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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£26.95+ £2.49 shipping

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on 30 November 2008
The title might seem like a bit of an overstatement, but I'm serious. I'll be playing this game more than every other game combined until Rock Band 3 comes out. It really is that addictive!
For people who don't know what this is, it's a rythm game. Pick up the plastic instrument of your choice (guitar or drums) then hit the notes as they pass their targets, or grab the mic and sing as pitch-perfectly as you can (only pitch matters, so you can still score high while sounding truly awful.) Read a professional review of Rock Band 1 for a more in-depth explanation; I would go into it here, but it makes for boring reading (and you probably know how it works anyway.)
The things that make this game so awesome are: a) how easy it is to play, b) how difficult it is to master, and c) how great the (constantly expanding) soundtrack is.
Concerning c), this is the best soundtrack I've ever hear in a video game. Out of the 84 on-disc songs, I dislike just 1. Of course everyone has different opinions when it comes to music, but there really is something for everyone. Blondie, Megadeth, Panic! at the Disco, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan... the range and quality is incredible.
But still, 84 different songs can only be played so many times before you're bored of them, no matter how good they are. That's where the music store comes in. There are over 300 tracks availible to download at the time of writing (check Wiki for the full list) with more added every Tuesday. Songs are usually 160 MS points each, but you get a discount if you buy them as part of a pack (e.g. 3 song packs are usually 440 points.) It's a good deal I think, but these micro-purchases can quickly build up into a noticable strain on yor wallet. But still, this is one area where Rock Band wins against Guitar Hero - the fact that all RB songs can be purchsed individually means that you're never forced to buy a whole pack just for the one song you want. Neversoft seem to be trying to emulate the Harmonix way, which is a good thing, but they haven't quite got it yet.
Another area where RB performs better is the presentation. The graphics and overall atmosphere of a performance in Rock Band are incredible. Venues look spectacular but realistic. Drummers hit the right drums to the music, guitarists hold the right frets and pluck the right strings, vocalists are perfectly lip-synched, and every song has an individual light show for every venue. The crowd even sings along when you're doing well. It's all pretty impressive to watch. Whereas Guitar Hero... well, it kinda looks like a catoonists impression of a rock concert, with animatronic musicians placed on the stage.
But what does presentation matter? It's the gameplay that counts, and Rock Band 2 has a few single (or multi) player modes that will keep you playing for ages. World Tour mode sees your band (of 1 to 4 people) start in a local club and eventually work their way up to huge arenas around the world. (Note: Unlike in RB1, World Tour mode can be played online now, as can all other modes.) Challenge mode is more linear - complete these songs, unlock those songs - with challenges designed around a particular instrument, genre, or artist. For example, buy the Boston track pack and you'll have a Boston challenge, or play the drums and do the drum challenge.
The third mode (excluding quickplay) is Battle mode. This is pretty cool - new battles with particular themes are put up every day, and you're supposed to play through the songs adhering to whatever special rules come with it, like longest streak wins, must play on Expert, must have a vocalist... You score will then be uploaded to the online leaderboards and you have to get it as high as possible by the time the battle is taken offline. It's a simple concept, but it's cool to play through sets of songs with particular themes or special rules then see how you compare against your friends list/the world.

I need to mention the difference in note charts between GH and RB. People generally said that RB1 was too easy and GH3 was too hard, but RB2 has got it perfect. Plenty of songs for the complete begginner (plus no-fail mode) and loads of songs for the expert (who will also appreciate the wonderful Breakneck speed, the RB equivilant of Hyperspeed.) In my opinion, GH:WT is still a bit over-charted (you play more notes than you actually hear) and is a bit too forgiving with the timing. That doesn't make GH any less fun - it just makes RB seem better.

Anyway, I feel like I've gone on for ages without actually saying much, so I'll end by saying: You should buy this. You were probably considering Guitar Hero as well, but buy this (unless you really do prefer the GH:WT soundtrack.) I don't wanna bash GH (it's still fun) but this is the better sounding, better looking, funner, more replayable game.

