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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2004
I learned of Will on the World Idol show, and was just blown away by his vocal gifts. In reverse order I bought "Friday's Child" first, and then this CD. On both CDs he proves just how absolutely stunning a song stylist he is. He uses his voice like a musical instrument, at times sounding almost like a flute or oboe with his awesome falsetto. #4 "Lover won't you stay" is drop dead gorgeous. #7 "You and I", the way he styles this song and lavishes his delivery with riveting passion knocks me out. He performs this song on his "Will Young Live" DVD and when he kneels before the audience and pours his heart out it is a heartstopping moment. When he sings backup harmonies it adds so many more dimensions in his naturally layered voice. Will's vocal harmonics are just astonishing.
#10 "Cruel to be Kind" offers some tasty, subtle percussive and instrumental treats, and Will's writing skills and styling makes this song dazzling. #11 "Over You" is a way sexy groove, and it cooks! MmHmm. #12 "From Now On" to my ears has a southern USA vibe to it, sort of a jazz-bluesy/country/bluegrass and it is all good.
#13 "Fine Line" Dramatic, majestic instrumental wizardry weaves a tapestry of mood and visual imagary that supports Will's glorious, deeply emotional vocals. It evokes chills. This song alone gives the CD the seal of a true Masterpiece.
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on 7 October 2002
At last the long wait is over. Frankly I am a bit disappointed. I suppose I expected too much. Will has, by far, the most unique voice around. It's such a shame that it has been shoehorned into such a strange mix of material. There are echoes of songs you have heard before and some really inane lyrics.
First off we have the stuff we know. Two singles that force his voice too high and 2 great cover versions, though its odd that Gareth gets no mention anywhere on the sleeve notes.
Then the 9 'original' songs. Marks out of ten.
Lover Won't You Stay - The Mick Hucknall tribute. The same inflection and tone. Disturbing at first. 'Girl you're the one'. Hmm 6/10
Lovestruck - a nice song 7/10. Strangely old fashioned and cosy.
You and I - a good song. A potential single. 8/10
Side by Side 7/10 - Nice orchestration. Lets his voice run free a bit. 7/10
What's In Goodbye - a Burt Bacharach co-written number, which sounds like every other Burt Bacharach single ever produced. This will please everyone over 40. That's me then. Retro. 7/10
Cruel to be Kind. Oops its girls again. Has our Wills gone straight then? (Stay non-gender specific Will, it's a lot safer) - 6/10
Over You - Nice, jazzy and smoochy. Another potential single 8/10
From Now On - the title track, good sound, the blending of Wills voice and the chorus does go on a bit. Still it's not like any single heard before, so I will be generous 8/10.
Finally, the last track, Fine Line - easily and by far the best. Moody, atmospheric, stripped down, fabulous really. It would be a brave single to produce, but a stormer none the less. 9/10
He needs to let his voice run free more. He works best with jazz, improvisation type material. Big band classics would have been better than some of this stuff. Where is La Mer? One of his best so far. Oops, showing my age (44).
Still - what do I know? The album will sell by the shed loads and take over the charts and set records all over the place. Ho Hum.
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on 12 November 2002
The anticipation for this CD was overwhelming for me. I have to say I was not disappointed. I was pleased to see the mixture of jazzy/R&B type music chosen for this project. This is the type of music played on my favorite radio station. William Young is clearly a grown up. The rhythemic sway of "Lover Won't You Stay" is almost hypnotic as is the very special and very jazzy "Over You". I fell totally in love with "Fine Line" right away. It sounds like something I could easily hear Sade singing. This is the type of CD you come home from a long day at work, pour a glass of wine, plop down on the couch and unwind for the night. It never gets too loud or too poppy. It is purely adult music. The fact that the CD is enhanced is just an extra added bonus. Not only do you get to enjoy the music you get to see him as well. What a treat. This CD shows me that Will Young is not just a contest winner on some T.V. show, he has absolute staying power. I look forward to future projects from him. He can only get better with age.
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on 8 October 2002
From Now On is one of the most mature debut albums I have heard. It starts with the familiar Evergreen and Anything Is Possible before sliding into the very cool Light My Fire.
Lover Won't You Stay - the first original track on the album - was written by Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis. It's a very sexy song and contrasts nicely with the dreamy Lovestruck, written by Young and Dennis.
Next comes the duet of Long And Winding Road with Gareth Gates. A shame to hear his voice on Will's debut album. One to skip. Luckily, we move on to another original track - You And I. This is to be on his next single and is an excellent song. Quite moody and seductive. The mood changes for Side By Side - a poppier, more guitar-based track. Think Ronan Keating or Darius Danesh's Colourblind - only much, much better.
Next is What's In Goodbye - a beautiful song written by Burt Bacharach and Cathy Dennis specifically for Will. Cruel To Be Kind is next and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. It's quite jazzy with a really catchy chorus.
