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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2001
When I first heard Lene Marlins "Sitting Down Here" I thought - not bad - upbeat lively Britney Spears type singer. When I saw the reviews on Amazon, I thought, Hmmm, maybe there's more to this singer than I first thought. So I bought the album and I was gobsmacked. She has got a incredible voice - amazing range and emotion. This is not a Britney Spears type pop album at all. My favourite track is "Maybe I'll Go" which shows the range in Lene's voice. I just love that song. The other true masterpiece is "A place nearby" which is the most touching song I have heard for a very very long time. It just brought me to tears and I say this having also bought Eminem's new album! "A place nearby" is about death and dying but it also inspire incredible hope and it is not a depressing song. Lene's lyrics show a incredible insight into life, love and everything else that makes us human. The lyrics are truly surprisingly for someone so young - she writes about subjects which other singers her age could only dream about. I can't wait for her next album because I've been truly converted. Amazing.
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on 29 August 2001
I brought this album from France while I was over there, just because i wanted the different covers, but after listening to it at home a few times, I've realized that there is a difference between the endings of Way we are. The European version finsishes the way the song starts, with the electric guitar playing the tune, whereas on the english verion, it goes to fade with Lene singing. I think if you're a Lene Marlin fan and you have money to waste, you should get it. It looks good with your other Lene Marlin cd's and puts the enthusiasm back into Playing my Game, while we wait for the next album...
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on 10 April 2000
When I first heard "Unforgivable sinner" in january 99, I fell completely in love with it right away, and I waited eagerly for two long months before it started really getting airplay. Then, a few days before the release of her album in april I heard "Sitting Down Here" on the radio and I just knew right away that I HAD to have the album. Those three days felt like an eternity.... and I bought it the minute the record store opened that day. And when I came home to listen to it I was just stunned! I was very impressed with the ballads, since I had only heard two pop-songs of hers. My favourite part of the album is probably the end of "So I see", but the best song is "Playing my game" without a doubt, I hope it becomes a single. And when I heard the second verse of "A place nearby" I was absolutely breathless for the first time in my life I think. Add that to what a wonderful song "Maybe I'll Go" is to unwind to, there just no reason why you shouldn't buy this album. It's still the album I listen the most to, even if I've bought a lot more records since this past year. Can't wait for her next album!
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on 7 August 2000
What surprised me most when I first heard that this album was being released in the UK was that the accompaning single was "sitting down here". This is totally uncharacteristic of the rest of the album, not so much in lyrical content but in actual music style. It's the only song that doesnt have believeable drums.
But believeable drums arent really what this album is about for me. The absolutely impeccable production mixed with the warmth and body of lene's voice make this one of the stand out albums in my collection. I'm captivated by songs like "playing my game" and "so i see" every time I listen to them. This album is a must have, but dont buy it if you're expecting all the songs to sound like "sitting down here" - they most certainly dont.
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on 11 March 2002
This album is probably best to listen to alone, so no one sees the tears.
There isn't much to say beyond what's already been said. Yes, Lene Marlin has a rare, beautiful voice. Yes, she is gorgeous (see the cover pictures). And she wrote every song on this album herself. So they come from the heart, which comes across as a truly broken one.
The sadness in the songs - which reminds me so much of the sadness in the poems of A. E. Housman - is there from the beginning, in the catchy 'Sitting Down Here'. But if you're hoping for a few rays of sunshine to brighten the gloom, do not buy this album. For Marlin has written what few others would dare to write: an album whose theme of profound unhappiness - the pain of loss, the lack of success in the love stakes - has not been made lighter and less sincere by the addition of falsely upbeat songs. Don't get me wrong, you won't feel like slitting your wrists after listening to this album - I only bought it this afternoon and listened to it from start to finish - but you will need to cure yourself of a pain in the stomach - brought on by the sheer power of the songs.
Most people know the singles 'Sitting Down Here' and 'Unforgivable Sinner' (although the latter was sorely underrated in the UK), but few will be familiar with the beauty of 'Flown Away' or 'Maybe I'll Go'.
If Lene Marlin never writes another word, another bar of music, we shall always have this. And it should always be there.
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on 9 February 2001
I bought this album almost a year ago now, and it hasn't been off my stereo since! This is simply fantastic- words can't say how much I love Playing My Game. It seemed like a weird mixture of songs the first time I listened to it- I bought it on the strength of the rather poppy single Sitting Down Here and my memory of a song I heard in Europe 6 months earlier called Unforgivable Sinner, which stayed rooted in my head despite not hearing it at all for months.. when Lene's name appeared on the radio in February 2000 I recognised it and was ecstatic. However, what really made me spend my cash was the fantastic acoustic version of the title track on the b-side. I have never heard a song that made my spine tingle on first listening before. The album is divided between upbeat acoustic pop a la Sitting Down Here, and stunning ballads like Playing My Game. The difference between these at first is massive, but Lene's songwriting stands out over all the songs, pulling them together. As a result, I can listen to this hour after hour without needing to skip tracks at all. There's no way to explain how good this is without experiencing it yourself.. just buy, whatever style you like and you'll be a convert... I have only one problem.. when's the next one out?!
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on 25 April 2015
This C.D. is so brillant,bought it without hearing it before what a great purchase,Lene has a very special voice the more you listen to it the better it gets each time,it is one you will never get fed up of and will be playing it in years to come,would really recommend it.
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on 11 March 2003
It has been nearly 3 years since this album was released in the UK, I remember it well: I remember buying this CD, and when it came to listening to it, I just thought "wow!". The album starts with the quite postive sounding Sitting Down Here but dont be fooled by the happy guitar strumming, Lene sings about getting revenge!! I bought the album on the strength of that song, and was very happy to hear every other song on the album. Lene's songs are open to interpretation, as shes never said what they mean to her, so along with great songs to listen to, you can also wonder what you think each song is about!
I personally adore the title track of this album "Playing my Game" it is a song that has grown on me over all the (many) listens of this CD. As well as Lene's versatile voice, this album also shows her talents as song writer of every track and arranger on afew tracks as well --- some feat for a debut!!!
I have just one more thing to say, I cant wait for Lene's next album!
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on 21 April 2013
Heard the 'sittIng down here' track on Heart radio, love the tune, so got the album. Mostly slower tracks, but she has such a lovely voice. My favourite tracks are, 1,3 and 8, as these are really catchy, but all the rest grow on you.
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on 2 April 2015
This album is amazing like all the other albums by Lene Marlin
I had to buy this, as it is the Japanese version and it has the bonus track (the way We are solo piano version), and different ending versions of
The way we are;
Where I'm headed
One year ago
The songs are in a different order from the various European versions
There are also the lyricks and an article about Lene Marlin in Japanese language
If you are real fans of Lene Marlin you must buy it !! 5 stars of course :)
Lene Marlin should be more popular in Japan :)
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