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on 21 December 2014
the 1star is for the newly released Vinyl version. got the original vinyl on release, and wow what a record. often over looked by some cracking underrated songs on here, and that synthey guitar sound sounded great in 1986. and probably the best maiden album cover. my original vinyl got chewed up up by a dog, so i replaced it with the iffy first edition Cd which lost some of the edge on the vinyl (like many early cd versions) having decided to stump up for the new vinyl release, with the new 180g vinyl revamps, i have been so impressed by some of the re issues by other bands. but this is just terrible. its so quiet and lifeless have to really crank up the volume (not in a good way) and is sounds numb and worse than the original cd version.but thanks to amazon and the free auto rip i have the digital remastered 98 remix. which sounds awesome. but kind of defeats the object of buying the vinyl. but clearly the vinyl transfer is missing something. As i have all the early maiden albums on vinyl anyway i wont be buying anymore of these inferior re issues.
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on 24 April 2018
This album is superb throughout! There are no filler tracks to be found here. From the outset, the quality is clearly there. As usual, Maiden is always melodic, and laiden with harmonies. ‘Wasted Years’ is a classic metal track, and others, such as ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ and ‘Deja Vu’ are also very strong songs. The band did receive some criticism from some fans for their use of synth on this album, but I just see it as a development of their sound.
I strongly recommend this album to anyone!
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on 23 September 2012
Generally if you are looking for an Iron Maiden album you are a bit spoilt for choice and while there are albums that I have not yet heard from Maiden, the ten albums which I do own lead me to believe that you could probably buy any Iron Maiden album without having heard it previously and still completely enjoy it.

This album has everything you would expect from a Maiden album; soaring vocals, squealing leads, the Iron Maiden chug. Of course I am sure that there are those for whom these ingredients may be cause to throw up, but in that case you just have to avoid albums with Iron Maiden written on them although you might still like `Killers' or `Iron Maiden', as it is this is perhaps more of the same, but in my opinion more Iron Maiden is a good thing.

Highlights include `Stranger in a Strange Land' which has a brilliant riff that pushes the song into the stratosphere. The songs in general have quite an epic feel hinting at the `Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' album which was released two years later.

Special mention must go to the impressively busy artwork and its hidden references to past Maiden; it is really good enough to consume you for about the same time as the album runs to, which is quite an achievement.
Today it still stands strong; it is a powerful piercing album which needs to be heard by all new initiates.

Track List:
Caught somewhere in Time
Wasted Years
Sea of Madness
Heaven can Wait
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Stranger in a Strange Land
De Ja Vu
Alexander the Great
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on 29 January 2010
Disregard my bias, but any self-respecting Maiden fan (or metal fan)has to give the full 5 stars for a work such as this. Agreed, it's weaker than some of their 80s catalogue, but every single one of Maiden's first 7 albums are all classics. Not just Number... or Seventh... or Killers..., ALL of them. And Somewhere... is no exception. It has 7 classic Maiden tracks (there's a pattern forming!)and Deja Vu. I'm sorry, but Number... had more filler than this. And if anybody thinks that the other tracks are NOT classics - then, I'm afraid, a Maiden fan thee bee nee. Most are still played live today.

They only started to go downhill from No Prayer... until Virtual XI - and there was still some great music in those.

Apologies for the diatribe but, due to some dissent in the reviewing public here, I felt I must act to redress the sanity. Somewhere in Time is a belter of an album, full stop! All metal fans will have this beautifully packaged slice of metal history (along with their other 6 80s releases). If you're new to it, I envy you so much it's turning to hatred.

Seriously - it's seriously good.
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on 19 March 2011
Not often I write reviews but thought I would for this one. I remember first listening to this as a fourteeen-year old travelling in a car from Durban to Johannesburg. Didn't know at the time I was listening to a future masterpiece!

Anyway, after more than 20 years, I ordered the cd for a bit of a nostalgic listen. Was I ever blown away. Honestly, this is one of the greatest metal albums ever. The real standout tracks for me are "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Sea of Madness" but the whole thing is great. The guitar work is consistantly brilliant and Bruce Dickinson's vocal attack is unbelievable.

Overall, I would rate this as Maiden's finest album, eclipsing the follow-up "SSOASS" which is usually more highly rated. Don't delay: just buy it.
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on 3 February 2013
As a spotty teenager, this was one of the first hard rock albums I listened to and I was hooked - this was pure escapist heavy metal.
Never mind stuffy geography homework, these stomping tracks could take you from sun scorched battlefields to a bleak and blistering cross country race (with a splash of science fiction for good measure).

Having later listened to Maiden's earlier albums (including the splendid Powerslave), this was a change of direction for them, and the use of synthesisers, along with Adrian Smith's guitar work, gives the tracks a more polished feel, which they're none the worse for.

My favourite tracks are 'Wasted Years' and 'Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner'. Some listeners may find 'Alexander the Great' a bit rambling, but it wouldn't be Maiden without a 'mini epic' and the instrumentals are pure craftsmanship.

So, twenty six (wasted?) years on, the teenager is now middle aged (minus spots and hair) but the album still rocks. Thank you lads.
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on 29 November 2014
I really like this album and have the cd and original 1986 vinyl. However despite being new, this range of picture discs are not perfect. There is a lot of back ground noise like a wooshing sound or similar to a warped disc, this is very prominent on the lead in and in between tracks but can still be heard on quiet passages. fortunately there are few of these on this album.
My copy of Iron Maiden fulfulled by Music4sure from Israel was the same in terms of quality so it not just one supplier or a one off bad disc.
If you just want it because it looks great, is a gatefold and has the words then go for it, but be prepared to be disappointed with the sound quality.
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on 2 April 2018
Outstanding album and one of the best albums by Iron Maiden. A must for all fans of Maiden and rock music
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on 28 January 2016
This is my favourite Maiden album of all time. The vinyl sounds really great. My only gripe with these remasters is that they havent made much of an effort with the sleeves. A gatefold sleeve with a second disc of the b sides would have been nice.
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on 5 September 2012
I knew this album very well. But I bought it because I didn't have in my collection. Enchanted version is really good anyway. Massive picture gallery in the booklet. I don't check how it works in my PC, it has no sense. Quick Time is really slow application on my PC and I saw it before. But really good thing for old fans or for new fans who want to know something more about the historic band. I don't write my personal opinion about songs, People have to listen to them and think about it. I like this album, for me it sounds fresh even after so many years (they used synt guitars on this album and it sounds really nice).
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