Now we move onto the amazing Over You - a very sexy, jazzy song. Something you can't help dancing to! From Now On, the title track, is another guitar-based pop song with a fantastic chorus and it's very uplifting - a definite contrast with the final track, Fine Line, which is just Will singing accompanied by strings. It's one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I've heard.
In all, this album is excellent, although the duet with Gareth takes the place of what could have been another excellent original track. There's something for everyone on this album - a definite must-have!
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on 8 October 2002
Forget the singles - the album is far superior to all previous tracks released. Will took his time with this album and it shows. He has co written some of the tracks himself, along with established songwriters like Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers, as well as the magnificent Burt Bacharach.
The highlights of the album have to be the Bacharach track "What's In Goodbye", "Over You", "You and I" and "From Now On". The only thing which lets this album down is the poor duet with Pop Idol "runner up" Gareth Gates.
Anyone who doubts that Will will be around in the music industry in a few years should listen to this album. It clearly shows the superb vocals of this talented young man.
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on 9 October 2002
To listen without prejudice seems to be a rare ability these days but if listening and appreciating means being part of the bingo fraterninty then long live bingo is what i say because I adore Will Young's first album . (see Amazon review).
Cool, sweet and requiring an appreciation of something altogether smoother than the usual rather brash pop scene, Will's voice is a gentle delight and the new material has plenty of variety. Backing tracks could sometimes be more upbeat but I liked the style and Fine LIne shows how the addition of orchestration brings a deep and thrilling dimension to a great voice.
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on 1 October 2003
I'll admit that during Pop Idol i loved and voted for Gareth,and at the time was gutted that he wasn't crowned Pop Idol, but after seeing Will and Gareth on tour i totally changed into a MASSIVE Will fan! He has one of the most amazingly outstanding voices i have ever heard!
The album is amazing! Its one of those albums that you could listen to all the time and never tire of. Evergreen and The long and winding road are the only 2 let downs on the album but that's due to a lot of over playing but Wills voice remains amazing on both.
Evergreen-Lovely song but i'm a wee bit sick of it! 7/10
Anything is Possible-The very under played double A side to Evergreen. A gorgeous song with gorgeous vocals. 9/10
Light my fire-Fantastic!!You could never call this average! 10/10
Lover wont you stay-Wow!! Gorgeous song!!! Fantastic!! 10/10
Lovestruck-Beautiful little ballad!! Lovely vocals from Will!! 10/10
The long and winding road-Great song but like Evergreen, very over played.
You and I-Amazing!!! My favourite song with the gorgeous line, "making love in the heavens above" 10/10
Side by side-Again fantastic!!! What more can i say! 10/10
What's in goodbye-Lovely, lovely song!!! Again!! 10/10
Cruel to be kind-I love this song!! Its beautiful especially when sung live! 10/10
Over you-Amazing, great fantastic!! 10/10
From now on-The title track! Fantastic of course!! 10/10
Fine line-STUNNING!!! stunning track!! Amazing finish to the album!! Gorgeous song!! There is absolutely no doubt that Mr Young can sing!!! 10/10
I would HIGHLY recommend this album! Its a far cry from the cheesy ballads people expected him to produce! Will has established himself as fantastic credible artist who will, hopefully, be around for many years to come. And if not he'll always be my Pop Idol anyway, Sorry Gareth!!
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on 18 October 2002
I bought this album with an open mind and on the strenght of Will's voice wich I think is absolutely amazing!
I decided to play the cd for a couple of hours to get familiar with songs and it wasn't left my cd player yet- nearly two weeks later.
The album is fantastic!!!
Very cool, jazzy, pure quality and class.
If what you are looking for is a bit of cheesy plastic overproduced pop this is not the album for you, but if you are a refined music lover you will love this!!
My favourite tracks are You And I - Over You - Lover Won't you stay - Cruel to be kind - From Now On.
The piece of resistance is however Fine Line - In this fabulous track Will shows exactly why he has one of the best voices around - this is a stunning piece of music which will let you breathless and stunned - perfect movie sound track!!
Well done Will Young - more of that please!!
