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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2000
Basically this album is good over all. But lacks alot of things in general the guitar licks /tabs are pretty good but lack the rocky feel to it and let it slide down to the more "poppy" sound... not forgetting the front woman's (Jamie) bubbly bewitched voice! But it's a good thing. It's a bit of controversy really, pretty ironic. Since some songs on this album have "alternative rock" vibes in them and make you wonder with a voice like that... the band can never be classified as a rock band. Anyway the band's split up now, but it's a nice album not excellent but can be in its own way. Pretty good and definitely NOT A SPICE GIRL ALBUM! THESE chicks play their own instruments (And can) and they are definitely way better than any other British girl band! =) Buy it! The CD has its moments! Here's a little personal review: "(I quit)" is a thumb up track! Typical in a way but pretty impressive lyrics, and wicked guitar tabs and it was great for the opening of the CD. "Deep, deep down" very MO-town. I don't really like it that much, surprised it was released as a single... but has a good chorus and depressing low bass tabs. "Here comes Napoleon" boasts the wicked rusty traditional acoustic guitar tabs. Really happy country track, but can be a rock ballad in its own way. "Bugs", pretty (wannabe'ish') for the nirvana opening but not bad... since a lot of rock bands follow Nirvana's footsteps. The song's tabs are really cool though even after the nirvana opening), but a little bummed out again by the babyish lyrics here. "My old love", this is the only spice girl track on the album but funnily enough it's got good, cute tabs on it! "Next life"! Wicked track. Listen to the lyrics and string arrangement! Wow! Wicked TRACK I always wonder why this wasn't released as a single! "Out of sight" and "see the girl with the world in her eyes" have good tunes but the songs in general are terrible! "Waiting for god" very old school and rocky...really funky chorus! "I can't cry" wicked folksy song! "I got the news" good lyrics, good tunes but the only bummer is the singer's voice but it is good in all! "Tomorrow's girl" isn't bad either (leaves Hepburn on the poppy side really) but shouldn't have been the CD closing! Not bad in all! Buy IT!
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on 4 May 2001
Im so glad we have girl-bands playing this kind of music.Traditional guitar chord songs you can listen to again and again. Take "next life" with it's fuzz guitars and string arrangements. The opening chords could'nt be more predictable, but I love it. I think Jamie's voice is perfect for this kind of music. It's kind of soft, husky, strong & feminine. The combination of drum&keyboard programming combined with acoustic/fuzz guitar(like on i can't cry) makes the music really enjoyable. A compleatly melodious guitar pop album stuffed with songs that will get stuck on your mind, but you won't mind. Get this one.....
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on 27 October 2014
Another album I bought for two tracks only but ended up being surprised by a third track that sparked off the imagination.

I first encountered the song 'I Quit' back in 1999 - when these girls first burst onto the scene.

The song is still as catchy today as it was back then and holds special meaning.

But I'll keep that information to myself and put it in my official autobiography when the time comes.

Yeah - that's right!

I'm keeping all of you guys in suspense!!
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on 20 July 2003
This is a very good album. Lets be honest; girl rock bands rarely work. But with a pop twist and the fact that Hepburn actually can sing and play their instuments properly it makes the whole album a pleasure to listen to. The tunes, although not rock in the real sense of the word, it is much more rocky that regular run of the mill pop music. The first half of the album is definately stronger than the second half. But it is all good. Considering this album is 4 years old, it hasn't dated at all. And considering the band has been split for a while now, I'd snap this album up pronto.
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on 14 August 2000
This album is a little piece of history in itself.The singles "I Quit!", "Bugs" (sounding very "smells like teen spirit" like, and Deep Deep Down are all here. And quite honestly these tracks really do stand out from the album. Even though the group have split up, its still a worthy purchase, if you like strumming girl rock ballads. Which I do. Which is why I bought it, and why you should too! Dont be lulled into thinking this is just girl pop. Or shouty. It isn't.
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on 1 February 2000
I know that Hepburn may not be the best at singing....but you really can enjoy this album, if you can get into it. Some songs really lack a chorus or a beat of any description, but other's like Next Life has a superior Verve-ness about them...I'd recommend it, but you really have to like them to buy it...
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on 8 July 2006
I got introduced to this by a mate, who had it lodged in his car CD player. Upon asking him who it was, and sourcing a copy from a local second hand CD shop, I now have it myself! Yep, I actually went out and bought it myself... it's good.
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on 2 April 2012
Really wanted to like this album since I love old school brit pop but only the singles I quit,Bugs deep deep down & I got the news are any good the rest is bland soft/rock album filler the lead singers voice also began to grate after a while.
She kept putting on this cockney twang all the time there are many other singers from london who do not sing like that.
I would reccomend people just download the four best tracks.
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on 2 July 2015
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