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on 26 September 2000
If you've heard "Sitting Down Here" and "Unforgiveable Sinner" then don't be fooled into thinking the rest of the album is musically similar - it's not. This is a great "curl-up and listen to" album and it's refreshing to hear tuneful melodies and story-telling lyrics from someone so young. Lene is undoubtedly a very talented young musician and she has delivered a stunning debut album. Go on........ buy it!
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on 1 January 2013
Love this album, I still have it on my mp3 player even now and listen to the songs when I need to chill out or need a little de-stressing.
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on 18 September 2006
This has to be one album that's got me started on music that's softer than a lot of the racket I've been into in previous years. I heard "Sitting Down Here" on the radio recently, and remembering Lene Marlin from back in 2001 or so, I eventually bought the album. One of the first things I noticed about the album was Lene's voice - if anyone finds one single dud note on this, please let me know! And not only is her voice practically flawless, it is also breathtakingly beautiful. The brilliant "Playing My Game", "Flown Away" and "The Way We Are" have removed any worries I had about this album being to pop-inspired for my harder music tastes. Lene is up there with the best female vocalists I've heard during my life.

Another feather in her cap is that she wrote all this stuff herself - not too bad going, I'd say. I took one star off here because the album does admittedly have its weaker tracks ("So I See", for instance), but still a cracking debut! Maybe I'll have to look into Lene's other work at some point...

"Falling down from a mountain of frights, it's there to hold on to"
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on 31 August 2001
This is a pretty unique album. Usually you hear one or two songs in the charts by a particular group/singer and think they are excellent. Then you buy the album and the rest of the songs are naff. This album is different, every single song on it is superb. In fact the songs that have been released are not the best. If you haven't yet bought this album do it now.
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on 11 March 2002
This album is probably best to listen to alone, so no one sees the tears.
There isn't much to say beyond what's already been said. Yes, Lene Marlin has a rare, beautiful voice. Yes, she is gorgeous (see the cover pictures). And she wrote every song on this album herself. So they come from the heart, which comes across as a truly broken one.
The sadness in the songs - which reminds me so much of the sadness in the poems of A. E. Housman - is there from the beginning, in the catchy 'Sitting Down Here'. But if you're hoping for a few rays of sunshine to brighten the gloom, do not buy this album. For Marlin has written what few others would dare to write: an album whose theme of profound unhappiness - the pain of loss, the lack of success in the love stakes - has not been made lighter and less sincere by the addition of falsely upbeat songs. Don't get me wrong, you won't feel like slitting your wrists after listening to this album - I only bought it this afternoon and listened to it from start to finish - but you will need to cure yourself of a pain in the stomach - brought on by the sheer power of the songs.
Most people know the singles 'Sitting Down Here' and 'Unforgivable Sinner' (although the latter was sorely underrated in the UK), but few will be familiar with the beauty of 'Flown Away' or 'Maybe I'll Go'.
If Lene Marlin never writes another word, another bar of music, we shall always have this. And it should always be there.
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on 9 February 2001
I bought this album almost a year ago now, and it hasn't been off my stereo since! This is simply fantastic- words can't say how much I love Playing My Game. It seemed like a weird mixture of songs the first time I listened to it- I bought it on the strength of the rather poppy single Sitting Down Here and my memory of a song I heard in Europe 6 months earlier called Unforgivable Sinner, which stayed rooted in my head despite not hearing it at all for months.. when Lene's name appeared on the radio in February 2000 I recognised it and was ecstatic. However, what really made me spend my cash was the fantastic acoustic version of the title track on the b-side. I have never heard a song that made my spine tingle on first listening before. The album is divided between upbeat acoustic pop a la Sitting Down Here, and stunning ballads like Playing My Game. The difference between these at first is massive, but Lene's songwriting stands out over all the songs, pulling them together. As a result, I can listen to this hour after hour without needing to skip tracks at all. There's no way to explain how good this is without experiencing it yourself.. just buy, whatever style you like and you'll be a convert... I have only one problem.. when's the next one out?!
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on 11 March 2003
It has been nearly 3 years since this album was released in the UK, I remember it well: I remember buying this CD, and when it came to listening to it, I just thought "wow!". The album starts with the quite postive sounding Sitting Down Here but dont be fooled by the happy guitar strumming, Lene sings about getting revenge!! I bought the album on the strength of that song, and was very happy to hear every other song on the album. Lene's songs are open to interpretation, as shes never said what they mean to her, so along with great songs to listen to, you can also wonder what you think each song is about!
I personally adore the title track of this album "Playing my Game" it is a song that has grown on me over all the (many) listens of this CD. As well as Lene's versatile voice, this album also shows her talents as song writer of every track and arranger on afew tracks as well --- some feat for a debut!!!
I have just one more thing to say, I cant wait for Lene's next album!
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on 8 December 2002
After buying this album, I have one question to ask. Why did I not buy this earlier? Lene's album is extremely good, but you can't judge it by the released singles, as there are many slower songs included- which are beautiful, but not of the same type as Unforgivable Sinner, for example, which I have to say never got played half as much as it deserved.
The album is a collection of upbeat songs, and ballads, both of which bring out the best of Lene's voice. The lyrics are well written, as in so many albums the lyrics are not up to the quality of the songs, but in this album they compliment them perfectly.
This is such a beautiful collection of songs, there is not of them that I dislike in any way and all of them have grown on me, so that I am totally glad that I bought the album, although I have to say again that I wish I had bought it earlier!
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on 13 December 2000
Being a 22 year old who is normally into Punk and Metal, I was very sceptical as to how this kind of music would appeal to me, however, after hearing the first two singles I had an underlying feeling that this would surpass all my expectations. My instinct was proved right. From the start, Lene's sweet and instantly appealing vocals, combined with beautiful melodies and fine production are evident, and this remains throughout the entire album. To say that this album is great is an understatement. All ten of the songs border on perfection and there are no weak spots at all. Since buying the album , I have become a hardened fan and I would encourage anyone with any interest in music to buy this right away. Put simply, Lene Marlin is a fantastic talent (very attractive too), and this album is among my best. Buy it now!!!
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on 28 August 2008
I bought this album just out of curiosity after hearing her Sitting down here track. Lene is just amazing her voice is so beautiful and you can't help but fall in love with her vocals. She sings totally from the heart and it really shows in many of the tracks. It's hard to pick favourites but the top outstanding songs are Where i'm Headed, (Has a gorgeous bass track which is one of the best i've ever heard), the haunting Maybe i'll go and Flown away are very emotionally powerful songs. You really get a feel for what was going though her mind when she wrote them.

This album has a lot of replay value and is a very worthwhile purchase, Lene is one of the most underrated singers ever, she has pure talent and it shows in every song.
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