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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 6 March 2006
I love this. I hadn´t listened to it or owned for years and so decided to snap up the re-vamped version. It´s worth every penny.
A few eyebrows were raised when The Wedding Present recorded with Steve Albini but here you can see why it did them a power of good.
Albiní takes the cotton wool off this band, David Gedge´s lyrics have moved on a bit here and are not so simple. This album is more brooding than the earlier Wedding Present efforts
and this is highlighted by the understated yet manacing,"dalliance." I love the power chord in,"blond," and the tinny drumming on,"rotterdam," a typical Albini production tweak. This is a great song, I love the honesty of David Gedge´s strained vocal. "Lovenest," koos along, all the songs feel more inventive musically than the previous Wedding Present stuff. The bursts of guitar noise add a great touch.
This lovely collection of songs hasn´t dated in the slightest and I think you have to give credit to the brilliant production on the album for that.
I also love the bonus tracks. "Make me smile," for example is given a real a real blistering working-over. I also like "Niagara" and "Dan Dare." This is noisy guitar pop at it´s very best.
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on 13 May 2004
From Dalliance to Octupussy not one bad track on the album, in fact there are too many stand out tracks to justify a rational review. Recently I met up with a couple of friends & we did our top ten tracks of all time - it was a toss up between Cordurouy, Dalliance, Heather & Rotterdam. But along with the Pixies Doolittle this is a complete album, songs do not stand out, they are an integral part of a time & an atmosphere. Whereas Bizarro was a collection of post punk angst ridden love songs, Seamonsters is far more positive & Steve Albini has transformed quirky Englishness into bitter tales of love, gained & lost played at breakneck speed. They would never be this good again (with the sole exception of "Click,click from Watusi) I saw them twice in 1992 & they remain the best band I ever saw live. If you like the Smiths get George Best, which has humour wedded(no pun intended) with distinctive guitar. But if you want to hear out & out rock - tales of love, lost, never attained, or spurned buy this album. Dave Gedge is still recording fantastic material with Cinerama but Seamonsters is a must have, an album far heavier than Nevermind, knocks spot of Nevermind, & uses more feedback than even Hendrix.
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#1 HALL OF FAMEon 8 August 2001
The reissue of 'Seamonsters' is extremely welcome, as my tape is just about worn out...So, here we are- that brilliant ten track album, complete with the b-sides of the 'Dalliance', 'Lovenest' & the '3 Songs' e.p. of 1990...For anyone that appreciates Steve Albini's 'production' (recorded by...)- here is one of his best jobs. As good as his previous work with Pixies, Jesus Lizard & Breeders; up there with his own Rapeman/Shellac records...The Weddoes had taken their jingly-jangly blend of C-86, The Smiths etc. to their limit on the brilliant 'Bizarro'. The guitar destruction of 'Take Me' is evidence of this; they also seemed to have tired of the pop-side of songs like 'Nobody's Twisting your arm' & 'My favourite Dress'...You have to move on, or you will stagnate (as the Weddoes would find out after 'THe Hit Parade')...The indicators of the shift the Weddoes would make are shown on the 'Brassneck'& '3 Songs' e.p.'s. These were their first work with Steve Albini and the harsh guitar-work sounded at odds with lazy baggie mish like 'I'm Free' or 'Groovy Train' (the current re-cycled vomit)...This has more in common with the noises of MBV's 'Glider' or 'Bleach' by Nirvana (another harsh guitar record, with hooks & emotions beneath)...'Dalliance' is the opener (and one of the singles of the decade!)which starts & builds to a guitar-mass closer to Sonic Youth or the dub-guitar hell of XTC's 'Travels in Nihilon' or 'No Language in our Lungs'. By the time the final wave of guitars come in, you are blown away; this is the best loud music! (Oh, and the songs another one of those Gedge heartbreakers!)...The record just flows- oh, here is another classic ('Suck') & another ('Dare'). This is Indie music, with balls!...The centrepiece of 'Lovenest' into a fresh annihlation of 'Corduroy' is best; this is the crowning moment of the Weddoes career...A real heartbreaker; as MBV they seemed to be annihilating guitars (which is why the pop that followed always seemed a bit of a compromise). My only confusion is why the 'Brassneck' ep is on the 'Bizarro' reissue- as 'Don't talk just kiss', Albini's 'Brassneck' & their forward thinking cover of (then unknown) Pavement's 'Box Elder' would make more sense here...Saying that, 'Crawl' & their fantastic cover of 'Come up & See Me (Make me Smile)' piddles over the original 78...This record would influence PJ Harvey's 'Rid of Me' and would provide evidence that British guitars were once great (I'm thinking of Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Julian Cope's 'Safesurfer'; Joy Division; XTC...)If you feel you have to buy 'Nevermind' or 'Screamadelica' - those bastions of Millennium lists, 'Pet Sounds'/'Revolver'/'Bends'-type reverance; get this too. Really, at the correct volume it will blow your mind & wipe up the floor of your emotions. The polar opposite of the excellent 'HIgher than the Sun'; if you listen to both you have an idea of the fine balance between agony & ecstasy. PURCHASE NOW!!!!!!!
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on 31 December 2012
Bought this album as I was seeing the band on tour, and I didn't have it in my collection. It is definitely worth a listen, but it's no Bizarro or George Best.
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on 5 September 2008
What can I say about 'Seamonsters'??

