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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2001
I decided to buy this album when I saw the songs on it that I recognised from my nights out clubbing, I was amazed at how good it was and although I was never a huge fan of the group, I was astounded with the calibre of their music in such a relatively short period of time. Definately one to dance around your bedroom to as you get ready to go out.
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on 20 July 2013
Five (or 5ive) were my absolute favourite boyband when I was younger, and I was thrilled that they took part in The Big Reunion a few months ago. I loved seeing them reunite, even though it was very sad, and also quite enlightening, to hear about their struggles; particularly Sean's struggles with J. Of course, there are usually many secrets about boybands that are kept from the fans, and 5ive certainly had some secrets we weren't aware of. For instance, we were told in magazines like Smash Hits that Sean and J were best friends and inseparable. It's a bit strange to be told that those little details about bands that you loved so much were, in fact, totally fabricated lies. Nevertheless, I still love 5ive, and can appreciate them now as an adult, with the full knowledge that, yes, they were manufactured, and yes, they sometimes hated eachother and were even violent towards eachother at times. They were still very talented, very likable guys, and their music is still great today.

I bought this CD because I still love 5ive, even though my general tastes in music are quite different nowadays. This CD has all the classics, including Slam Dunk Da Funk, Everybody Get Up, Got the Feeling, Let's Dance, Keep on Moving, and my personal favourite, When the Lights Go Out. I cannot fault this CD, except for maybe the World Cup 2002 mix of Keep on Moving. I usually skip it, as I don't really like the football commentary. I admit I don't really like football, but that's just me! Also, I wish they had included the American version of It's the Things You Do, which is better than the UK version, in my opinion. Maybe also the American version of When the Lights Go Out, as well. (Although our version of that is better, so I can't really moan!)

I just wish I could get the Greatest Hits video advertised in the case. :( sigh.
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on 15 March 2002
Five were a band who will allways be remembered for changing the way we see "Boybands". they didnt mime, sit on stools or wear matchin outfits. instead they sang rocky songs and had very few ballads.
this album summarizies the work of this amazing band from classics like "We will Rock You" and "Slam Dunk da Funk" to softer ballads like the gorgeous Until the Time is Through". this album also contains 3 new tracks! "Set me Free" a poppy song with Ritchie and Scott on leads, "When I Remember When" also has Ritchie and Scott on leads and the amazing remix of "Keep on movin".
this is a must have CD!
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VINE VOICEon 20 May 2013
I bought this after watching the "Last Reunion" series.

It's just great fun and, in the words of the second track, you listen to the music and just keep on moving! What I didn't expect was the level of harmony in all the tracks, put me in mind of Backstreet Boys - very slick, well produced and I came away from the first listening feeling that Five were very under rated. Thanks for such a good surprise, lads!

