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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2013
Most of the WWE SummerSlam pay per views over the last 10 years have been pretty average to say the least. They range from the great (2011 and 2013), okay (2005 and 2012) to the poor (2003, 2004, 2006,2007, 2009 and 2010). However, 2008 marks one of the better SummerSlams, with two great main events which weren't even for championships. John Cena vs. Batista was a surprisingly great match and was probably the best match of the show. Even as a John Cena fan, I wasn't expecting the match to be as good as it turned out to be. Undertaker vs. Edge tends to divide people; I personally thought it was a really good match, but just a step below their Wrestlemania XXIV match.
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on 26 May 2010
Jeff Hardy vs MVP 7/10

A quick fire opening with strong moves but not enough flying Jeff.

Kofi Kingston and Mickie James vs Santino Marella and Beth Pheonix (winner takes Intercontinental and women's championships) 7/10

The crowd got behind this one and rightly so as there were some good moves and strong athletisism but like the first over too quickly and with some seriously weird comedy styling

Shawn Michael's announcement was interesting as we would hear about his possible retirement but having heard a sentimental one from him at Wrestlemania this year watching this one didn't strike home till the interruption by Jericho.

Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy (ECW championship) 4/10

Ridiculous. Horrible when you route for one superstar but you can see when a DQ is coming.

CM Punk vs JBL (world heavyweight championship) 6.5/10

average match that was dominated by the millionaire. Had some strong moments but quite forgettable

HHH vs Great Kahli (wwe championship)7/10

Interesting to see how Triple H would deal with the 7 footer and all through you wondered how as Kahli completely dominated but there were some great fights from the game with a great ending

John Cena vs Batista 8/10

Back to the days when Batista was a good guy this showed him as a powerhouse with ruthless agresion and the world at his feet and he certainly fought hard agaisnt Cena's quick wit and showbiz style. some very near falls and quick twists made very good match that was never going to be the last.

Undertaker vs Edge (hell in a cell) 9/10

Good match and having bought this as a blind buy \i had no idea over edge's weird mental state and backstory going into this match, which certainly showcased him early on. Both star's used the cell to their advantage and there were great showings of weapon usgae and finishers all the way through

Last two matches salvage this 2008 pay per view and though i enjoy any wrestling, more hardcore fans may not appreciate the quick finishers and dq's on show here

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on 14 February 2016
An awesome PPV and a must have for any collector.
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on 24 July 2014
bought as a present was enjoyed greatly
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on 23 September 2011
1. Jeff Hardy vs M.V.P 3/5

Good opener to the pay-per-view and a very good match from M.V.P. M.V.P for me totally dominated this match, and did a lot of countering in this match, where he was dodging most of Jeff's high flying moves, which did in fact lead M.V.P to victory.

2. Mickie James & Kofi Kingston vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix (Winner takes all) 3/5

Not bad for what it was, and a lot of good mixed tag team action from both teams. It did end however with Santino and Beth being victorious, and Santino leaving new WWE Intercontinental and Beth leaving new WWE Women's Champion.

3. Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry (ECW Championship) 0/5

Oh dear, what a huge let down to the pay-per-view. This match did not even last a second and will not go into too much detail, this could have been a good match, but was a real disappointment.

4. CM Punk vs JBL (World Heavyweight Championship) 3/5

Pretty good match for the World Heavyweight Championship, where I have to admit that JBL did a lot of good stuff in this match. JBL totally dominated Punk for most parts of this match, but Punk weren't going to be treated as a cheap champion, and hit the GTS on JBL, to remain World Heavyweight Champion.

5. Great Khali vs Triple H (WWE Championship) 3/5

Pretty good match for the WWE Championship, where the Great Khali didn't do too bad, but still not the best of all WWE superstars. He did however did take a lot out of the WWE Champion Triple H, but Triple H out of nowhere hit the Pedigree on the Great Khali, which led Triple H to victory, and remains the WWE Champion.

6. John Cena vs Batista 4/5

Match of the night for me, where these two lock horns for the first time. A match that I thought we'd never see, actually happened at the grandest summer pay-per-view, known as Summerslam. A lot of great action in this one and a lot of domination from both superstars, who wanted to prove a point that they are the best in WWE. This match featured Cena taking a huge Batista bomb in mid air and Batista picking up the victory over one of his best challengers in WWE.

7. Edge vs Undertaker (Hell in a Cell) 4/5

To me this didn't feel like a Hell in a Cell match, as to me it felt like an extreme rules match, that consisted more of weapon action than cell action. Edge surprisingly dominated the Undertaker and did a lot of countering, whilst reversing some of the Undertaker's strikes and power moves. The match itself though was still good and featured a lot of great spots, including Edge spearing the Undertaker through the cell and through an announcers table. In the end though it was Undertaker who gave Edge the Tombstone and a victory once again inside Satan's structure, but Undertaker wasn't finished as he sent Edge to hell through the ring mat off a ladder, which was then set a blaze by the Undertaker.

Overall this was a good Summerslam event, though wouldn't put in my top three, but still an enjoyable event to sit through.
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on 10 September 2014
Youngest son loves this!
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on 13 January 2009
I aint sure if this version is even the steel case version that i got for xmas but i will place my review here all the same,summerslam,the heat,the tension,the matches,the end of feuds,the birth of others,a warzone by any other name,summerslam,and this years event was very good,oh yes.
The event opened with jeff hardy going up against MVP,this match was good,high energy,highly skilled at times and warmed the crowd up nicely,both men worked well together and served as a good opening bout.
A mixed tag team match with both the womans title and the intercontiental titles on the line was up next,as kofi and mickie went up against santino and beth,the concept of this match was very good and i enjoyed the match.
The first poor match of the night was up next,the ECW title was on the line as mark henry defended the title against matt hardy,a feud brewing for a while,some fans may even have been dying for this match and then ,a 30 second match,a real disgrace and all i ask is ,why?
The fourth match of the night was next and was for the world heavyweight title,the holder cm punk had it all to do against JBL who was in good form going into this and was favourite for sure,this match was a good battle,mix in equal parts style,brute force and a good speed then you find a good world title match.
The WWE Champion triple H defended his gold against the great khali,this feud didnt last,it was shortlived and while some have praised this match,there wasnt alot of quality in it for me,khali stomped around while triple h didnt really look that interested,did the feud run?no,i rest my case.
John cena and batista fought next in a match really designed to see who had the momentum leaving summerslam,it was a good match and did both men no harm at all.
The main event was next and was a hell in a cell match,a match that was going to end the undertaker and edge feud,a feud that was one of the best,if not the best of 2008,this time it would end,this match was superb,so much action,i could fill columns of space writing about it,it was glorious with an ending that will stay long in the old noodle,a quality way to finish an event that had very little in the way of poor so job done.
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on 11 December 2014
great fun
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on 2 February 2015
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