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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 31 January 2009
This is the best Saxon album since Rock the Nations. A real return to form from one of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal's original gods.

The album also sees Saxon spreading their wings. 'Battalions of Steel' could be a cross between Hammerfall and Nightwish, while 'Coming Home' sees Biff and co. discovering their blues roots for a Southern-tinged ballad.

My only complaint is that there are a few too many fillers. I removed 'Live to Rock', 'Crime of Passion', 'Protect Yourselves' and 'Hellcat' from my playlist and am now left with an almost perfect metal album.

No metalhead should be without this one.
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on 19 January 2009
The CD has some classic Saxon moments. Battalions of Steel is a great opener (even if I did think Id bought a Within Temptation CD when the choir kicked in!) and Slow Lane Blues could almost be a sequel to Strong Arm Of The Law. Live to Rock & Valley Of The Kings are other great tracks but there are a few dodgy moments especially Hellcat. Its listed as a 14 track CD but 2 tracks are 40 seconds long and are really introductions to the songs that follow. Its still a strong Saxon album and fans would not be disappointed.

The booklet with the CD shows each member of the band seemingly realising their acting ambitions. Biff is Indiana Jones, Nigel Glockler is Biggles, Paul Quinn is a hitchhiker (Hasn't quite got the hand signal right) , Nibbs Carter seems to be stewing over his shopping list and only Doug Scarrett knows who Doug Scarrett is supposed to be!!

For the DVD content I can hear the sound of a barrel being scraped. "Perceval starring Biff Byford" is a 20 minute Italian mini movie with English subtitles. Biff is unrecognisable looking more like Merlin than King Arthur and is on screen for about 2 minutes total. Its funny to hear Italian spoken with a Yorkshire accent but everyone looks and sounds incredibly bored. Its all very sombre so having Saxons Never Surrender over the end credits seems totally out of place

The next item is a 36 minute German documentary about a lighting Engineer and its as exciting as it sounds. There are a couple of token short clips of the band live and its interesting to see how big a show they put on in Germany. Someone has also been playing games with the subtitles ("When are you gonad to be finished with that"). Its directed by someone called Christian Rapp who seems to want to be known as "Crap." Probably sums up the documentary to be honest.

The third and final item is a 15 minute interview with Biff which is audio only so you end up staring at the menu screen while listening to Biff talk through the CD track by Track. He also states that the next Saxon release will be a CD of old tracks given the acoustic or classical treatment. Cant really see that being a big hit.
I cant imagine many people playing this DVD more than once.

All in all it's a 4.5 CD but as a digipack it's a 3. Go for the cheaper CD only optio
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on 16 February 2009
Just brilliant, it is good to hear Saxon back where they belong - at the top.
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on 28 March 2016
was well received as the present and with the condition
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on 2 March 2016
Excellent purchase
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on 19 January 2009
Like Motorhead? Like Maiden? You'll like this. Uncomplicated but solid metal that is easy to get into and enjoy time and time again.

Put it on in the car and forget the miserable weather and the traffic jams and enjoy some Saxon!
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on 25 June 2011
I like Saxon since when I was lent 'Destiny' cassette by a friend to listen to. I liked the album so much that later I bought the CD for my best CD collections. It's one of my favourite albums of all time. They already did many albums. I bought another two - 'Rock The Nations' and 'A Collection Of Metal'. Typical British metal. Then in 2009, I got 'Into The Labyrinth' upon its release. At first I did not like it. Maybe music is mood. The latest 2011's 'Call To Arms', hit me heavy and I went back to looking in the shelf for Labyrinth. And I tell you these two are the albums that prove Saxon still rocks. Heavy riffs, good voice, good lyrics. Typical Saxon. Rock 'N' Roll \,,/,
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on 28 January 2009
Hark; I hear the sound of distant Gregorian chants, the tolling of a bell, a call to ride valiantly into battle - swords held high...Rejoice...it must be a new Saxon album! And indeed it is. Yes, Saxon are back once more, with another incredibly strong album to add to their list of recent releases. It's not as full on heavy metal as Lionheart was, and it's not as Euro-power metal as Inner Sanctum, it's kind of somewhere in between. The tracks flit to an extent between the two camps. Where you'll have a full on track like Sweeney Todd, it'll be followed by the more anthemic Valley of the Kings. Crime of Passion is packed with thrashy riffs, and then comes the power metal of Voice. To my mind, the mix works really well. Then there's a track like Slow Lane Blues which must be a new classic in the making. Or the closing Coming Home which is miles better than I ever hoped to imagine. I'm not a fan of bands re-recording their own material, and Coming Home was only released in it's own right a few years ago. But the guitars on this track are amazing. In fact, the level of musicianship throughout this album is absolutely top drawer.