Also feel I should point out that I'm not in my 20s so wasn't a fan first time around. I'm over 50 but good tunes and musical talent are ageless.
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on 30 December 2001
It is great to have all my favorites on one CD, I recieved it for Holiday's from my niece. And will treasure this since it is probable the last one we will be hearing. But I enjoyed it very much. You can hear how there musical style and talent have matured over the years.A definate to add to your collection.
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on 5 December 2001
Such a pity that the boys have decided to call it a day, but a great opportunity for fans and newcomers alike to review their back catalogue.
Ranging from their first hit "Slam Dunk Da Funk" right up to the present day, the album present's all of Five's hits, including their number ones, and introduces some lesser known tracks.
If you're a fan of the band, you should add this to your collection to remember them by. If you've found yourself singing along to their catchy tunes, you should also get this - all the tracks on this album are catchy and familiar - just great pop music.
I'm gutted that they've split up, but thankful that they've left us some great tunes to remember them by.
All the best for the future guys!
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on 17 September 2003
I was (and still am) a MASSIVE Five fan, possibly the biggest NZ fan of them EVER. I went to see them live in 2000, and they rocked. They sadly split up in September 2001 - and only Abs has done a solo career since then. But Five were the UK's greatest boyband (but Blue have done quite well), and their career lasted for a massive five years - 1997 to 2001. This CD contains all their greatest hits, all their singles, and a few never released before songs, which are great. I will review my favourite tracks from this CD:
3. If Ya Gettin' Down (5/5)
The first single released from the Invincible album in 1999. This is really funky, I love the chorus, they repeat the word 'baby' at the end of each sentence. J and Abs are on lead vocals - this is one of Five's best singles. The video is the guys dancing with loads of dancers in a warehouse.
5. Let's Dance (Radio Edit) (5/5)
Love this. This was their second to last single, the first from the Kingsize album. It was their second No.1 single, too (Keep On Movin' was the first) in 2001. I love this! It's so catchy, I can't help singing everytime I hear it. The video is hilarious - Sean is a cardboard cutout because he was sick when they made it.
7. Got The Feelin' (4.5/5)
The third single the boys released, back in 1998. This is really happy, I love the 'na na na' part, and the chorus. The video is the boys at a pool party, they all get thrown into the pool at the end.
8. When The Lights Go Out (5/5)
Their second single released in 1998. This is really funky - I love Abs' talking at the beginning, and all the boys get a chance to sing in this song. The chorus is catchy too. The video is cool - this girl sits in a chair and she can see the guys in their own special parts.
9. Closer To Me (5/5)
The last single ever released by the guys (along with "Rock The Party"), this is a beautiful ballad with heartfelt lyrics. Scott, Abs, J and Ritchie all sing on this, and they have fantastic vocals on this. Ritchie sounds the best (but maybe that's because I love him), and the chorus is fab. The video is touching - it's a look back through Five's career, with loads of unseen footage.
10. Until The Time Is Through (5/5)
Another gorgeous ballad - this was their fifth single in 1999. I love this song - Ritchie and Scott are on lead vocals, and it sounds great. The video is my fave Five video - it's set in this massive old house, and Ritchie's girlfriend cheated on him, so he's singing about it.
13. It's The Things You Do (5/5)
MY FAVOURITE FIVE SONG EVER! Ahem, sorry I overeacted. But this is honestly my fave. I love it so much. It was an American single in 1998, and I love both versions (European and American). It has really sexy lyrics and great vocals.
14. When I Remember When (5/5)
Another heartfelt ballad, with fantastic vocals from Scott and Ritchie (they do ballads soooo well). This has to be one of the best Five ballads there is.
16. Set Me Free (5/5)
This song is so funky! I love it. I love Ritchie's vocals in the two verses, and Scott in the middle 8. The chorus is also really catchy.
18. Five Megamix (5/5)
This is brilliant! It's all Five's hit singles mixed into a ten minute song, that ends with a new version of "Keep On Movin", Five's biggest hit. Simply amazing.
Overall, Five have had 11 hit singles, three hit albums, one huge world tour and millions of fans the world over. They were a fantastic group, and I'll miss them so much (especially Ritchie).
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on 22 June 2013
A great album, some amazing nostalgic songs from my past, and a good few I'd forgotten about. Definitely one to have in the collection, especially if you're a 90's kid
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on 25 October 2009
If you've never been in an ice hockey rink, standing on a stair landing, dancing in front of 1500 people you don't know what you are missing - unfortunately I'm now 250 miles from MK so I do. Five has to be part of the the soundtrack to such an environment, everybody get up and got the feeling are absolute classics. If you like Tragedy by Steps, Saturday Night by Whigfield or Larger than Life by the Backstreet Boys then you have to get in tune with Five.
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on 20 November 2001
This is an excellent albumn compiling all five's songs together at last. With their recent split this has to be a must-have item as there will be no more songs to come. The only flaw i could find on this cd was "Keep on Movin". A formerly great song was ruined with the addition of football commentry in the verses. This was made up for however by the superb standard of the rest of the tracks, especially the bonus number 18 which was a ten minute compilation containing a small section of each of five's greatest hits. I thought this was a nice touch which made this cd even more worthwhile.
All I can say to any fan of five is go out and buy it, you wont be dissapointed and its definitely worth the money.
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