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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2003
This is music not aimed at singing along, rocking out loud or at headphone listening. (Though the latter is very possible). This is music wih a strong time element: you listen, you carry on , you return and you listen again. You flow in/flow out whilst the music carries on. As such, it is not aimed at suprising you, stimulating or aimed at getting under your skin. On the onset - it sounds extremely boring, so you flow out (exactly the aim of the musician). After, your attention flows back, etc & you're aware that the music is still there & you check: is it still the same? Not really, something has changed a little, but what? You give up, only to return with the same questions. Thus, the music captivates you and yet it doesn't.
It has its own strong mood - it will get to you in the end. Treat it as a piece of furniture - it is in your room but you will fail to notice it untill you sit down. Extraordinary - a great example of what one can do with 'atmosphere' and how music can 'surround' people.
Still, most people will probably not label it as 'music', but more as 'sound'. This technical diffrence is besides the point.
There's an artist, there instruments, there are notes; all out to play you. Interesting, influential (film music, synthesizer music etc). Brian Eno's ability with 'sound' made him a top producer (U2) many years later.
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on 13 March 2013
More of Brian Eno to relax to and play in the background. I have never found his music to be the sort that is blasted out. More like a guiding step to move around the supemarket to, Still very good music though. Worth buying and listening to.
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on 22 December 2014
Eno's influence on modern music cannot be over-emphasized and this CD was a during move at the time. No serious pop-artistiek had tried this before and he put ambient music in the limelight. Personally, I think this is the kind of music I would not sit down and listen to for, but it's nice background music which it was intended for in the first place anyway.
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on 13 August 2014
This is a landmark album in the ambient movement, decades ahead of its time, Eno created a new genre with this album; and one which absolutley stands the test of time, despite being 35 years old, it still astounds with its tightly controlled soundscapes.
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on 25 July 2010
This is perfect mood music...this could conjour up images of cloudscapes, empty aitport terminals at night or day, ait travel...This really is music that is not so much there to be listened to as experienced. The main thing about this is ther space that exists in the music that's up to the listener to fill. The music itself does not demand your attention, but subtlely fills the space around you. Either at low volume, or louder, this has the power to draw you in and leave you spellbound everytime. I get very reflective, and always feel rejuvenated and envigourated by the experience each time I listen to it. The ambient series stands apart and, of it's kind, I think this music is unrivalled. Trust me when I say you will be listening to this for many years to come if you buy this....
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on 16 August 2002
A disturbing quiet and reflective calm music album, like wallpaper music .....its there, some will like and some will not. It's a rather uninteresting album and the more so by its absence of beats or attention grabbing instrumentation, but I none the less would not want to be without this album. Its highly original, imaginative, reflective and as interesting as it is obscure. This CD will always be in my top 100 and will always remain at position #100. There are many better titles about now, but this is the 'original'...and who would not want this one in their collection! Munt1
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on 15 May 2003
Bought this on impulse and was well rewarded. It's a very useful, functional soundscape. Works as backgound noise or foreground music. Interesting that a piece created 'systematically' still packs a more powerful emotional punch than most stuff created by an artist labouring under the Romantic notion of having 'something to say'. In total it's as simple as quantum physics, as complicated as a piece of string.
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on 22 January 2004
If you are a student like me and you need solace, peace and tranquility in which you need to revise or whatever, this album is the perfect solution. It's so simple it is almost criminal, but at the same time it sooths and can sometimes inspire. It drifts in and out of your consciousness without you noticing, but when the record ends, you think to yourself "damn, i really enjoyed that". Class.
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on 24 November 2000
This is probably not for everyone, but to me this is hauntingly beautiful music. I read that people didn't like it when it was played in a real airport, but I think it would sound great in those vast spaces, filled with people busying themselves waiting. It's pretty sparse stuff: the tracks contain little more than piano loops, female voices going "aaaaah", or both. You might say it's boring and repetitive. I'd say, "so is a crystal."
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on 25 November 2008
I first heard this album in 1978. I had heard Eno with Roxy Music and found him fascinating so, after his departure, kept tabs, listening to Here Come the Warm Jets,Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), the original 'Obscure' albums and No Pussy-Footing. And then this came out - on vinyl.

Well, I wore that copy out and had to buy a second. That, too, wore out. Then some bright spark invented CD players. I bought one so that I could listen to this album without the clicks and hiss of vinyl. It was this album that prompted me to buy a CD player.

I have now been listening to this album for about 30 years.

As soon as I hear those first few unadulterated, simple piano notes, I relax. I slip into a timeless place framed by a few minutes of 1/1. The piano is underpinned with deep, almost subsonic layers, light percussive background hints and organic/electronic hues. Have you ever struck a note on a piano and then just sat, listening to it fade away?

1/2's ethereal voices could almost be too sweet but, if you actually listen to them, don't let them wash over you, you hear a slight faltering, a hesitation, which makes them fallible, not heavenly. It's certainly not Spem in alium, it takes you into yourself. It's so, so simple - get an old string synth or something, you could do it yourself. But you didn't.

Then 2/1 is 1/1 + 1/2. And they work well together - it's not repetitive, it's cool, calm calamine lotion for the mind only not so pink.

And finally 2/2. This is the one most definitely reminiscent of the early Obscure label recordings, great soft monoliths of sound sliding over each other like sonic cushions - know what I mean? Squidgy...Actually, it's my least favourite track.

Still, an album I have lived with for over half my life, and I don't see that changing. :-)
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