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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Seven Moons
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 5 September 2014
One of the most distinctive singers of the rock era paired with one of its tastiest guitarists. What could go wrong?
In truth, quite a lot - in reality, very little.
I love Jack Bruce, for me he's one of those 'special people' (eg. Ray Davies, John Fogerty, John Sebastian, Glenn Tilbrook...) whose very presence makes me feel good.
It helps that he has one of the most thrilling rock/jazz/blues voices of the last fifty years, still sounding terrific on this collaboration with the mellow guitar of the very fine Robin Trower. (Ignore those who say his voice is shot, I've no idea what they're talking about.)
There's a strong jazz feel to some of the songs, but it's bluesiness that's to the fore on these eleven songs, each giving plenty of room for Bruce's expansive vocals and Trower's moody, sinuous guitar lines. The latter proves as equally effective a partner to JB as Clapton once did.
Bruce's bass playing is of course beyond reproach - the talent of the man! - and the drumming of experienced veteran Gary Husband is subtle enough to complement the other two.
This is one album that could be played loud when you want to kick out the cobwebs, or late at night when you want some roughage with yer blues! I listen to it often, and if I haven't heard it for a while I get withdrawal symptoms - and then it's always so good to hear it once more.

Highly recommended.
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on 7 May 2017
This is such an excellent album it should be in the school curriculum. Robin Trower was highly regarded back in 60s/70s but fell from the public eye - he has never really recovered that stature but his work over the past 10-15 years has been extraordinary - his latest releases especially. But this album is not just Robin Trower - Jack Bruce - sadly now departed - is at his best and Gary Husband are the glue that makes this what it is. Superb.
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on 3 September 2008
i really didnt know what to expect from this. ive always loved trower and consider him to be a VERY under-rated songwriter, and he has made some truly fabulous albums. the last few however havent been up to the fine standards of his glory years (Although the playing, as ever, was exemplary) likewise jack bruce looked dis-interested and unmotivated at the sad cream reunion. the 2 previous albums by these two legendary figures were solid peices of work but very patchy in parts (although there were some great tracks on both)- so, with both men in the twilights of their careers i approached this with caution.

well, to say im speechless is an under-statement! this is truly GREAT album. where to start? well, firstly. THE SOUND. this is a beautifully produced album. rich and dark. every instrument is crystal clear and punchy. its a joy to listen to. likewise, jack sounds inspired and his voice, (something else always a joy to listen to), is as great as it ever was. THE MATERIAL - very, very strong. really excellent songs. some great lyrics here and most importantly, there are some very strange, off-kilter melodies going on, unlike anything trower has done before. at times the songs feel very reminiscent of 'disraeli gears' era cream, at others they veer into sometrhing else entirely. there are territories on here that trower has never explored before and it works wonderfully.its blues, its funk, its jazz, its rock. its all things combined and i really cant praise it enough.

this album should be compulsory listening for all young wannabies forming a band. let these two 60+ year old MASTERS show you where its at! hey, trower and bruce, you pair of old rascals! what do you think youre doing coming up with something so effortlessly brilliant as this at your ages?!!

to all of you out there hesitating at pressing the 'buy' button - dont be! - this , my friends, is pure class
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on 26 January 2008
BLT and Truce (in the early 80's) had some good moments but they were essentially RT and JB acting as session musicians for eash others individual songs. Seven Moons is the real deal, delivered in glorious spades ! It is a complete synergy of two majestic talents, this time firing on all cylinders both musically and lyrically and delivering powerful, somtimes unusual and very memorable songs. I found the album required multiple listening to eventually reach fully into all the multi-layered facets of the songs. Then you realise what a fabulous achievement this is. The playing from all players is stupendous and JB's vocals complement the style of songs perfectly. Wow does Gary Husband like his cymbals, but it works superbly. The title track is just brilliant with quirky lyrics and unusual chord sequences. There are no fillers, every song has its own special features. There's talk of some live work in the summer from this band, now that would be something worth seeing and more to the point - hearing !
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on 11 May 2008
This collaboration works very well and the material is excellent. Trower's playing is first class, pulling out all the stops and using a variety of techniques to wring the most out of what is first-class blues/rock material. Jack Bruce is solid (I have no trouble with his unmistakable vocals) and he has lost none of the old magic. Yes, these guys don't need each other to be stars, but their collaboration means a brighter overall display in the firmament! This is one of those albums that you'll play non-stop for a number of weeks. You'll keep coming back to it. For those who have not heard either artist for a while, then this will come as a very pleasant surprise. For our younger listeners, if you like Wolfmother, you'll love this. Highly recommended.
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on 9 April 2008
Bought this to get my collection a bit more up to date in time for the UK tour - a real nostalgia trip, given that I last saw them on the Victims of the Fury tour!
If you want to buy a Trower album, stick to the 70's would be my advice, unless you have all the classic stuff and still want more. Nothing wrong with the guitar-work here (there never is), but Bruce's vocals are very weak (I sympathise over his health issues, but there you have it) - and anyway, Jimmy Dewar (Lord rest him) was the untoppable complement to Trower's playing.
The songs are a mixed bag too. In summary, caveat emptor - just ask yourself why it's already so cheap s/h.
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on 26 December 2008
Just wanted to say that I think this is the worst that Robin has done in a long time, I don't like Bruce's singing, never have and I think the songs are weak. The only ones I like are track 3 and track 8.

I have been buying Robin's records since 1973 and I have never been this disapointed especially after the brilliant "Living out of time " "Go My Way " and " In the Line of Fire "
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on 6 January 2008
This is the third album from these two legends. Jack of course the man who singlehandedly revolutionized the electric bass as the mastermind and creative force behind one of the greatest bands ever: Cream. Whereas Robin graced the first five classic Procol Harum albums with some fiery, melodic guitar, before he had a revelation hearing Jimi Hendrix, which changed his playingstyle forever. So it's not surprising that this album really is 'Cream meets Hendrix' psychedelic blues at its finest.

It was painfully obvious at the otherwise historic and wonderful Cream-reunion shows in 2005 that Jack -due to cancer and a near-fatal livertransplant - was only a shadow of himself, esecially as vocalist, although he certainly put in a marvelous effort. But here his expressive, emotional and golden voice is back. And his bassplaying solid, inventive and inspired.

Robin shows that few others have grasped not only the sound and tone but also the spirit of Hendrix as deeply and profound as he. The drummer in this powertrio is the brilliant Gary Husband, a long time Bruce-collaborator, who has also played with Allan Holdsworth and John McLaughlin, and here he shines on every track with classic triorockdrumming, rather Mitch Mitchell-like.

The album is more or less recorded live in the studio, the vibes deep and spontaneous. The songs, all written by Bruce and Trower, great. The lyrics for the most part philosophical and spiritual with lines like: "Wanna stay where the light is streaming/ Find the one who's dreaming me".

A must for everyone into psychedelic rock and pure uncommercial, uncompromising MUSIC.
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on 27 November 2015
Robin Trower's playing is as good as ever but the songs are mediocre.
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on 2 October 2015
Amazing album. Guitar, bass/singing & drums, so simple it nearly hurts. The high quality of every songs does the trick. Wish I'd discover this album much earlier. Highly recommended.
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