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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2004
This much anticipated follow up to Come Away With Me will surprise all those expecting more of the same. The first album was heavily Jazz inspired, this second album owes as much to Country as it does to Jazz. It is a combination which takes getting used to. However, it will reward those who take the time to listen. The most immediate tracks – Those Sweet Words and Toes – would not be out of place on the first album, the remaining tracks are almost a different genre. Indeed, anyone looking for more Jazz inspired works may be better looking at New York City by the Peter Malick Group and featuring Norah Jones on all the vocals.
Norah Jones teams up with Dolly Parton for a duet in Creepin’ In. Not an obvious combination and on first listening you wonder whether you’re on the right album. The Country theme is also strongly evident with The Long Way Home which sounds like 101 Country songs you’ve heard before.
For Norah Jones fans, the superb tonal quality of Jones voice turns what could be an also ran album into one worthy of your collection. It is unlikely to appeal in the same way as the first album, but perhaps that is no bad thing.
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on 16 February 2004
I feared that the music would be the same as the debut album, but I must say it has its subtle differences which make it enjoyable to listen to. The more you listen to it the better it gets.
However I was very dissapointed to find that they have included copy protection on the CD which is yet again PENALISING THOSE OF US WHO ACTUALLY PURCHASE CD's. I found that the CD wouldn't work in my car CD player (one of the places I listen to most of my CD's) and so I am tempted to take the CD back as FAULTY, after all I've paid for the right to listen to the music and I'm being prevented from doing so. It does however work on my PC with RealOne Player installed without having to install the built-in software that comes with it. This seems to defeat the object of the protection!! The computer can read it no problem while the normal player can't!?
When will the record companies realise that they're targetting the wrong people.
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on 12 April 2004
I was a little apprehensive about Norah's "Feels Like Home" on the first few listenings. My initial thought, nowhere near as good as "Come Away With Me" or "New York City". I WAS WRONG. First impressions are not always the best when it comes to musical assessment.
"Come Away With Me" was a hard act to follow but Norah has scored some extra points from me on this album. In my view, the tracks are different from "Come Away With Me". They are more kind of bluesy/folky/Cagean/ballady genres all rolled into the one album. I must confess though, it has taken me a few playings to become firmly attached to the tracks and appreciate them fully. Now, I can't stop listening.
All of the tracks are excellent but I do have my favourites which I rate as follows:
1. What Am I To You - wonderfully bluesy - 10/10
2. Those Sweets Words - beautifully sung ballad - 9/10
3. Be Here To Love Me - fabulously emotional - 10/10
4. Creepin' In - duet with Dolly Parton - Cagean feel - 10/10
5. Humble Me - great rendition by Norah - touching - 10/10
6. Above Ground - very powerful ballad - love it - 10/10
7. The Long Way Home - this one is made for Norah - 10/10
8. The Prettiest Thing - Norah's soft style, wonderful - 10/10
The other musical participants in the album are also to be congratulated. At first I thought to myself, Norah and Dolly in a duet - strange brew indeed. They carry "Creepin' In" off to perfection.
This is an excellent album. My hope for Norah is that she goes from strength to strength but does not get caught up in the pop music scene. As long as she continues to produce the kind of music that she likes, she will become stronger and stronger. I have been a big fan for quite some time.
Of the current crop of female vocalists, I think Norah the best by a mile. However, she is still some way behind my firm No.1 favourite, Eva Cassidy. No-one comes close to Eva. Her sad passing has left the world a little less richer for her musical contribution.
Music lover
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on 2 September 2005
This CD has nasty horrible copy protection which means it won't probably play in your car, you can't (easily) rip it to MP3s to listen on the move, and it'll do its level best to install a customised player and trash your PC.

Please consider explaining to EMI what jerks they are by NOT buying it. I bought mine mail order, so I found out too late ...
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on 12 February 2004
I have to say I was dreading this album. After such a great debut, I wasn't expecting to get the same again. Thankfully, Norah Jones hasn't compromised her artisic integrity, and I am listening to another great (if a little different) album. She's changed enough for this not to be a 'Come Away With Me - Again', and although I adore that album, I'd have felt cheated with a remake.
