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on 29 May 2012
First off-it is a fabulous piece of equipment. The oven heats up in less than 5 minutes and the temperature is always reliable. It cooks fantastic cakes, yorkshire puddings, etc on the cook function. The steamer is excellent. The microwave bit is as good as any microwave, and the crisp function is just brilliant. You can cook a whole chicken on the crisp function in an hour, done perfectly and beautifully moist.It can also do things like hash browns, onion rings, chicken nuggets, fishfingers, anything you would normally grill or fry on the crisp plate fat free. Pizzas can be cooked or reheated on the crisp plate after heating the plate for 3 minutes. No pre-heating ovens for ages for 10 minutes of cooking. I bought a specialist cookbook from NZ to get the most out of all the functions and it was definitely worth it to learn how to use it. I have used my main oven far less, and have come to rely on the jetchef for so much it is hard to live without it.
BUT after 9 months the display started to fade out when it got hot. And now that it is 2 months over the warranty it has died completely! It is such an expensive machine that it is a hard decision to make-repair at some extortionate cost, replace at even more expense, or settle for a lesser machine when I have enjoyed this one so much.
So I really don't know where to put it on the star rating. It really depends whether my experience of it giving up so soon is typical or whether I am unlucky.
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on 22 April 2010
Not an over statement, was after a better, more useful microwave, and this is it. The different cooking options have changed the way I cook completely, It's great for steaming veg or fish, also reheats food safely with the 6th sense technology. yes it is bulky, but with what it gives in versatility, i wouldnt hesitate in buying another in the future, plus it's help cut down energy usage, by using a smaller oven. :)
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on 27 September 2012
I bought this microwave cooker one year ago along with an extended guarantee and for the first nine months was a delighted buyer.However, three months ago the door catch broke. It was collected for repair but was delivered back to me damaged. The problem is that it has still not been returned to me. I have made lots of telephone calls to Whirlpool but I am still awaiting a decision on a new replacement .Apparently spares are not available. Please be aware that Whirlpool use an independent firm to carry out repairs. Due to the problems I am experiencing I cannot recommend Whirlpool due to terrible customer service.
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on 12 August 2010
I bought this microwave back in march and found it to be a brilliant machine that does everything that I want. However the other day it ceased to function as a microwave. So why five stars then?
When I contacted Whirlpool they were very good and replaced the item the next day before 9am no Quibbles, which is more than I could say for some other well known brands who try to blame the customer before replacements are sent after many days of argument.
So well done amazon for selling such a great item and a particular well done and thanks to Whirlpool for good customer service.
After all, sometimes things go wrong but its what you do to put it right that sets you apart from the crowd.

UPDATE, the microwave failed just after its second birthday so I can not recommend this item any longer
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on 3 January 2014
I agree with every positive review given for the JT369, fantastic time saver as well. I don't have very much space in my kitchen but this fitted in very well.

After spending time on 'hit and miss' cooking as there are no specific time and food charts i spent hours searching Amazon the Whirlpool and other sites that sell this model and eventually managed to get a Jet Chef 369 Cook Chart, i assume it should work with other models of this type.

When i first bought this MW my mind boggled at the instructions that came with it, absolutely confusing and no help to me at all.

I've uploaded a Jet Chef cooking chart, it gives Type of food, Amount, Settings and hints for Grilling, Crisping, Steaming, Roasting, Convection, Reheating etc. to Megashares, it's a small pdf 1mb download and you don't need an account there as small files you can download for free. Jet Chef chart.pdf

EDIT: I've managed to find some pdf files to download from the Whirlpool New Zealand site.

VT266 and the GT series are the ones that give the best and easiest to understand, even tells you the times and settings for bacon and eggs! which are not given with the JT369. I've used the times and settings given with quite a few of the recipes and they work for the JT369

The Joy Peel Whirlpool crispngrill (she demonstrates them for Whirlpool NZ) cookery book seems to be only obtainable from NZ. [...]. Book plus postage to UK totals £25.46. Worth every penny!

I hope this helps prospective and recent buyers of the machines!
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on 24 March 2013
I must admit this is not the first Whirlpool Jet Chef I've had. I got the first one after a moderate fire in my grill and wanted something that would switch off automatically like an electric kettle.

It turned out that this is not a microwave for just quickly defrosting; grilling or reheating food. It is an outstanding product that crisps; combination grills; roasts and steams as well.

