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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2005
Apart from thier very first single from their first album back in 2001, Gorillaz didn't really appeal to me. And then came the first single off thier second album, the incredibly infectious Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul on vocals) and i was converted. A lot of people who might buy this album based on the strength of the single might end up being disappointed as Feel Good Inc is really the most accesible track; on the initial listen i was, but i went back and actually paid attention to the songs and was blown away. The production and mixing is just flawless and the fusion of pop, hip-hop and electronic-disco-funk creates an incredibly intriguing listening experience.
Running through the tracklisting, you'll notice that this album is dark and this mood is set right from the Intro which uses a sample from 'Dark Earth' out of the 'Dawn of the Dead' OST. There's alot of irony and social commentary in here especially in track 'Kids with Guns', 'Dirty harry' (with it's lyrics "I need a gun, to keep myself from harm" sung by the San Fernandez Children's Choir) 'O Green World' and 'Fire Comming Out of the Monkey's Head' (with a creepy monologue read out by a deadpan Dennis Hopper - one of the many celebrities and guest vocalists/mixers on this album). But unlike many other artists, like Radiohead and Muse which use themes of doom and gloom, Gorillaz don't become bogged down in it and or take themselves too seriously, giving a cool, trippy, cartoonish - if a little bit eerie - listening experience.
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on 1 August 2005
This album is the best album in 2005. The music is varied, excellent and imaginative. A much much better album than the first one. A highly underrated band.
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on 23 May 2005
This is great fun, better than I expected. The one-two punch of Last Living Souls and Kids With Guns sold this one for me - two good tracks and a nice way to lead off the album. Feel Good Inc sounds much better now that it's in place on the album.
Albarn's casual melodies complement the excellent, almost minimalist beats from Danger Mouse. For anyone who picked up the (excellent) new Quasimoto album, much of this sounds like the beat to the bleeps of 'Greenery' on that disc. Very catchy and just right. Danger Mouse knows when to hold the beat back, and when to let the drums kick off. Hats off to his excellent work.
The real star amongst the guests is MF Doom - for those of you non-hip-hoppers he's the irreverent king of underground rap and operates under several aliases. His second verse here is a standout moment, typical of his mealy-mouthed, pop-culture infested style, and that track ('November Has Come') really whets the appetite for the upcoming Doom-Danger Mouse collaboration Danger Doom.
Back to the Gorillaz, and Demon Days works very well as a full album. It's kind of moody and even downbeat, but still manages to have a danceable groove throughout. A summer evening album rather than the sunshine pop feel of 'Clint Eastwood'. The closing three tracks are really a kind of song suite, and the meandering sprawl brings the album to a satisfying end.
Damon Albarn manages to be both heavily present and in the background, really allowing the beats, the samples and the guests the space they need to make Demon Days one of those albums that really makes you want to go right back to the start when it's over. Why only four stars? While I reckon it doesn't necessarily suffer because of the lack of a standout track, the singles from the Gorillaz debut were so good that I am slightly (only slightly) disappointed that there's nothing to match them here.
Highly recommended to the genre-curious out there; a fine example of how to make a bunch of distinct elements into a great album.
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on 26 April 2006
So many people keep bagging on Gorillaz saying that from apart the two songs that played on commercial radio, the rest is rubbish, that it doesnt live up to the pop-iness of these songs ( feel good inc. etc) Those people are out to just listen to "Popular" music, you truly have to listen to the whole album instead of picking it apart and saying feel good inc. is better that one their more mellow or soulful tracks (don't get lost in heaven, demon days). Just because some of their tracks come off a bit odd and eerie, one shouldnt immediatly dismiss it. This is a brilliant album, by the time you get to the last track you'll feel like you been on a journey, with a perfect and ecclectic mix of music genres and artists. Be open, because one does not come across such asmart album often, for those who already dislike it, go listen to your green day or fall out boy.
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on 5 June 2005
I had the first Gorillaz album on tape and enjoyed it, and as a fan of Dangermouse I had to get this one. I'd already heard "Feel Good Inc." featuring the excellent De La Soul, and from listening to the album I have to say I'm not at all disappointed.
That's not to say the whole album's good. There are patches where it's not so great - "Last Living Souls" contains a dreary spoken vocal, and while "El Manana" is not a bad song, it seems somewhat redundant among the other songs here.
And yet that's the beauty of this album. That a song as good as "El Manana" can seem like the weak link should give you some idea of the quality of the other songs. And what songs! From the Madness-esque beat of "Kids With Guns" to the brilliant rap from Roots Manuva on "All Alone", from the tuneful lyricism of "O Green World" to the storytelling of "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head", this is an album that should not be missed.
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on 1 June 2005
This really is a great album! There are plenty of new ideas, the tracks are nice and varied, and there are guest appearances from many big stars, such as Shaun Ryder, De La Soul and Dennis Hopper but to name a few. Particularly good tracks include 'Dirty Harry' (a kind of highpitched, distant vocal track with an MC featuring later on), 'November has come' (really good rapping possibly makes this the best track on the album), 'All Alone' (pacey Roots Manuva track), 'Fire Coming out of a Monkey's Head' (Dennis Hopper telling a story to a great beat with a pleasant chorus to go with it), 'White Light' (you just have to hear this one it's hard to describe) and of course 'Feel Good Inc.' If you're looking for a fresh album with lots of variety and lots of great beats then don't hesitate to grab a copy of 'Demon Days.'
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on 11 August 2005
I LOVE THIS ALBUM! It even topped their last one which I thought was near on impossible. Every track is 100% original and erratic, in a good way! Usually when you buy an artists album, the tracks can sound similar to another on the album, or even another artists work! As the album is a world of its own, it may take some people a couple of listens before they fall in love with it. But I guarantee, it WILL happen!!
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on 4 March 2006
This album is truly amazing...the way the music flys around the room!!! the stereo and 3-D imaging is just fantastic. This CD also has a brilliant soundstage. A very well produced CD!! I cant wait to get home from work....turn the lights off and get taken away by this album......
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on 2 June 2005
This is simply a great album!!!!, Feel good inc is a great single & from the first listen the sounds like you have heard it & loved for for many months. Stand out tracks are Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc, Dare and Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. I cannot believe people giving this a poor review. This is the album Damon would have made if blur had let him.
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on 1 September 2008
Taking its cues from a wide variety of genres while remaining steadfastly accessible and catchy, this is one of my all-time faves. More or less any track could have been picked off this album and it still would have been a hit - there's such little filler on it.

It's quite remarkable to think how far Damon Albarn has come from those early Blur days. He's certainly done a lot better than one-time rivals the Gallaghers, who haven't yet twigged that you can't have a hit with the same song over and over again.
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