From the opening vocals on the first track 'Sunrise' I got the feeling of being re-aquainted to an old friend (apologies if that sounds corny, but it's the truth!). It's THAT voice. Distinctive and warm - I just absolutely love that voice. Norah Jones could sing about the basics of quantum theory or how to clean windows so you don't get streaks, and you'd still melt into the mellow tones of her incredible smokey voice. Thankfully, quantum theory and cleaning windows don't appear here, just thirteen songs based on the most common of themes - love and loss - but with the freshness you'd expect from a truly great artist.
I wouldn't say this album is upbeat, but it the tempo has been turned up a notch from her glorious debut. Tracks like 'In The Morning' and 'Creepin In' (with the delightful ever-perky Dolly Parton) are probably the tracks which differentiate most with her debut.
It's the slow tracks that work best for me - the type you can listen to late at night after a glass of red wine too many and just get lost in. 'Carnival Town', 'Humble Me' and 'Dont Miss You At All' are just sumptuous.
I can't review this album solely on Miss Jones' input either - the band certainly deserve a mention. Great instrumentation (wonderful double bass and slide guitars), expertly played with feeling. That goes for the production too - not too polished, and absolutely spot on for this recording.
So, all in all, I'm a big fan of this album. I'm hoping it doesn't just get played in lifts, or on coffee mornings or dinner parties, it's worth your FULL ATTENTION! Turn the lights down, snuggle up with someone you love and crack open a bottle of vino and enjoy.
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on 8 January 2006
I received this disk as a gift. I found out about the EMI copy control protection on this disk only afterwards. The disk cannot be played without sound distortion on my home CD players (Bose and Philips), and it turns out the disk is not a real CD. So EMI did a lousy job. They hurt me, but the people they want to hurt probably have cracked EMI´s copy control in short time. At this moment I still have not been able to listen to the CD without sound distortion, so I cannot comment on the music.
Not very smart, EMI.
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on 23 February 2004
I just got the new Norah Jones album, “Feels Like Home” and I have to say I really like it. I wasn’t always a huge fan of hers at first but I heard the album was really good and worth the buy. I agree; I enjoyed it a lot. It’s very relaxing and definitely a good CD to just throw on at work or while driving home and unwinding. My favorite track off the album is “Those Sweet Words.” I liked the way the vocals and piano were in synch… reminded me a lot of “Don’t Know Why,” which I always liked hearing on the radio. A friend also lent me their copy of 2 other CDs that Norah was on (I had never even known they existed). I listened and LOVED those tracks as well. If anyone is interested, the other CDs are “New York City” and “Chance and Circumstance” (they are actually listed on Amazon if you search for "Norah." My 2 favorites from those other CDs are “New York City” and “Heart of Mine.” The jazz and blues style they had is amazing and I think I'm going to order a copy of them for my own CD collection as well.
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on 10 February 2004
After having the top selling global album of 2003, the pressure was on for Norah Jones to provide and improve on the critically acclaimed "Come Away With Me"
And with "Feels Like Home" Norah has served up another silky blend of smooth vocals, soulful piano slides and even more stringy guitar interludes.
The opening track on the album is the cheery and upbeat "Sunrise" and plays like some sort of background extract from the award winning Balamb Garden's Soundtrack. It is perhaps the strongest song on the album. Paced and snappy, forwarded with harmonic vocals whisping "Who?" [5/5]
"What am i to you?" Follows. It is much more familiar to the original album than Sunrise, an eclectic and smooth spell with a notable guitar solo. [4/5]
"Those Sweet Words" is another strong up-point. It is one of few Norah Jones songs that can really, truly, deeply illict emotion. A song that plays with chords and pulls on the strings of the listeners hearts that somehow pulls a feeling of familarity, lyrically of course, as it is clear from Feels Like Home that Norah Jones has originality. [5/5]
"Carnival Town" is a slower paced, more repetitive task. It feels very French, like something out "Amelie" played slower, with a guitar, next to a campfire. Its warm, and even humourous in its "Merry-Go-Round" rondo form. However, the repetative nature combined with a slow pace can mean that it feels repetitive. [3.5/5]
"In The Morning"
This one is more urban than anything else. It closely follows a city feeling and follows through with the tone through the lyrics. [4/5]
"Be Here To Love Me"
This track snap's back to "Come Away With Me" again, but again uses a community of harmonising voices to add more depth to Norah's sultry vocals.
