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This was one of the records I missed for some reason when I first fell in love with the maiden......whilst I now see it is a good album (better than most the recent stuff for sure and containing a couple of classic)...I'm not too disappointed I did not hear it in my youth - THAT award goes to Piece of Mind which is mind blowingly brilliant. Have to also mention that Im only now filling in my mental Maiden listening gaps becasue Book of SOuls is so great.......just encase you were wondering........

Powerslave does have good moments and I will listen again and again like all the other top albums - but yes (you can tell by my build up here.....) It just does not grab me as all the other classics do. To be honest this record feels flat in places and I feel Im not paying as much attention as I usually do to every Maiden track - so as a fan of 30 years or so (and yes I should say sorry again for not listening to to all the classics in my youth!) I have to be honest here and say whilst it deserves 5 stars for the qualities it does have (good story telling lyrics, 3 or 4 great tracks) there are one two too many mediochre (BUT NOT BAD!!) tracks compared to the afor - mentioned greats-

Please see my review for Piece of Mind if you'd like to find out the order of THE BEST MAIDEN ALBUMS EVER!!! (especially if you are a newbie to this wonderful band!)

'May the irons continue to go UP!!!'..........Now you should say...............
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on 1 October 2010
Powerslave came out at the height of my youthful interest in Iron Maiden. By then I knew the ritual - a pre album single to wet the appetite (with the obligatory multiple versions to collect), the album (with more obligatory multiple versions to collect), the tour and finally the second single (with even more obligatory multiple versions to collect). There was a comfort factor in the fact that the A side of the singles would be great and would dent the charts, the B Sides would be unlistenable dirges derived from the band's eclectic influences and the artwork would be amazing. So first impressions (and I remember them clearly) were a bit mixed on 2 Minutes To Midnight as a single. The Trooper from Piece of Mind was a hard single to follow and `Two Minutes', although sporting a chunky riff, always seemed overly long, particularly dragging at the end, and a bit disjointed/awkward - the `Hands that threatened Doooommmm' still jars a bit to this day. Interestingly, the other surprise was a half decent B Side in Rainbow's Gold, which would have been neat to include as a bonus track on this reissue - I guess royalties scotched that idea.

So when the album was released it was a relief to hear the 'Trooper' inspired 'Aces High' kick things off with it's frenetic rolling riff and soaring chorus - Bruce was back and he was in operatic mood... Two Minutes follows and sounds infinitely better in an album context and then comes the somewhat pointless and breathless instrumental 'Losfer Words' - why it is on here baffles me to this day, but thankfully it's incredibly short. Moving swiftly on there is the double barrelled direct and no messing attack of 'The Duellists' and the catchy 'Flash Of The Blade'. Arguably overly long, they are still strong tracks with strident riffs, big melody and a rock solid BIG drum sound - Harris' bass is at it's most clanky on these two numbers, which, although a Maiden trademark, can occasionally be a bit overpowering.

'Back In The Village' is a distinct highlight as a welcome reprise of excellent The Prisoner from The Number of the Beast, although again it seems to have 1 more chorus than it really needs (but that's nit picking and thankfully is quickly despatched), but it leaves you breathless due to its unrelenting up tempo attack. Title track 'Powerslave' is a catchy mid paced chugger, but enjoyable enough (I couldn't help noticing that the riff has been pinched for both the last Heaven And Hell CD and Ronnie Dio's Killing The Dragon title track - Ronnie must have really liked this track!) and then finally comes Harris' tour de force; The Rime of The Ancient Mariner. This is classic Harris - a brave, strong, ebb and flow epic that can make the hairs stand up on your arm even after 30 years. It's long, but you get lost in the classic story every time you listen to it. This is the height of Harris' early day epics and, with out doubt, the most successful.

So, in summary, a really strong Iron Maiden album with some notable evergreen classics (Aces High, Rime and Back In The Village), some strong less obvious and enjoyable numbers and the one obligatory questionable instrumental (Losfer Words). Interestingly it topped the poll as the best Iron Maiden album, which I would have given to the Number of the Beast - people obviously prefer the album filler Losfer words to Gangland..

Suffice to say I still have all the picture discs, including this Powerslave album with its oddly speeded up title track which is a mystery to this day (plays at 45 rpm for about a minute).
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on 11 June 2016
Iron Maiden's Powerslave is now distributed by Parlaphone part of the Warner Music Group.
The Music is first class having owned it on vinyl since it was first released, however if your fan of Derek Riggs's artwork you will be disappointed with the quality of the printing - with the front and back covers of the booklet and back of the CD tray being very poor when compared to the older EMI editions, lacking sharpness and detail, strange thing is that the inside of the booklet is great. l work in the design/print industry and have not seen anything quite as bad as this for a long time, it does not represent the band or the illustrators work very well it l would say they have scanned an old printed copy. Not the sort of quality l expect from a major record company - it looks like a pirate copy!!!!

The Parlaphone edition really should be withdraw from sale until this error is rectified in future editions.
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on 30 June 2010
Everything just seemed to come together for this one. While it is not my favourite Maiden album it is unarguably one of their finest offerings, even one of THE finest heavy metal/hard rock albums of all time. And, as most will know, many of their first 7 albums are also worthy of the same accolade - they were really THAT good. Obviously now they are classic and their new material is proving to be a return to their former glories. However, they have yet to top this with any new album.

Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight are stone cold classics. Losfer Words, not so and could probably have done with being omitted. The Duellists and Flash of the Blade are the filler tracks, and while not particularly spectacular are still better than most bands' best output. The final 3 are back to classic territory, stand outs being Powerslave and the untouchable Rime of the Ancient Mariner - with this 14 minute epic they cemented their image as one of the most uncool, yet, paradoxically, completely awesome songsmiths around. And Powerslave the track is Maiden's Master of Puppets - the don't put a foot wrong.

Owning it is the only true path to happiness.
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on 3 July 2016
Possibly the best album of the best metal band of all time. Each track is an anthem that demands to be listened to in its entirety, even the 14 minute epic "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" keeps me listening right till the end. A quality album from a quality band, cannot see how it could disappoint any listener from a veteran metal head to the newest of fans
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on 19 August 2017
This one has it all, energetic blasts, growing brooders, instrumentals, and epics. It's one of the best Maiden albums, and should be an essential purchase for fans.
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on 21 April 2015
The reissues sound amazing on my Audio Technica ATLP120-USB with Bose Surround Sound. A much needed replacement for the worn out originals which crackle and sometimes skip. They look and feel beautiful with the quality of the sleeves being vibrant and great to feel and look at. They all fit perfectly in the replacement box I got.
review image
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on 6 May 2016
Wow! What an album. This rates as one of my most listened to Maiden albums. Clear production, fantastic musicianship and above all, the best live rock acts of all time! Up the Irons!!
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on 20 October 2016
I already had this on vinyl, but wanted to get the CD, so I could play in the car. One of my all time favourite Iron Maiden Albums. Would definitely recommend this album.
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on 5 February 2018
Purchased as a gift so can't review.
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