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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2002
It's the return of the Pink Princess herself, minus the Pink crew cut but still every bit as gorgeous! But if you're looking for a carbon copy of her debut "Can't Take Me Home", then pink's latest offering, "Missundaztood" is not for you. Pink has evolved. She still has the winning recipe of a blend of R n B, Hip-Hop and Funk but this time she adds a hint of Rock.
Stand out tracks include Family Portriat, Numb, My Vietnam and the feel-good new single Get the Party Started. But to be honest there isn't a bad track on the album.
Missundaztood, with its revealing lyrics, provides a personal insight into the real Pink;this is kind of a biographical album.This alone makes it stand out from her first album but add this with the simple fact that there are better tunes on this album and you'll see why this is a must-have. It may take a couple of listens to before you fully appreciate this it, but you won't regret adding this record to your collection.
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on 7 April 2002
On the strength of her previous singles I'd never been tempted to buy a Pink album before, but after hearing 'Don't Let Me Get Me' on the radio, I realised that this one might be something special. Boy, was I right! The album visits pretty much every musical genre you can think of, which would normally spell immediate disaster except that Pink does them all so damn well. There are elements of everything from heavy rock to hip-hop, rap, pop and some fabulous down-tempo soul numbers. *And* she has one of the best contemporary blues voices I've heard in a long while.
There should be a little something for everyone to appreciate here, so get buying!
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on 9 October 2002
With "Missundaztood" P!nk has become the voice of every insecure teenager in the world. Here's a track review:
1. Get The Party Started - The first single. A kind of deceptive track that makes you expect some R&B, but watch out. 8/10
2. 18 Wheeler - I played this track over and over when I first got the album. It's one of those take no shit songs. 9/10
3. M!ssundaztood - I love the lyrics to this feelgood song about being proud of who you are and what you do. This is one of P!nk's "have a laugh" songs, although she still sounds stunning. 9/10
4. Dear Diary - To get into this song, you need to listen to the lyrics as this is one of the songs about her life. 7/10
5. Eventually - Another lyric-heavy song. What seems like a lovey dovey ballad at first becomes a message to everyone who's ever done Miss Moore wrong in the past. 9/10
6. Numb - The most rocky song P!nk has ever made! She goes kind of punky in this song, which is another take no shit one. 9/10
7. Just Like A Pill - Another "listen carefully to the lyrics" song. One of the best P!nk songs ever! (The third single) 10/10
8. Family Portrait - A heart-wrenching song about P!nk's family when she grew up. This song is very sad, and she obviously put a lot of effort into it. 10/10
9. Misery - Steve Tyler from Aerosmith duets with P!nk on this song. Their vocals are amazing! 9/10
10. Respect - Another of the R&B songs. The funniest part is "Mirror, mirror on the wall, damn I sure look fine, I can't blame those horny boys, I would make me mine!" LOL 9/10
11. Don't Let Me Get Me - The song that made P!nk my favourite artist. Don't Let Me Get Me has catchy tune and cool lyrics. It's about disliking who you are and wanting to be someone else. Fantastic. 10/10
12. Gone To California - This song is slow and lyric heavy, but I still like it. 7/10
13. Lonely Girl - Ex-4 Non Blonde member Linda Perry questions P!nk in this song. Good lyrics and vocals. 9/10
14. My Vietnam - Another song about her life. I especially like the "mama was a lunatic" bit. 8/10
15. Catch-22 - Another R&B track. This one is really funny when P!nk does the air-hostess impressions. 7/10
This album is definitely worth buying! I love every song. Get it now!
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on 2 October 2005
I also realise this album was released years ago but its that good it compelled me to write a review.
Can't Take Me Home was aimed at a totally different demographic than Misunderstood, reason being that Pink took control of her career and proved LaFace she could make it as a Rock artist.
Misunderstood is an outstanding and compelling album, delving into the depths of Pinks emotion, tearing apart every misconception and allowing the listener to feel the songs with raw emotion, something which is rare in music at the moment.
Teaming up with one of the best song writers and producers in modern music Linda Perry (of 4NonBlondes and Christina Agruleria's Stripped album)Pink managed to deliver one of the most amazing albums of the past 5 or 10 years.
The album combines numerous sorts songs that include describing Pinks childhood and upbringing, such as Family Portrait and My Vietnam. Describing her rise to fame Don't Let Me Get Me and 18 Wheeler. It also contains a few party tracks, just to keep those who conform happy with Get The Party Started and Respect, none the less they are totally owned by Pink.
This was one of the biggest selling albums of the released year and a massive album for pink in terms of success and gaining respect. I've got to be honest, whilst the girl is using her head and reinventing herself Try This (her follow up album) just doesn't even compare and lacks the compassion and time that went into Misunderstood...it also showed in her tours...the Misunderstood tour was intimate and amazing whilst the Try This tour was an arena tour, and whilst excellent it just didn't touch the intimate gig for avid Pink fans.