Romantic, symbolic and sensual.
"Creepin' In"
Another up point. Norah speeds up tempo big time, and thats not all, she brings in Dolly Parton to duet. This is strongly country, but the song is upbeat and could become an instant country classic. Harmonising works wonderfully when youve got Dolly Parton doing the higher octave.
This is very "Slick avante garde" and plays an image of a tree-lined street in the middle of a city as its card. However lyrically, the song focuses strongly on geographical locations. Its a travelling anthem. It sounds like a tv theme tune to one of those slick thirty something dramas like Ally McBeal.
"Humble Me"
A very romantic, European feel follows through a wholesome, rich song created with just vocals and strings and mild percussion. It puts a positive sping on a seemingly negative situation. It sounds like a Michelle Branch work with alot more laid backness all round.
"Above Ground"
A little bit like a Joss Stone song slowed down, lots. Its not really a memorable track, and like Carnival Town, it becomes repetative.
"Long Way Home"
Country is back with Norah here. Another solid track. Simple, not to slow, and as we can tell from Feels Like Home, medium-slow tempo songs from Norah are usually much stronger than her so-slow editions. This one breathes elegance into country and is has so much volume from such a simple feeling. Peru meets Texas. Upbeat.
"Prettiest Thing"
Slow, silky, slighty like "Come Away With Me"s Painter Song. Strong.
"Dont Miss You At All"
Jazz. Pure and simple. Coffeehouse Jazz infact, its clearly designed to be the letdown after an astonishing album. Its so soothing that it could do what Norah Jones' original did and relax you to sleep!
An astonishing second serving from Norah Jones that is even superior to her original, Come Away With Me.
Greatness and will become an instant bestselling classic worldwide.
The album is undoutably more earthy and country and eclectic than the original, it plays somewhat like "Amelie" does as a movie. It has points that fall short of the original with a repetitive set of fillers, but the fillers are only repetitive because similar tracks were used in the same way in the first. However Norah's new trackset is a much more upbeat and quirky experience than the mellow Come Away With Me. It is though instantly evident that nothing from Norah in the future or present will have the impact of the classic "Come Away With Me"
Good on you Norah Jones!
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on 22 December 2004
With an extraordinary debut and such as an exceptional album such as Come Away with Me, Norah Jones had a lot live up to. Whilst Feels Like home perhaps resembles her 1st album she nonetheless demonstrates that she is capable of maintaining her class at producing a beautiful mix of jazzy bluesy ballads that are ideal for background music on a lazy laid-back dinner with friends. With this album she proves that she is an established performer who embellishes her music with a band that complements her style and broaden her sound.
Indeed it takes playing the CD a few times to start appreciating the subtleties that have gone into these songs and realise that it is a different album than the 1st one. In any case, why should her style be different, and once we have resolved that into our head we are better able to accept - and enjoy - the reason why it may sound a bit like the Come Way with Me. You get Norah Jones and no one else and that is good enough for me because her style and delivery are sweet and wonderful to hear. I didn't buy this CD to hear someone else, I bought it to hear her songs she way she performs them best, as as if she was live in my living room.
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on 20 February 2004
I must admit that had I submitted a review after my first one or two listens, I would have reiterated the reservations of a number of other reviewers about this album: very low key in delivery, somewhat almost monotonic and certainly one-paced, and falling below the standards set by her first album.
But then I listened to it more and the subtle complexities of ostensibly simple songs became more apparent. The seeming lack of obvious melodic hooks gives way to a greater depth and the songs become more involving to deliver an album that for me at least is more rewarding than "Come Away with Me". Suddenly, one-time leaden plodders like the opener, "Sunrise" reveal hidden depths and pleasures. It's not all top notch and there are some dips but even those like the duet with Dolly Parton, "Creepin' In" is redeemed by some lovely subtle, Django-esque guitar lines
Definitely then in my opinion an album to perservere with. If you've given up the ghost early on, go back as this album eventually rewards your repeated listens. For new listeners, keep it firmly in the CD player to allow the mood to get to you.
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