This album blew me away on release and still does to this day. 1 of my top 5 albums of all time.

This album came out just as 'Madchester' was on the wain,and shoegaze was de rigour, but David Gedge was always a step ahead, beautifully crafted songs from the heart. Songs about REAL things. The album, that to me, most connects to how it is to be a man and the heartbreak that we cannot express. The condition of being unable to express emotion using language.

It's really what ISNT said in this record that makes this album so powerful and really sets up countless imitators in the 90's. They never did it as well, or as so heartbreakingly as the Weddoes.

This is an essential album. Steve Albini gives, to me, his career defining production moment, something he would never recapture, even 'In Utero' pales. I'm sure Kurt knew this.....

Is there hope? maybe. Maybe not.

Buy. Listen. Then listen again. Feel.

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on 4 August 2002
This was the album when the weddoes left behind the C86 jangly guitar formula which had served them so well and turned to a more sombre sound. The album has the atmosphere of an illicit tryst indoors in a torrential rainstorm, and is awash with tales of doomed romance and betrayal; but it's not just an album to listen to when the world's against you; the bonus tracks include one of the cheeriest things they ever recorded (make me smile). In fact, if you fancy a good sulk, it's probably best to program your CD player to stop at track 10.
I've awarded it 5 stars, but, to be honest, I'd award most Wedding Present albums 5 stars. If your going to buy this (which I really think you should), you should probably also buy Bizarro to hear the other side of them.
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on 2 June 2003
Just when the Weddos looked to be running out of steam and rehashing the same tunes, they enlisted the talents of Steve Albini. His production skills combined with the material the Weddos had written created on of the finest guitar albums ever recorded. A mix of catchy rifts and avent garde guitar work make this a true tour de force. It is almost impossible to rate any of the tracks individually as they are all of such a high standard but Dalliance and Heather do stand out for me. This album is a must buy for any fans of guitar based music.
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on 21 November 2010
This album is just fantastic and thankfully Gedge is still playing songs from it live. There are very few albums that, once you reach the end, you just have to turn the stereo off because nothing can follow it.
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on 20 January 2006
In retrospect, a bridge between UK indie and US grunge. Id stopped listening to The Weddoes and their ilk having found The Pixies, Dinosaur JR etc, then a pal more loyal than I played this. Is this the same band? Utterly jaw dropping. They'd had great songs before, but nothing the likes of Dalliance. But its more about Albini's genius production here. Massive guitars, huge volume shifts, almost inaudible vocals; intimate and overpowering at the same time.
Proving that you can like Hatful of Hollow and In Utero.
You need this album
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on 23 November 2015
Superbly evocative of 80s/90s ultra loud indie,deafening guitars matched with Gedge's melancholic lyrics,brings back such happy memories of seeing them live.SUCK and CRAWL particularly memorable and a great cover of MAKE ME SMILE.
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