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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2010
As someone who has always bought Belkin networking hardware there was only ever going to be one manufacturer I was going to use when I needed to upgrade. As I wanted to futureproof myself from the ever increasing broadband speeds, I decided to buy the Belkin Wireless N USB Adapter to go with my new Wireless N router. As I had previously bought 2 of the Belkin Wireless G adaptors in the past, I knew what I would be getting in terms of quality.

--Whats in the box--

On opening the box, there were no real surprises, everything looked identical to the Wireless G version of this product. There was the USB adapter, a stand which would allow you to place the adapter on your desk if you didnt want to have it plugged directly into the back of your PC, the antenna, a quick installation guide and a CD which contained the drivers and a full manual.


On reading the quick installation guide, it was apparent that the software had to be installed before the adapter was plugged in. The reason for this was because, when the hardware was detected, the software would be available to complete a trouble free install. Installing the software was straightforward. There was a limited number of standard questions, such as install location and the wizard was happy to carry on unattended. Fortunately this product comes with drivers for Windows 7. The old G model never had these and you needed to play around a bit to get the software to install in Vista compatability mode.

Once the software was installed, it was time to plug in the USB adapter. This is the same as plugging in any other USB device such as a digital camera. As mentioned in the previous section, you can either plug the adapter directly into a free USB port or you can plug the stand into the USB port and then connect the adapter to the stand. This was my preferred method as it gives you more scope for moving the adapter around to get a better signal.


If you have no encryption on the router, you are ready to surf, though this is not recommended. If you have encryption on the router, open up the Wireless software on your PC and select the encryption mode you are using and enter the pass key. The software has improved greatly from the older versions and now, entering the pass key information is very simple that no real IT knowledge is required. I would recommend the WPA or WPA2 keys as these are the strongest available. Whichever one you choose will be dependant on which technologies your router supports.


I have had no problems with this adapter, although I am not seeing any notciable speed increases when browsing the net (due to my connection still being under 50Mb), I am seeing great speed increases when copying files internally over the network between computers. Occasionally the signal will drop down to a low level but it has never cut out completely. Once the initial setup has been done, there is no need to worry about the adapter, it will look after itself and connect to the router once it has been switched on. If you are experiencing a poor signal though, all you need do is to experiment by putting the adaper in different places. For best results, try to make sure that the USB adaptor is at a higher level than the wireless router as the signal is at its strongest when it is transmitted upwards.


This adapter is no different in looks and quality to the Wireless G versin. It looks after itself and has proved to be very reliable. Setting up the security key is now more straightforward than ever before and after that, there is really nothing else to do. This product will work perfectly well with any Wireless N router although I am using it with the Belkin F5D8636 Wireless N router.

I would highly recommend this wireless adapter to anyone who needs a wireless connection from their PC and doesn't have an in-built wireless antenna.
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on 7 October 2009
Arrived well within time. I have a desktop computer which is not wireless enabled. It operates Windows XP. I also recently purchased a laptop which operates with Windows Vista. It is wireless enabled and I use a G+ Router to connect the laptop to the Internet, my desktop and printer. As I intend to move my desktop to another room I decided to invest in a Wireless Adapter for it. Having read various reviews on Amazon, I decided to purchase the Belkin N model. I followed the instructions and had everything up an running within 30mins without any hitches. It has given me no problems since its installation, with the laptop and desktop now both operating wirelessly.
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on 21 July 2009
I have recently moved back to BT for internet access and this was a wireless product that was recommended and as the reviews were good, I thought I would try it out.
Set up was very easy indeed, just inserted the supplied disk, down loaded the required software and then started the programme added all the details of the BT hub and I was connected within about 15 minutes.
For me an excellent purchase and so far the connection / download speed has been good also !
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on 11 July 2009
This product would have been perfect for me if i did not have other products which relied on a wireless connection, the problem is that i have 3 other pc's in the house and a ps3. From the day i had this wirelss adaptor i found that if i wanted to u se any other computer i would have to reset my router after the use of the computer with this adaptor. I returned this product and opted for the cheaper G belin adaptor and found that this problem occures with this adaptor too, just not everytime.

Ithink that i decided to go for the N adaptor originally because i thought "bigger range, better signal?" which i guess is correct, i did find the prouct easy to install and unlike the BT wireless adaptors i had, i have heard no stories of belkin adaptors burning out. This is the reason i have kept my G belkin adaptor and if there was no inteference to other devices i would have kept the N and given this rating 5 stars.
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on 26 April 2010
My old Belkin G+ wireless adapter decided to die on me last week (it has been used everyday for the last 3-4 years and in the end I think it just got too much and overheated) so I decided to 'upgrade' by purchasing an N speed one. The installation was extremely simple (my PC runs Vista) and you do not need to run the Belkin software utility if you prefer Windows to monitor the connection as I do. I simply plugged into my USB hub, Windows asked for the CD to install the drivers from, the WEP key for my network and there we go. Reconnected once again! In case anyone is wondering, I have BT Broadband and have not experienced any problems in the first few days of using the adapter. It is much, much quicker than my old G+ model and I would recommend it to anyone.

I looked around on different websites and found Amazon to be the cheapest price for this particular model so I'd suggest buying from here over anywhere else where it seems to be priced between £35-£40.
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on 30 December 2011
No trouble at all in installing. Plug the device into a USB port, after a short while a mesage pops up showing it has been recognised. It will then show you a list of available wifi APs. The security key is entered via a on-screen keyboard. Shortly afterwards you have a connection. A few moments after that you should be able to see the available network shares (in my case a PC and a stand-alone ethernet-connected hard disk).
You do not need to buy the expensive Samsung product!
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on 2 February 2012
It's a pretty good wireless adapter for the price I paid! Couldn't ask for more.

Installation was a breeze. Pretty much run the setup (I used the latest drivers instead of the disc) and in 2 seconds it was done (also, I have an SSD, so might be slower on an HDD).

Fits snug at the back of my desktop, however I would recommend placing it away from other USB ports, just so it leaves enough room to insert other devices since the adapter is a tiny bit wide, but not to wide.

Signal quality is excellent, I have my desktop upstairs and my router is downstairs, and I still have full signal bars, haven't seen them drop. Yet.

Overall I really like this adapter, and I would recommend this to anyone who has their desktop/laptop quite a fair distance away from their router.
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Nice to see that these things are finally as functionally straightforward and easy to install as they should have been years ago. It used to be hit and miss whether the device would be there on bootup, and whether it would manage to autoconnect. That was my experience anyway. But thankfully not anymore.

Lack of an accompanying driver disk was no problem to me, as I was upgrading an existing internet connection through which I could download the relevant drivers from the Belkin web site. Can imagine though that it could seriously stymie someone setting up a connection for the first time. Also glad I remembered that you need to look at the very, very, very tiny version number on the adapter's label to determine which of the various available drivers you need to download.

So, OK for grizzled veterans, but could bamboozle the newbie.
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on 25 April 2010
bought this on the off-chance that I would get it working with my Western Digital live TV box. It wasn't listed as a compatible adapter. To start with it wouldn't detect but a couple of firmware updates later on the WD and it's all good. I'm not really pushing the range as the wireless access point is in the next room but performance is v.good- I can now stream high def content which wasn't working well using my so called 200Mb powerline ethernet adapters.

delivery was up to Amazon's usual high standard so all in all, would recommend this item to others
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on 10 April 2009
easy to install and use the only issue is that the belkin software some times conflicts with the windows utility but otherwise another quality product from belkin
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