Oh, but the official instruments aren't out until December. All old GH and RB instruments with work fine with it, though, as will the new GH things.
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on 27 March 2009
My girlfriend would like to have this game, so I bought it for her as a Christmas present along with the XBOX360. I did it only to please her, as I didn't think that our interest in that game would be that big. After 3 months though, I notice that we still haven't given up playing whenever we can. Rock Band 2 is a very good choice when you invite friends at home, almost everybody (even if they're not into rock music) is curious to play and in the end likes it. The feature of downloading new songs adds many points to the gameplay.

After all, an investment that has brought back every penny.
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on 26 February 2009
now first things first i own guitar hero 2,3 and world tour and rock band 1 and 2 so i think i have the right to say that rock band 2 is by far the best out of ALL of these titles, the great thing for me is the amazing amount of downloadable content that has songs for every music fan from indie to metal, but the thing i really do love about this game is the fact that if u rent rock band 1 and are willing to pay a few microsoft points (about 600 i think?) you can get nearly every song from the rock band tracks on rock band 2 doubling your library instantly, there are about 6 songs missing but when you have over 100 more to choose from to be honest who cares? Now the things that set this game apart from world tour :
- Drums, yes thats right i said it the drums on rock band are better even if they dont have the symbol i just feel they are more realistic in the difficulty as i can complete guitar hero world tour on expert but can only do rock band drums on hard....
- Downloads, world tour has Travis Barker and Oasis but other than that it has nothing that rock band does not and plus rock band has full albums and a lot more tracks.
-Guitar, for a so called 'guitar hero' game you dont have to be that good to complete it i found the expert career so easy compared to guitar hero 3 whereas i cant complete rock band 2 on expert
-No fail mode, this is an amazing feature by the rock band team allowing any person to play no matter how bad they are making it alot more fun for the whole family making it light hearted and easier to move up a difficulty level if your bored.

I hope this helps anybody who cant choose between the two although guitar hero is 'supposed' to have better drums they really are not it looks flash but it all truth they are pretty rubbish if im honest, buy rock band 2 you will not regret it i promise you.
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on 8 February 2010
Rock Band 2 has some good songs and the gameplay is generally a lot better than its predecessor there are some nice features different to the first game: as you progress through the game you can now hire staff you start off with your mum as your number one fan then you can hire a street crew or intern and then have to get managers for your band to make it big. Having won the first battle of the Vans it is a lot easier than the first game as I had problems getting past the song Creep but eventually managed it. The game Fail doesn't seem to be as bad as the previous one and on the whole there is enough different about it to make it fun.
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on 11 March 2011
If I was writing a review of just the game I would use phrases like 'loads of fun' however this is more about buying Rock Band 2 and also the perils of it being preowned.
The online store, which is fairly essential (as you only start with a handful of songs) has blocked owners of Rock Band 2 to all recent songs because they have changed the licensing.
For this reason alone I then bought Rock Band 3, I didn't want to buy it as I probably only know 3 songs on it.
I was comforted that I could import all my songs from Rock band 2; or so I thought. Each Rock Band 2 copy has a unique "use once" code that gets you 20 more songs and is used to import the songs into Rock Band 3. Being preowned its has probably been used and so you're out of luck.
So if buy this then bear in mind there's no recent access to the online store and there's a good chance you can't import your songs into Rock band 3.
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on 5 June 2009
I bought Guitar hero 4 before this game came out, and I really wish I hadn't! With it's massive range of songs, massive amount of downloadable songs from the Rock Band shop, which is up-dated with new songs to purchase much more regularly than GH4 AND the added bonus of being able to transfer all songs from rockband 1 onto it. You will definitely not be complaining that there aren't enough songs!

