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on 23 July 2014
I have two pairs of these, one I bought much earlier than the second pair for my own computer and the other for a newer shared computer. The first pair were and still are fine. No hum, no buzz, no problems whatsoever. The second pair at first had a problem with the volume - could barely hear anything - but after a while that settled down. However, what this second pair does that is annoying (but not critical), is the blue light that comes on when the speakers are turned on sometimes goes out and the only way to get it back is to turn it off and on again.

You do need a fairly good sound card, I think, as I can definely notice the difference between the pair of these speakers which I use on a pc with a reasonable card and the others which I use on a pc with integrated audio.

The socket for the headphones is nice, and the bass and treble controls are reasonable. The amount of bass isn't bad, considering the size of these speakers, though in the past I've had a separate woofer and that has been much better. The volume doesn't go up as high as I'd like, but it is certainly better than other pc-speakers I've had in the past.

What I really don't like is that there is a cavity in these speakers in the top of each - for the bass, I believe - and it collects dust like nobody's business! This is one thing that I suspect will unnecessarily shorten the life of these speakers.

For a while I used these without the mesh over the fronts of the speakers as I thought it made them a bit louder (though that might have been my imagination, I don't know) but now I use them with the mesh covers on because I find the yellow of them very distracting and because it keeps them cleaner, and it's quite easy to just detach the the mesh panels and give them a quick dust. Could probably wash them too, but I haven't tried that.

I'd have given these five stars if it hadn't been for the light going off on the new pair, because I think that is a fault - but I really didn't feel inclined to return them just for that.

I'm not sure I'd buy these again if something better were available at a reasonable price - but for the price of them (or the price that they were, at least) they are good. If you have ones that don't work - send them back for a replacement and try another pair.
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on 17 March 2017
I was looking for laptop speakers but needed to find some which would be good enough to use as monitors for recording to my Ableton DAW.Without claiming these are ideal recording monitors,they are very good.Set tones at 12 oclock use RCA outs from interface to 3.5mm to speaker inputs and they work well enough for my bedroom studio.Bass aplenty if needed and very clear mids.For the price these are well made and sound terrific.Multiple inputs and headphones out sockets let you hook up anything you like and they are very powerful.In short,well designed,well made with quality components,versatile and power on tap.Great buy for the money.I am content.
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on 8 August 2013
These speakers produce a terrific sound - really impressing for their size. However, they have one very annoying feature that you should be aware of in that they go into standby mode if they don't detect any sound from the connected device for 10 minutes.
This means that if you have them hooked up to your computer, you will never hear any sound alerts from that computer because they have been and gone in the time it takes for them to come out of standby mode - about three seconds.
This, of course, also means that miss the first three seconds from a Youtube clip etc. Despite searching the web and trying all sorts of combinations (speaker volume always at max, computer volume always at max etc.) I cannot stop them from going into standby.
Many replies on forums discussing this issue claim that they must be defective but this is a definite and intentional feature which you can read on the Creative Worldwide Support website:
"In keeping with EuP regulations, your Creative speaker will go into Standby mode if it doesn’t detect audio input after a specific amount of time."
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on 9 November 2017
Another cracking bit of kit from Creative. Over the years, I have bought Creative products before...and have never been disappointed. I have always felt that you seem to get so much more for your money with Creative.
I had been looking for a really good set of speakers to use with my iMac...but I also wanted something I could also use with my Tablet and also the TV in the caravan etc. etc.
In my opinion, the sound from these speakers is remarkable when considering that they are not really that high wattage. There is a certain clarity and definition that actually picks out sounds that I hadn't noticed before, when playing music tracks that I am very familiar with. The Bass Port works very well to give a deep but well rounded bass without it being overpowering. The volume control (as with the Bass & Treble controls) is smooth...with very little movement actually required to increase the volume quite considerably. In addition...they look good sitting on the desk.
I'm really glad that I purchased these Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II Speakers...and for the price...an outstanding buy!
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on 18 April 2017
Love them.. Amazing amount of bass considering they have no separate sub woofer.. When it goes into standby it takes about 2 to 3 seconds for them to come back on again, a little annoying at times.. But I can live with that.. Thus the four stars.. But it is a really good quality product, that sounds fantastic..
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on 8 October 2016
These are Brilliant speakers. Ive even bought another set because I tried the T40s against the T20s and these (T20s) totally blew the T40s away into the sunset.
As im a Hi-Fi fanatic and always listen to muzik through a DAC decoder with super hi quality amplification while using my laptop with premium Spotify HD audio...these speaks are amazing.
I hope you folks listen as ive tried over 25 different speaker systems and the T20s are the best ive ever listened too.
They are incredible..Simply Brilliant
10/10 or 110% What a SUPER set of SPEEKS
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on 3 June 2012
Very pleased with the t20s but they took a bit of work to get right. Main challenge is the bass, which can easily be overpowering. There's a tendency for frequencies in the 250-500 Hz range to be mushy and overpower and shut out the higher frequencies on the beat. I use iTunes which at least has an eq built in with which to fine tune. In the end I set all tracks in my iTunes library to have no eq preset and created an eq profile specifically for the t20s (and another for when I'm using 'phones). My t20 profile has all the bass frequencies up to 500Hz set at between 1 and 3 with the mid and treble frequencies from 1kHz onwards up at around 5. I can use the bass and treble controls on the t20s to fine tune for certain tracks if necessary - older recordings, for example, usually have a very shallow bass. But the bass/treble controls are not adequate on their own IMHO. I was at one time getting quite frustrated that I couldn't get a sound like the one I get playing the iPod through the kitchen stereo, which is a sub-£100 quid unit and nothing flash but has particularly good speakers.

So it can be done and at the end of the day it's all a matter of taste and how fussy you are. Keep in mind you're (probably) listening to compressed music files on 50 quid speakers!

When you've got the mix cracked they provide a great sound, as bassy as you like if that's your thing (I do like bass but I like to know it's there, not have it drown out everything else) and certainly good enough for party/barbecue events on the patio. A very acceptable alternative to a 2.1 sub-woofer set up if you (like me) don't have room for the woofer box.

I had a listen to some Bose Companion 2s in a shop after I'd bought the t20s; nice sound but don't think they'd have the same clout as the t20s; and they cost a lot more, too. Then again I wasn't able to fiddle with them using an equaliser. There is at least one comparison review between the Boses and t20s on YouTube.

They look good; particularly fetching with the covers off (not advisable if you have curious young children). Very pleased in all for 50 quid. Now I can happily watch music vids on my laptop while ironing.
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on 7 October 2017
Just plugged the speakers in, and all I can say is what a difference! I've had to turn the bass down slightly as wasn't expecting such a rich sound. I work in broadcast studios all the time and straight away you can hear a nice warm and crisp sound. There's no hum at all, which was the reason I had to bin my previous set. Easy to set-up and they look more expensive than they were. Wish I'd bought them sooner. If you've got a budget of £50 ish quid, then these are a great option.
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on 17 February 2015
A beautifully-built set of speakers with disappointing performance. The sound quality is pretty decent until you try cranking up the volume a bit, at which point these speakers fall apart (thankfully, that's not literal).

If you want speakers that are merely functional and not going to be pushed too far, there are cheaper alternatives for that purpose. If you want speakers with the capacity to go further, look elsewhere.
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on 13 August 2017
About as good as you'll get for reasonably priced desktop speakers. You get the loud, you get the detail, you get the bass. I've used them for all kinds of stuff from gaming to music to radio and a variety of live streamed stuff (twitch/youtube etc) and they've handled it all with ease even when the stream quality itself wasn't ideal. They are without doubt worth the money.
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