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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2005
This album is friggin excellent. I just cant see why some people reviewing this dont like it. Its like a natural follow up to Surrender, which I think is their finest piece of work and yes, it is better than their only weak release Come With Us. They are surviving the world of dance music today, which is sort of declining now but thank god for the Chems.
Opening track and first single Galvanize with US rapper Q-tip, is a catchy middle-eastern track which is rather different to what they usually do but its so cool. Believe is classic Chemicals. One of their faster ones on the album and possibly next single. Incredible techno bassline, thumping beat along with wierd-funny-cool noises, has great vocals and is addictive. Come Inside has a fantastic bass and brilliant drum sounds.
The only track I may take a while to get used to is Left Right basically because its different and slow with hip-hop vocals from Anwar Superstar. Marvo Ging and Surface To Air are two of the best on it.
All the tracks bar Left Right are what you would expect from them really but I think THE best track on it is Believe, its incredible!! Wow!!
Just buy it!
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on 22 February 2005
I don't recall being this into an album for a very long time. From the outset, Galvanize sets the mood and begins what is a fantastic and cohesive album. I really enjoyed the old school style of The Boxer, and the smooth transition through to Hold Tight London which is sublime and chilled. The album is quite diverse, but it all fits so well and sounds so good.
I'm struggling to see why anyone wouldn't enjoy this, let alone Chem fans.
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on 21 January 2008
In Push The Button, Tom and Ed seem determined to answer the blunt critics of their 2002 album Come With Us with a record that is likely to please lovers of dance music, but not necessarily those that grew up with the creativity of Dig Your Own Hole and Surrender. The tracks which bookend the album, "Galvanize" and "Surface To Air", are brilliant, whilst "Believe" and "Close Your Eyes" remind us that The Chemical Brothers are capable of creating something special. But this album lacks the typical Chemicals' spark and is disappointingly commercial; "Come Inside" and "Shake Break Bounce" get tired after a few listens. "Left Right" is ghastly, and confirms the album's unfocused, incohesive nature, and Tom and Ed's most unsatisfying album since Exit Planet Dust.
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on 23 December 2005
OK well if you don't have this album already then there's something wrong with you. First off, I am going to go against the majority of other reviews and say, actually, Galvanize is an awesome tune that got overplayed on Radio 1 (like most good stuff). Play it through decent speakers and crank it up and your beliefs will be reaffirmed. But yes, the best thing about this album is that the tunes get better and better. Other highlights include Left, Right and the unbelievably uplifting Close Your Eyes, with soaring lyrics provided by The Magic Numbers. Each track is so original but at the same time, it all hangs together like one delicious masterpiece.
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on 8 April 2005
After floundering for the last few years in the sea of popular dance, the Chemical Brothers finaly produce an album as good as if not better than any they have made before.
With this piece of audio candy they prove once again that they are the benchmark to which all other dance acts look to.
From the ever popular "Galvanise", to the hardfloor headbasher that is "Believe", to the absolutly sublime "Surface to Air", this album puts them back at the top where they belong.
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on 30 December 2004
Got the album yesterday...
OMG, I was shocked. It's that good.
So, here are my personal thoughts:
The weakest song on the album.
Just can't compare it to all of the previous openers.
And I don't think it will sound huge if the Bros would play it live.
The Boxer
Nice, playful, Fatboy Slim-like song. It would fit great on Palookaville.
Cool Aphex Twin reference halfway through the track.
BOOM BOOM BOOM. "Play-me-loud" feel.
It's good, but not up to the standards of previous dancefloor-stormers.
Nevertheless, it WILL get played by the DJs worldwide.
Smooth transition into...
Hold Tight London
Hmm... Underworld anyone? The beginning certainly says so.
Calm, gentle and smooth track with an epic feel.
Reminds me of Chase the Sun by Planet Funk.
Come Inside
It sounded much more massive on the Chile live recording, but it's a great return to the Chemical roots.
Huge beats. Cool strings. Powerful sound.
I think the track will find its way on the soundtracks.
The Big Jump
Kinda simple, but nice.
I liked the squeaky synths.
Left Right
I've never thought the Chems would do a track like this.
Not being a huge fan of hip-hop, I actually loved it.
Rage Against the Machine-like breakdown is great.
"You can't run-you can't hide!"
Close Your Eyes
What a track!
I'm a big fan of the Vanilla Sky movie.
Imagine all its soundtrack carefully condensed and packed into one song.
Huge Spiritualized feel.
Shake Break Bounce
Hello Spain!
Remember The Duke second CD?
A bit weird and experimental in nature-classical Chemical Brothers approach.
Marvo Ging
Relaxing, nice and happy chill-out song.
Again, I think it's a Fatboy Slim influence.
Surface to Air
Chemical Brothers album without a lengthy epic?
No way.
The best thing since The Test.
Chemical Brothers' very own One Perfect Sunrise.
Quintessential album closer.
Most favourite tracks: Hold Tight London, Close Your Eyes, Surface to Air
Least favourite tracks: Galvanize, Believe
Overall impression:
As sad as it may be, the Electronica epoch is over.
All the landmark albums was recorded in the 90s.
In Sides...
Orbital broke apart.
Prodigy's The Isness had disappointed almost all of their fans.
But the Brothers somehow managed to succeed in resurrecting the style.
Instant classic.
I love this album.
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on 25 January 2005
I have been a fan of the Chemical Brothers since 1995 when i first heard the wonderful Exit Planet Dust. However I have purchased the new album 'Push The Button' which unfortunately doesnt do what it says on the tin. Only in two places does it have any real quality and adventure 'Hold Tight London' and 'Surface To Air' - which happen to be two of the longest tunes on the album.
I didnt think they could produce an album poorer than 'Come With Us', but unfortunately they have. The two tracks on the 2003 singles collection led me to believe they had rediscovered their form. but unfortunately only two or three of Push The Button's tracks contain the 'sleek techno' they had been promising. There are no catchy tracks bar Galvanise, which I think is one of their poorest ever singles, yet is still one of the album's better tracks.
It's good to hear the likes of 808 State and Underworld amongst others influencing this album, however it is boring, repetitive and unimaginative - three words before the album 'Come With Us' I didnt think I'd ever say about the Chemical Brothers.
They seem to be losing their way badly and need to rediscover their roots, mixing breakbeats, hip hip, techno and acid together as well as the odd breat taking chill out track. They also need to learn to write the odd melody - this album just doesnt press my buttons!
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on 30 July 2007
It's strange, but I've had this for more than six months and never really played it much. Partly because I'd automatically chose Surrender and partly 'cos I was pissed off with Sony's stupid copy-control junk and it took me a while to work out how to rip for my Archos and make a copy for the car. Finally played it v loud 6 or 7 times repeatedly on a good quality system during a car journey and now I absolutely love it.

