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on 17 September 2017
Yeah, it's okay. Very dated now but nostalgic
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on 7 October 2017
Speed metal giants best work.
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on 3 August 2017
If you like megadeath you will like this
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on 3 May 2017
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on 22 November 2017
Excellent compilation.
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on 13 May 2017
Good album, of real high quality metal.
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on 19 August 2005
This Greatest Hits compilation CD has been released following the complete remixes of Megadeth's albums released by Capitol records. This is indeed one of the albums strengths: all the songs now sound better than ever and since they were personally remixed and remastered by Dave Mustaine himself sound the way they should.
The tracks on the compilation give an excellent overview of Megadeth's back catalogue and since they were chosen by Megadeth fans, no good song has been overlooked. There's even tracks from Megadeths pre-Capitol records days and from their post-Capitol days: Mechanix from Megdeth's 1985's "Killing Is My Business...and Business Is Good!" which is no doubt to draw in some Metallica fans curious to hear this version of a song written by Mustaine when he was in Metallica, and Dread And The Fugitive Mind from 2002 "The World Needs a Hero". Unfortunatltly there is nothing from "The System Has Failed" which is by far Megadeth's strongest album since the mid 1990's, but legal issues more than any other reason have stood in the way of putting any more songs released on the Sanctuary label.
Still, this album is packed full of great songs, solos, riffs, lyrics that will have any metal fan banging their head.
The DVD is also an excellent bonus. The sound levels are really poor in the live section (you can barely hear Marty Friedman's guitar!) but the songs included are great and to watch Dave Mustaine doing what he does best is worth more than what you pay extra to get the DVD - check out his solo in Symphony of Destruction and Hangar 18 is even better live.
Overall, this is a much better Greatest Hits compilation than "Capitol Punishment" and with the extra live DVD it is definitely worth a listen/watch. Its just a shame there is no songs from "The System Has Failed" and the notes in the booklet have had little or no input from Dave Mustaine, which is a shame as his notes in the remixed albums are superb...
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on 14 June 2007
the best of megadeth....never gonna be easy to whittle it down to 15 odd tracks but they have done a pretty good job at representing the bands back catologue on this cd.

the majority of the essentials are here from the insane thrash of hangar 18 and holy wars through to the drug fuelled paranoia of sweating bullets and in my darkest hour(arguably one of the finest songs any of the big 4 wrote)

they are even brave enough to include tracks for the slightly sub standard albums of the late 90`s...not to everyones taste bu they have a part to play in the evolution of the band

you can see as the band evolved they got more groove and more melodic....the only poor effort is a pointless remix of the mechanix... only done to allow them to put it on this compilation (so in that respect job done) as it is a great reworking of the metallica version.

but we can argue about Horsemen and the mechanix for years...that is not what we are here for....this is a very solid collection of songs....not the best overall but a very good cross section for new comers...if you own the albums leave this alone if you have only heard about the band start here to see what style of megadeth suits you!
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on 21 August 2009
I've listened to my share of thrash in the past many years, and Megadeth always remained a favourite for their uncompromisingly heavy sound and great snarling vocals. Or should I say "did" remain up until around the mid 90s when they fell into the mellow and soft trend that Metallica set with their Black Album and became a bore. Thus I was curious at this Greatest Hits; would it be all of their *best" songs or just a bunch of tracks from each album in order? Well I'm glad to say it is more of the former and less of the latter. First off, I need to just get out of the way that the songs on here sounds absolutely favbulous after the remastering that they've been put through. They aren't radically different, just enhance with better clarity, balance and whatnot - for instance the drums on Holy Wars are pushed higher into the mix so the already great song sounds even fuller and richer. So the songs do sounds great. But the more pressing issue of tracklisting: well, from a purely subjective fan standpoint, here's what I think.

Most of Megadeth's commercial hits, like Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction, Wake Up Dead, Holy Wars and Peace Sells are all here. There are also some bogeys in the form of Kill the King, Trust and the truly dreadful Prince of Darkness. Also slightly suspect is the inclusion of Tout Le Monde, a poor song in my opinion but apparantly popular amongst others. There are some pretty glaring omissions too: Tornado of Souls? Lucretia? Frankly I would've expected practically the entire Rust in Peace album to be on here, it's clearly their best work. But as a summary of Megadeth's whole career, it doesn't do a bad job. It could've been a bit better, but it does encapsulate the whole Megadeth library pretty well with plenty of songs from their other two great albums (Peace Sells and Countdown). Sure, it could've had a few more good songs in place of the late 90s filler material, but hey, Mustaine chose the songs and is supposedly proud of *all* his work (eyeroll at this point).

Overall, this album is hard to dislike: only a few songs off their best album (Rust in Peace) are on here, but the rest of the songs are pretty good too. The songs also sounds fantastic now, so it's probably just worth picking up to hear the great songs even better. For a newcomer to Megadeth, I almost reluctantly recommend this, but let's hope someday they just remaster Rust in Peace and we get that too - would be the perfect pair :)
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on 3 April 2006
Who would have thought that 20 odd years after Dave Mustaine was told by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich to clear up his alcohol problems (quite ironic given later alochol related events within Metallica) that he would be able to offer this collection of Metal majestry to the world, appropriately titled Back To The Start (which I still believe is a dig at Metallica for abandoning their musical roots.)In terms of the musical content within this album, well there really isn't any filler whatsoever, the classics come thick and fast (Symphony of Destruction, anyone?) and the album does a very good job of charting the bands alteration in sounds throughout the 20 years since there conception. Whilst diehard 'Deth fans have been (quite rightly) quick to criticise individual album releases (Risk has reserved it's place in the Patheneon of most Overrated Metal albums ever) the collection of songs extrated from those albums on Back To The Start is flawless. If you have any sort of passing interest in Metal music or want to develop your musical taste, Back To The Start is just about the perefect place to,well, Start.
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