Will this album pull in any new fans? Maybe not. But if you've been a fan in the past, and let Saxon pass you by for the last decade or so, then this is a brilliant introduction to the sort of thing you've been missing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 February 2009
interesting disc,i approached with trepidation as i have to be honest after the class of lion heart i wasnt that impressed with inner sanctum,so it with great relief that i thoroughly enjoyed this album. As per usual biff wraps his lungs round some meaty subjects Battalions of steel/valley of the kings continuing the tradition of mythical and historical subjects to sing about,we also get the standard rockers live to rock/'rock of ages and slow lane blues all guaranteed to make you smile,fillers like sweeny todd and hellcat are still better than average and should be enjoyed not over analysed as some reviewers tend to do,Voice is another attempt at the power ballad and is done well but biff should realise he peaked with suzie hold on and nightmare and the radio wont play it any way,many reviewers online and in print have compared individual tracks to other bands and sure if you listen hard enough you can reference nightwish/manowar/priest/maiden/ac-dc and metallica but that missing the point,saxon music is to be enjoyed with asmile on your face,your feet tapping and yer head shaking,just enjoy this great band and go and see them in april on the uk tour,you wont be disapointed.All in all this is a fine album which sees saxon continue as the uk 's most underrated metal band.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 January 2009
'Into The Labyrinth' is a solid but unspectacular album. While it will almost certainly satisfy the bands long term fans, it is not strong enough to convert any 'unbelievers' and there are no truly outstanding songs.

The album sees Biff and the boys mixing the old with the new in places to. Opener 'Battalions Of Steel' and 'Valley Of The Kings' are more powermetal in the shape of Dragonforce or Nightwish than traditional Saxon but with some of the bands trademarks also included. The mixture works fairly well but neither song is really strong enough to really 'rock your socks off'. 'Live To Rock' meanwhile sounds as much like Saxon doing an AC/DC song as it does AC/DC doing a Saxon song! It's typical of a lot of the bands earlier more 'Heavy Metal' tracks, complete with predictable lyrics and repetitive chorus towards the end, but it is a good old fashioned rock n' roll number and they always go down well, don't they?

Sadly, there are a few very average songs on this album to. 'Hellcat' (probably the weakest track on show here) 'Slow Lane Blues' (lyrically VERY banal) 'Sweeney Todd' (the band work hard but the song lacks natural rhythum) and 'Voice' are all pretty mediocre offerings. 'Protect Yourself' and 'Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete) do lift the standard but, as I have said before, never to the bands earlier dizzy heights ('Wheels Of Steel', 'Power And The Glory', 'Never Surrender' etc.

Final track 'Coming Home (Bottleneck Version)' is a more acoustic blues song. While it is a refreshing departure, Biff doesn't seem so at home singing in this way and the track is only a partial success. The musicianship on this album however IS top drawer and there are some classic era Saxon guitar solo's but all in all it's a 6 or 7 (if your a big fan) album.

As for the extra DVD...

It features a 20 minute film where Biff plays the part of 'King Arthur'. Not sure if this was Biff's acting debut or not but he does o.k. Problem with the film however is that it is all in a foreign language! While there are subtitles, it doesn't help your enjoyment and the film is a bit hard to follow in places (less so I suppose if you are up with the tale of King Arthur already). Another video follows (also in a foreign language) and there is also a sound only 'interview' (Actually just Biff chatting away at you - not being interviewed) with Biff in which he tells you about the making of the album etc.

Like the album, the DVD will probably be of interest to hardcore fans but it's not the kind of thing I will be watching a lot!

A definite 6 out of 10 all round.
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