I don't understand the unpopularity of Galvanise - I think it's a great opening track & I can only think that you all heard it just too much in the UK as somebody suggested - I live in Germany and it certainly got airplay but not much - German radio has to be the worst in the world - 40 stations all playing the same 20 crap songs.

Anyway, I think the album starts well and just builds and builds beautifully until brilliant Marvo Ging and climactic Surface to Air. This is just awesome on a good system as you soar on the music and then are launched into another orbit by that awesome chord change in Surface to Air. However, I notice as I listen again on a ghetto blaster as I write this, it does lose a lot of its impact - I'm just not getting the same sensations as I got in the car. Just played it again on headphones - much better.

The only weak track is Left Right - it's a good track, but it just doesn't quite fit with the rest of the album.

I've been playing Push the Button this evening to compare with We are the Night which I've just bought. We are the Night is good but is somewhat bitty and inconsistent compared to this fantastic album. It just makes me cheer out loud everytime I hear it.
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on 21 February 2005
I can't believe one or two of the negative reviews I read on here. Anyway I am glad I spent my tenner and bought what, even on first play, is right up there with the very best Chem Bros output. On second, third, fourth play (you get the picture) I would be so bold as to say that it is their best album yet....
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on 26 March 2005
This album is a solid listen. Great variety. Its not particularly original - but compared to the latest guitar based XFM darlings : Kasabian, The Bravery....etc it is very original. I have listened to it many more times than any other purchase in the last 6 months. There is much more to this album than the title track - Galvanize.
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