Anyhow, buy this outstanding album, its a must have for any CD collection!
Absolutely 5/5 (hopefully she'll hook up with her idol Linda Perry again)!!!!
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on 4 September 2002
I'm not really a fan of Pink. When I heard her single 'get the party started', became curious to hear more of her album. I would say that this album is definitely worth buying. Pink proved that she has definitely arrived as a singer. The diversity of the songs in this album is incredible. The tracks 'Don't Let Me Get Me', 'Get The Party Started', 'Just Like a Pill', sticks to your mind long after you hear them. The songs 'Dear Diary', 'Vietnam','Family Portrait', added a personal insight on the real Pink. Man, can she sing! I could now say that i'm one of her fans now. I could hardly wait for her next album. Nobody would not misundertand her intention in this album. She's on her way up and intends to stay there for a long time. Way to go, Pink!
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on 4 September 2002
This fantastic follow on from the multi-selling album,'can't take me home' is another all round good array of songs put together by the very talented 'pink'. Although this album is more on the 'experimental' side of R'n'B, it still has the funk, freshness and soulful feel that comes with the powerful voice of pink, including such artists as Steve Tyler(aerosmith), Linda Perry(4 non-blondes). This album is definately a good mixture of ballads, rock and dance and has the feel good factor, whatever your mood!!!
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On 'Don't let me get me' Pink compares herself to 'damn' Britney Spears - 'she's so beautiful', and says that she can't be that way. 'Don't let me get me' is probably a good place to begin interpreting this challenging and unexpected album from someone you might have written off as 'another 'R&B female vocalist'. It's certainly made a huge impression - four hit singles in the UK so far from the one album. There have been days and times when flicking through the radio channels driving home offered me a choice of P!nk,P!nk, P!nk or P!nk.
So what's so huge about this album?
It certainly isn't the sound - don't get me wrong, this is a good sounding album, well produced and well mastered. Interestingly, it sounds very different on different equipment. 'Like a pill' sounds like an angry post-punk song on small speakers. Once you let the bass out, though, it reveals its R&B origins.
Neither is it P!nk's looks. In a music business increasingly dominated by cloned girl bands and eye-candy soloists, P!nk is quite ordinary looking - and, I suspect, has emphasised that in the cover photography.
So then what?
The songs, of course. We're well used to explicit sex, gangsta-rap and threats of violence in music. But this painfully honest album about bad experiences, bad families and mixed up youth is raw and shocking in quite a different way. P!nk was recently voted number one role model for teenage girls.Ok, such polls aren't a guide to anything. But it is a reflection of the power of accurate, honest reflective writing.
If P!nk can carry on in this vein, she may be the most important new lyrical voice in pop for a long, long time.
This is art. And it's also thumping good music.
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on 4 May 2017
This is quite simply a brilliant pop album!
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on 25 February 2003
When I heard the songs Get The Party Started and Don't Let Me Get Me I first considered buying the Pink albumn although a year before I would never have even thought of Pink as an artist I would listen to. But I had a spare bit of cash and so I bought it. I have not looked back once! Immediately it became my favourite albumn because it included so many excellent songs - every single one was as good as the last whereas on other albums I was used to one or two songs good enough to release but the rest mediocre. However this albumn had songs just crying out to be played at parties - Get This Party Started and M!ssundaztood - but also heart-renderingly true songs about life - Family Portrait and My Vietnam.
I loooooove this albumn soooo much and I'm sure that it'd appeal to most music tastes. I'd recommend this above all other albumns.
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on 4 February 2004
after the september 11th incident things went a bit dull in the movie and music industry, but in january 2002 pink released her comeback single " Get the Party Started." this made times happier and became a massive hit, a US number 1 and UK number 2 only kept off by George Harrison's re-release.
When pink first hit our screen's in 2000 with the infectious hip-hop " There You Go" she has the voice, and attitude and had minor hits with, Most Girls, You Make Me Stick, she wasn't really that big, no grammy awrds, no recognition, jsut a name of Pink, though in the mid season of 2 pink released Lady Marmalde, with fellow co-stars mya, lil kim and christina aguilera, becoming her biggest selling hit to date as for all the other artists, selling 5.3 million making it the year's best selling single, she then returned with an unexpected commercial smash, " Missundaztood" selling 10 million copies worldwide, compared to 3 million of her debut, her story was quite like co-star christina, she wasn't happy with her sound and expeimenmted, and she brewed up something magic.
this album featured the massive hits, get the party started written by linda perry who also produced the album, which is now a classic, don't let me get me, just liek a pill ( her first UK solo number 1) and the heartelt family orientated ballad Family Portrait, what was surprising is how pink got snubbed at the grammy's, still an amazing album, true lyrics, great voice, and great artist,
no-one can deny pink is amazing at chagning her sound, from hip-hop/ RnB, to punk/pop and on her current cd Try This (amazing) rock/punk,
she should have a ong career.
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