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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
Friend Or Foe
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 15 August 2008
Adam Ant makes a concept album about schizophrenia and it's a hoot !

'Friend Or Foe' is a cruelly honest, introspective - but madly entertaining work.
Adam has always been deranged. A sexed-up painted dandy, clever enough not to take himself seriously, but naïve enough to believe that brackish honesty is by far the best policy. He's tricky too: you just know that while you praise 'FOF' to high Heaven and grovel at its erogenous majesty, he's already toddled off with his next bit of fluff.

'FOF' is the most pervertedly demented album you'll hear. It has cuckoo spaghetti western rockabilly guitar, clattering percussion, and Adam, mad as a badger, exposing himself, warts n' all, for the world to see.
He's never pretentious, not for a moment self-indulgent. He's like an academically uncouth schoolkid, forever acting the giddy-goat. He's the boy twitching up girls skirts with a twig, drilling holes in the shower walls and flashing his willy around the playground in a witless farrago of exhibitionism. A veritable frothing, post-punk mini-Michael Douglas in a Prussian tunic.
How could he be anything else but a sex-addicted pop subversive, fuelled by frost-bitten decadent insanity?

His songs are so much fun they should have health warnings. He relentlessly takes the mickey out of himself; by ironic spaz-dancing, in catchy thrumming choruses and even the twanging axe solos seem to be mocking him. Freud would have a field day.

"I want those who get to know me, To become admirers or my enemies", Ant chuckles, not giving a fig. He doesn't believe in long courtships, he just wants to get down to the hot and sticky nitty-gritty. He'll do roses and chocolates, as long as he gets what he wants at the end. Imagine a more talented Russell Brand.

Thing is, he's so open about it all, you can't help but smile. Can't help 'admiring' some-one who can so publicly look deep into themselves, dissect everything out in the glare, and not care a damn.

And by extension of course, we can't do anything but look at ourselves. If Adam's this crackers, where does that leave us? If one man can cause this much focused chaos on a music album, what hope for the repressed rest?
Adam has the prognosis; 'Friend Or Foe' is kill or cure.
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on 29 December 2015
This album nearly 35 years old still excites and thrills, and has been my fave ant album all along. This was definitely his schizophrenic album about the downside to life and fame, the 'grump' in other words and so is a grown up and mature lyric throughout set to rockabilly and great hooks.

What might have kept the album in peoples hearts in the long term was a slight reordering, with maybe the single versions of goody two shoes and desperate to give those songs the kick they had when in the charts. Any fan would agree Red Scab was sorely under used as a b-side at the time and more than deserves its inclusion here (in place of Cajun twisters which has never grown on me) and I also think why do girls love horses would fit nicely and good sex rumples the clothing wouldn't be a bad substitute for the only cover ant ever done for any album, the dorrs' hello I love you.

best songs for me are here comes the grump, place in the country, red scab, and a man called marco, and this album should be in any ant fans top 3 no question.
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on 14 July 2017
I love Adam Ant and only had all the albums on vinyl so not playable since about 1990 (boo).
Saw Adam recently at the Clifffs Pav in Southend and fell in love wiht him all over again. I was 11 when he burst onto the scene.
He has still got IT and hearing the songs again (plus bonus demo tracks etc etc) after reading his autobiography and I can hear so much more meaning in the lyrics and spot his girlfriends in the videos ...... you tart Adam!
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on 23 July 2014
Here we are presented with what can only be described as a Chameleon album by the great Adam Ant! As you listen to the content of this album you can here some Jazz pop as well as that Duane Eddy Guitar Riff! What I like about Adam's music is the fact that he can mix it up and give you something new without actually changing the Antmusic model! There is not a weak track on this album. It is a masterpiece which has stood the test of time and still beats what gets served up to us now. I think Adam has a passion for breakfast cereals too as I know he mentions Shreddies in Made of Money and I'm sure he used another cereal reference in another song but that aside what you have here is an album that will shine long after the sheen has gone in most of the albums of today. So all in all If you are Made of Money you should go and buy this HONEY!
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on 6 August 2016
My granddaughter loves it.
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on 19 June 2016
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on 9 February 2013
a great pop album, loved it then/still love it now, something girls, place in the country, here comes the grump [ what a title !], crackpot history, made of money, try this for sighs, could have all been singles, the whole album has a great beat and flows well, still sounds fantastic. Just watched the prince charming revue concert, what a performer, where have all the real performers gone [don't I sound old !]. At leased Adam made great music/ he also had style. Saw him in concert last year for the first time, as I was a little young the first time round, he's still performs well, but I wish i'd been at the p c revue concert.
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on 3 December 2015
Had forgotten how bad this group actually were!!!
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on 5 August 2013
A third number one with Goody Two Shoes. This album had a different sound and style than the previous albums and continued with great lyrics. Cover version of the Doors track was great. This was a great start to Adam Ant's solo career though Marco was still a huge influence.
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on 21 May 2011
A most excellent album!: I have been a great fan of Adam Ant and Adam & The Ants since before I started secondary school. I would recommend this album - and all others by Adam & The Ants - to anybody who, like me, has a feeling for what I can only call unusual, funny, hilarious music! I must add that this artist - and The Ants as well - has been one of the greatest figures in my life and has meant a lot to this.
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