of maybe 5 other Gary Moore works, but not this one. Then... by a total fluke of our modern world... the friend who had given me the cassette back in 82-83 got in touch through MySpace, first time I'd spoken to him in 30 years. I visited him in London last week, asked him if he remembered the album and he said without missing a beat, 'Corridors of Power'.. and I came to Amazon, found it and bought it.
I listened to it for the first time in 30+ years last night in the car and was transported on the rolling waves of incomparable ROCK. For me, Wishing Well and END OF THE WORLD are the masterpieces, but every other tragic holds it's own magic.. his voice.. and his guitar. It's a sorry loss that he is gone.. but even the greats must pass.
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on 19 November 2000
My first introduction to Gary Moore - Concert at University of Surrey, Guildford - WOW!!! Went straight out and bought this classic Rock album - and still listen to it almost 20 years later. The key to this album is in the Title - POWER - with Gary at his Rockin' best - including a superb cover of Free's Wishing Well. This is a "must-have" album for fans of Gary or Heavy Rock in general.
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on 3 August 2007
Hard to believe it's so long ago that I bought this album, not long after it was first released. I was knocked out by it then and time has only heightened my appreciation of it. I have to say that although I tend to think that Gary really found his own (hard rock) niche with the Wild Frontier record, this one remains my favourite. It's basically classic old school hard rock. It's chock full of great tunes - rockers like Don't Take Me For A Loser, Rocking Every Night, End of The World, a magnificent ballad in the shape of Alway's Gonna Love You and the blues based Cold Hearted and I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow. His playing is first class (as always) and he's backed by a stella cast of musicians (Ian Paice, Neil Murray, even Jack Bruce puts in an appearance). The bonus tracks are a bit of a disappointment. Two of the three bonus tracks are additional versions of Falling In Love With You (both sound like demos and attempts to "gloss up" the song into more of an 80's pop tune - a bit like they did, with much commercial success it has to be said, with Empty Rooms a year or two later). Not bad but nothing get excited about or anything that adds to the basic album. Much better would have been to include the three track live single that was supplied as a bonus with the original vinyl album (Parisienne Walkways, Back on The Streets and Rocking Every Night). With regard to the sound quality (this is remastered apparently!), it sounds very much like the original vinyl, which is a good thing! It's a very earthy kind of production - not the best I've heard, but then again it's a breath of fresh air compared to many of the squeaky clean but souless production jobs that seem so prevalent these days. In summary - a great album!
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on 24 March 2016
I had this classic album on cassette way back in the 80s and played and played it until it wore out. It was one of the go-to albums of my teenage years. So, I was very pleased to discover it again on CD, over 30 years later. Some of Gary's finest work is on this album - check out his intro to 'End of the world': fantastic! Was he ever better? - some would say not. The CDs production is top quality too - a super, crisp sound that does the original recording full justice - highly recommended. Gary Moore - a true rock and blues master and a great chap, who is truly missed.
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on 5 December 2017
good songs
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on 7 February 2017
A fantastic album
Moores strat is the best sound I've ever heard a must for the rock Gary Moore
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on 27 March 2017
His best album.
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