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on 29 December 2002
This album has to be the best album I have bought in a long time so here is my track by track guide of Will's debut:
01.Evergreen-Everyone knows what song this is but to me this is'nt the real Will Young and does'nt show off his talent to it's fullest as the track is more suited to Gareth's voice than it is to Will's but well done anyway!5/10
02.Anything Is possible-Again everyone know's what this one goes like not as famously as "Evergreen" though. Will changes the style of singing on this one instead of keeping the original single version and I have to be brutily honest in saying he sounds slightly out of tune when he sings this-maybe trying to sound unplugged-I don't know but it never worked whatever he was trying to do, but still it's an okay song.3/10
03.Light My Fire-Now we're talking, this is more Will's style and his voice is seductivly beautiful but my only critism is that I feel will should have released an original song instead of another cover but hey he does this so much justice it does'nt matter.8/10
04.Lover Won't You Stay-This is a beautiful track not written by Will but still very much suited to his voice, a lovely piece of work!8/10
05.Lovestruck-Will wrote this one, which surprised me as I thought it was the Burt Bacharach song which I think shows the extent of Will's talents and let's others realise he is true musician who is a musical force to be reckoned with.9/10
06.Long And Winding Road-An okay song but a tad caberet-ish but anyway a great attempt at a fab song, gareth ruines it though.2/10
07.You & I-A beautiful ballad which Will wrote and shows he's a true soul man!7/10
08.Side By Side-My fave track of this amazing album the guitar part, the vocals, the chorus and the lyrics are just divine should be a single.9/10
09.What's In Goodbye-This is the Burt Bacharach song and what a song it is this is jazz, soul and pop all mixed into one to make the beautiful combination, a piece of pop perfection.8/10
10.Cruel To Be Kind-Another song written by Will, not the strongest song but still another mix of soul and pop and what a job he does.6/10
11.Over You-To me this is a twentieth century Marvin Gaye song and with all honesty I feel if I may be so bold be the year 2000's "Heard It Through The Grapevine"!oooooooooooooooooooh!10/10
12.From Now On-This to me is a little samey but still is a half decent tune. Okay I guess5/10
13.Fine Line-I'm sorry to say(as the reviews say this is amazing) I find this song a bit boring, yes, it may be touching song but it does'nt really go anywhere does it. Sorry but I lose interest about five seconds into it. Soory!2/10
Overall I give this album an overwhelmingly great 9 out of 10
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on 24 November 2002
Everyone knows he can sing - he proved that by winning Pop Idol. But what's his album like? PURE BRILLIANCE!
Even if you weren't to keen on Anything Is Possible/Evergreen, chances are you'll love this! Because THIS is Will. His own material, which he spent a long time working on to get right - and boy did he succeed!
Here's my basic rundown:
1. Evergreen: We all know it, and let's face it, it's already a classic. Eventhough this song wasn't written for Will, he still works his magic to make it his own! 8/10
2. Anything Is Possible: Again it wasn't written specifically for Will, but who cares!? It's Cathy Dennis' songwriting at its best (oh, and Will does it justice too!). 8/10
3: Light My Fire: An excellent cover of a classic tune. Let's join together to thank Will for reminding us just how good this track is! 9/10
4: Lover Won't You Stay: BEAUTIFUL! AND original! A really lovely song with beautiful lyrics! A fabulous track written by Cathy Dennis and Guy Chambers. 10/10
5: Lovestruck: Absolutely fantastic!!! Will’s voice is SO seductively gorgeous (as always)! Again, fantastic lyrics! Mellow and sweet! AND co-written by Will himself! 10/10
6: The Long And Winding Road: Another great song by two of today’s leading artists! 8/10
7: You And I: This song ROCKS! Will gives it his all and doesn’t disappoint! A CRACKER of a song! I love the gospel feel to it! Oh, and ALL the royalties and sales of this single go to Children In Need!!! 10/10
8: Side By Side: A lovely song, sung with heartfelt passion! Once again, co-written by Will. I especially love the lyrics, “You are my dream complete with me” – damn right! 10/10
9: What’s In Goodbye: Burt Bacharach and Cathy Dennis team up to delight us with the most beautiful, sad yet sweet, moving melody. Absolutely beautiful! 10/10
10: Cruel To Be Kind: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Written by Cathy Dennis and Will himself. This is my favourite. It excites every nerve in my body when I hear it! The chorus is so catchy and so absolutely beautiful! I cannot recommend it enough! It is pure brilliance! I only wish it got more airplay – because then everyone would buy this album! The chorus, the chorus, the chorus… If only to have Will serenade it in person to me - if I start saving I might have £52,000 by the time I’m 70! I LOVE THIS ONE – I’D BUY THE ALBUM FOR THIS TRACK ALONE!!! 10*/10
11: Over You: A jazzy soulful track bursting with attitude! You’ll love it – believe me! Plus it’s co-written by Will! 10/10
12: From Now On: Maybe it’s just me, but this is such a Robbie William’s style track. Nonetheless it’s absolutely fantastic – and the lyrics are fantastic! Again, co-written by Golden Tonsils – another great track! 10/10
13: Fine Line: GET THE TISSUES READY! This is one the most, if not THE most, moving pieces of music I have ever heard in my whole life! 40 strings and one amazing voice! This is music that you don’t just hear, but you FEEL! 10*/10
Take my advice – get yourself a copy – it’s guaranteed to satisfy every music lover!
Well done Will! Xo
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