However this does cost, a song from the rockband store is usually 160 Microsoft points, and to transfer all of the rockband 1 songs to rockband 2 will cost you 250 Microsoft points, however this can hardly be considered steep seeing as there are over 50 songs on the game, you will also obviously have to own, or know someone who has a copy of Rockband 1 in order to do this. The other down side to the song transfer is that for 'copy right' reasons, 4 songs cannot be copied over to Rockband 2, including Metallica Enter Sandman!

Down to the gameplay, as this was the first Rockband game that I had played I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to the rectangle stlye notes instead of Guitar Hero's circles. I soon realised that the rectangle notes are far better to the circles and much more precise.
The only real flaw that I found in the gameplay was that the 'Hard' difficulty was much easier that GH's Hard and although this meant that I could just go up to the 'Expert' difficulty instead I found that as the game progressed some of the much harder songs were too hard on Expert but boringly slow and easy on Hard.

One other excellent feature about this game is the stars in the top right. Instead of just showing the amount of points you have during a song, this game also shows you are what star you are on throughout the song which I found very helpful in not only guaging how many stars I was on, but also how far through a song I was.

As for the online there is a good variety of game modes to keep you busy once you have completed the huge career (which includes an 84 set songlist, which cannot be saved and completed at a later date, yes that's 84 songs in a row!!!!). The only problem I found on Xbox live is that if you are looking to play in a full band online with random people, you will be waiting ages to start because no one ever wants to sing!!

Overall an excelent game and well worth a buy, also if you have the Guitar Hero controllers, they are compatable so there is only the cost of the actual game to cover!
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on 12 February 2010
Well, as a guitar player - not an especially good one, I'd add - I was looking for a little more challenge out of this game than the casual player, and found the opening levels a little too easy. Also, having a Guitar Hero Controller, I can't comment on the "solo" sections, which are designed to be played on the rock band guitar controller, except to say that I've either pulled them off or limped through mst of them on "hard", so the Rock band strat isn't necessarily a compulsory purchase if you already have GH.

In general however, I'd say this game is better looking, more versatile and has better tunes than GH3 and having played both, and being more of a casual gamer, I find myself more inclined to play Rock Band than comparable GH titles. I don't personally own GH World Tour or Greatest Hits and I've yet to play Band Hero or GH5, but this is easily more fun and a far better multiplayer game than its rival contemporaries.

God knows what the drumming's like.
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on 23 March 2009
Before buying Rock Band 2, I had bought 2 other games in the Guitar Hero series, and thoroughly enjoyed them. The only down side to them was the amount of songs, and length of the game. Rock Band 2 however has TONNES of songs, and I'm still actually completing the world tour! Which seems to go on forever. It has some of the same songs as Guitar Hero: World Tour, but along with a load more. And of course you can download more from Xbox live, which is always good if you get bored of the selection. The only downside, is that the new instruments aren't out yet, so I play with the ones from GH:WT. I think this game is fantastic as a party game, or with 2 players or more. It can just get a bit tiresome and boring if you're on your own.
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on 18 February 2009
I have always been a big fan of the Guitar Hero series, but when I heard about Rock Band I had to try it out. And I am very glad I did, I absolutely love this game, it is great fun to play with friends but is also great fun to play alone. With new downloadable content every week for you to download at your leisure, the game never gets boring. I debated buying the game because I had heard so many bad reviews about the instruments breaking but so far mine are doing great and I have been playing the drums on hard and the pedal is still ok... touch wood.

Overall excellent game and great fun, would recommend it to anyone.
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on 13 January 2010
rock band 2 is a significant improvementt over the original and in terms of content andd community is way ahead of the likes of guitar hero, i personally can not thnk of any fault apart from not being able to tap guitar solo's with a guitar hero controller but that is minor inconveniance. for the price it is exceedingly good and well worth it including the free download tracks on the back of the manual, i advise people to install the songs from the original rock band as it ads about 50 songs for 400ms points.(borrow from a friend if you have to or rent)
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