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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2009
A great game that is unlike everything in your Wii games collection, except for Trauma Centre: Second Opinion of course (New Blood's predecessor). This game improves many aspects of Second Opinion and adds to it co-operative play, so you and a friend can assist each other during operations.

Although the arcade-style gameplay is largely unchanged from the last Trauma Centre game, there are enough changes and improvements for you to feel like you have got your moneys worth.

It is worth noting too that the difficulty of this game and it's predecessor can be frustrating. But with time you'll be fitting pacemakers, reconstructing bones and fighting off deadly viruses without breaking a sweat.

Buy this game if you feel you need some more variety in your games collection. Or if you want to pretend to be a surgeon.
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on 15 March 2009
As i have owned the first game and can honestly say this game is just as good as second opinion. it has better graphics and liek the other erview states the people actually talk.
The operations have been taken to a new level
And even though it is simulaar to the original
it doe not dissapoint. I am 12 and i love it
Great game!
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on 12 March 2009
Excellent game, If you like Trauma Centre second opinion then you will love this, Bought it for my daughter and she has raved on about it.
Easy to get going from the box, the 2 player option is great. Not tried the Wifi yet but the option sounds good.
Now at a good price on Amazon.
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on 14 January 2009
I previously owned Trauma Center - Second Opinion, and sold it soon after finishing. It wasn't a bad game, really. Using the Wiimote in new ways and performing the electronic version of "Operation" was very entertaining. The storyline was very cheap and hackneyed, and the odd voice acting and non-fmv animation was overly long and intrusive. The surgeries themselves were very good, and removing bone fragments and pulling glass out of people's hearts was quite engaging. Things took a turn for the worse when "GUILT" showed up. GUILT was the main adversary in the game - an engineered pathogen that resided in the bodies of patients and had to be removed. All of which is ok, except that GUILT is a couple of inches across or more, and swims around under the surface of organs - dumb. How to kill it? Shoot it with the surgical laser, a bit like an arcade shooting game.

So it was with reluctance I bought this sequel. It was going very cheap (thank you recession) at a toy store, and I picked it up. It started out well, with the normal everyday surgeries I really enjoyed in the last game. Tumour excision, pulling a bullet out of a heart, etc. Then, your sometime mentor, a Professor Wilkens, announces that he is sick with "Stigma". Uh-oh. My worst fears were realized as, sure enough, a small swimming pathogen about 2 inches across had to be shot with a surgical laser.

The Stigma gameplay worsens, as did the GUILT gameplay, as the pathogen changes forms and requires a slightly different method of shooting or cutting with a scalpel. It's a series of very similar mini-games, really, with increasing difficulty as the games winds on. The story isn't enough to keep you entertained, and its really very hard to keep coming back to this. The occasional normal surgery in the midst of the mini-game style surgeries is an oasis of entertainment, in a game that leaves you otherwise very thirsty. There is another niggling issue too: talking during the operation. It may be hard to remember the exact procedure for a given operation, but the nurse reminds you of what needs to be done. This is fine, but to move past her current sentence when she's finished speaking, you need to press the A button. Press it twice inadvertently, and you could jab the patient in the spleen with your scalpel, and poof - an otherwise perfect surgery score ruined. In a game where your actions are rated cool, good, ok, bad and miss, a miss you shouldn't have made is quite frustrating.

Is this game worth owning? You could probably get Second Opinion cheaper, and except for the co-op mode (none of my mates want to play it anyway) and the heart-massage technique, which is actually kind of cool but way overused, its virtually identical. The normal surgery components of the game are the only surgery sim going, even though they are quite unrealistic. So until someone actually fills the realistic surgery sim niche, this is all we have.
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on 1 May 2013
I played this game in two player mode, and found it quite enjoyable, well worth the low price. Although you only have a certain number of tools available for use, the operations are all different enough to keep the game engaging and enjoyable.

There are a large number of different operations, the game is not low on content. You get rated on how well you did on each operation, so trying to get a better rating gives the game some replay value.

I think the story aspect does add something to the game, and makes it more interesting than just doing a series of operations.

Given that the game was produced by Atlus, I was really hoping to see a Snowbow Kids reference in there somewhere. Sadly I don't think there is.
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on 1 February 2009
Whilst this is the fourth game in the series technically (if you consider second opinion a game in its own right) it is NOT a sequal or a remake.
The game opens with Dr Markus Vaughn and Dr Valerie Blaylock in a small Alaskan hospital. These two are new characters in the series and they both have their own pasts and stories which are interwoven with the main. The game basically follows their progression as they are transferred from hospital to hospital curing diseases until they become members of Caduceus (a hospital for treating incurable diseases) to battle against Stigma, a deadly new pathogen. Essentially, the story is what makes this game with plenty of decent twists and turns.
The gameplay is what sets this apart. You'll use the nunchuck to select the tool and the remote to use it appropriately. Tools range from lasers to medical gels whilst treatments include suturing (stitching) mending bones, carrying out transplants, inserting new equipment into the body (like a pacemaker) and of course dealing with tumours and stigma. As a result, you can see that the game has not really progressed very far in terms of gameplay. Stigma feels like guilt from previous entries although the way you deal with them is slightly different. There is some variety though thankfully including the chance to perform brain surgery and the chance to operate on a dog. These are minimal though and feel more like an opportunity to break up the routine more than anything.
The healing touch is also back, slowing things down when you need it and thankfully, there is a choice of difficulty so that anyone can play the game. Welcome changes are the use of uploading your scores to see where you rank for each operation and a new two player mode. However, these are minimal changes.
So what's annoying? The vocabulary is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT. I have a masters in child psychology and yet there were many medical terms that are not explained which are thrown in here and there. Perhaps they were used for dramatic affect, but it left me clueless as to the significance of some information given. The other is that essentially, changes are limited. I would have liked to see more changes and the third was the use of voice over. I preferred it when they didn't speak, but this is probably more of a preference than anything else.
For newcomers to the game who are interested, this is a great game, but for people who have played the series before, this is just more of the same. Make up your own mind.
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on 14 June 2013
As I expected. A fun puzzle game that improves your reflexes, with a nice story and good characters. It's a bit like playing in an episode of ER. The only problem is that the control system is not as accurate as it should be.
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on 22 January 2009
Well, I didnt play the first one because it was only a remake of the original on DS but this sequel its a great game in my opinion, controls are almost perfect, they work way better than the game on DS, the game is challenging even on easy mode, characters and story are interesting and engaging, and sound its just allright, good voice acting. Not great graphics but dont need to.
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on 25 May 2009
The game runs smooth. Operations are more varied and the COOP mode is a lot of fun with 2 players! Challenging yourself to improve on each operation is pretty addictive. Overall: A great game is you love the OR - setting theme.
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on 2 January 2013
Great little game for the budding doctors or nurse's out their.

Great fun to play and easy understand and follow.

And there is a 2nd game once you master this one
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