I can understand how mind boggling the operation can seem. Even this model has sent me scrabbling for the instruction book. Don't take the timings as gospel, like much in cooking there is an element of trial and error, microwave power and cooking times are important variables. It is better to check the progress before the food is overdone or give it a stir. I hardly ever use my conventional oven any more and never use the grill as the crisp plate cooks food so much better and far easier. Frozen breaded fish; pita bread and pizza comes out crisp and moist. The steaming function is a revelation too. It is another one of the many semi automatic utilities that cook to a tee.

Set aside some time to read the operating instructions and getting to know the machine and you will be well rewarded with much more than just a standard microwave!

My only word of warning is that it is very heavy; it's not easy to unpack and may not travel well...
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on 10 September 2013
I was a little dubious about buying this product, especially as reviews stated that it was not user friendly! I have used every function & find it efficient and fairly simple to use. I agree the recipe book is appalling considering all the functions and cost of the microwave. I did, however, order a recipe book from NZ, by joy peel, whirlpool crisp n' grill microwave recipes. I have cooked several meals using the crisp function & combination micro/grill which have proved to be very tasty. I use normal recipes books now & they turn out fine. I feel the success I have is really due to just experimenting. When I first used the crisp function I always heated the tray for about 3 mins, I used low cal spray oil, then would only cook meat a couple of minutes, then turn food over, then cook for another couple of minutes. I kept repeating this until food was cooked to my liking. Due to experience I can gauge the cooking times now. Do persevere the results are worth it.
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on 9 August 2010
Whirlpool instructions are absolutely dreadful! I have tried a few experiments with the Crisp feature. No instruction other than 18-22 mins for 1 KG of Pork Chops. I DON'T WANT TO COOK THAT QUANTITY. Consequently, the chop was originally given 6 minutes, No, not enough, I'll give it another 3 minutes, methinks. Crispy? No. Tasty, it was and very moist, but NOT crispy. I followed the instuctions, honest! The 6th Sense, however, really easy one touch, well 2 touch operation. The video DVD with a so called chef is practically useless. I was put off with the chef speaking in Italian with an English over-dub. The recipes are sparse and no basic examples. I've only had this machine 3 days and I'm frustrated. The way it was described, the machine would practically help you eat the food after it had cooked it! I suppose I'll have to take a few days off work to work it all out. It's probably excellent, but the icons on the buttons are small and indestinct. Not for the likes of me with dodgy eyesight! Forget the registration card that's impossible. Although not mentioned, well not in large enough text, there is a website and you can register on there. Thank goodness. Whirlpool, please publish a recipe book for this machine inluding basic recipes we can all practice on to find out what the machine actually does!
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on 1 July 2013
We bought this item in November 2011 and it was fine. The instruction booklet wasn't very good but I managed to work out what to do, most of the time! But, in July 2012 it stopped working-the magnetron failed. I won't go into the hassle we had getting it repaired-it had to be sent away twice-but when it came back it was working. Yesterday, it broke again- same symptons as before only now, of course, it's outside the guarantee! This appliance cost almost £250 - we bought it on the back of the Which recommendation. I am appalled that such an expensive item should have broken down twice in 19 months- and believe me when I say it didn't get heavy or constant usage. Whirlpool have basically said tough, because we didn't take out the extended warranty. I say, they have no right charging so much for a faulty appliance. If I'd wanted an item that would only last a short time, I'd have paid £30 for one from Argos. I have written a stiff email to them but don't hold out much hope of getting a satisfactory response. If I do, I'll review this review! Be warned, this microwave is not worth the money!

I said I'd update if I got a satisfactory response. Well, I didn't get that from Whirlpool- after several semi-illiterate emails from their Customer Services (hah!) department, I was finally told that I should be dealing with Amazon! I suppose I should have known that but I didn't and it took Whirlpool over a week to tell me. In the meantime, they were refusing to even look at the microwave unless I paid a hefty call out fee and falling back on the 'it's out of warranty'excuse. But back to Amazon- I called them and was told I would get a full refund, without having to prove that it had broken down twice. It was collected from us the following day and within 3 days, we were refunded in full. I couldn't believe how easy it was. So well done Amazon, and shame on Whirlpool for selling such a defective product.
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on 28 April 2012
To describe this product as a microwave is a gross understatement; it defrosts, cooks, grills, roasts, steams, and it can be also be used as a microwave. As classically trained chef I never considered a microwave for anything but to quickly defrost or reheat food.

Whirlpool has changed all that, I rarely use my conventional oven any more as this microwave preps and cooks food so much better and far easier. A reheated pizza comes out as crisp and as moist as when I freshly cooked it

Set aside some time to read the operating instructions and getting to know the numerous functions and you will be well rewarded with much, much more than just a microwave
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