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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2004
This is by far the best release of Sun material around, surpassing all previous efforts by the mere quality of the sound restoration. Other releases might have been more complete, but listening to "Elvis at Sun" proves more revelatory than all, even fifty years after date.
Groundbreaking, visionary, indispensable.
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on 24 August 2007
This is absolute must have edition and what makes it different from others is the fact that 90% of songs featured here come from older generation master tapes that were hidden in Sam Phillips vaults and were not available before.
Sound is simply amazing, specially when compared to 50's masters or 'Sunrise'.
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on 18 June 2011
Having read earlier reviews, I made sure that I bought the Audio CD version, which is 30p more !

I have versions of the Elvis Sun Collection on both vinyl and cassette tape from long ago.

This CD version seems very clean and pure, with the instrumentals in particular coming across very well, almost as though you are in the recording studio - amazing since we are talking about more than 50 years ago !

My CD has 19 tracks on it and interesting 'liner notes'.

A bargain at this price and a piece of music history - what more could anyone want.
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on 24 October 2010
I love this cd. If I close my eyes I'm transported back to the little Sun studio where history was being made. These early recordings sound uninhibited and experimental and the enjoyment of the musicians is evident. Bill's bass and Scotty's guitar playing create a unique backing sound. I love 'You're a Heartbreaker' and 'Mystery Train'. Some of the songs are 'in progress' others are as they were released. The booklet with the cd contains information about the songs and it was written by Ernst Jorgensen who knows a thing or two. Also there's a nice piece written by Sam Phillips' son Knox. There are some songs that I have heard referred to in the many books I have read but I hadn't come across them on any of the other cds I have e.g Harbor Lights, Milkcow Blues, Good Rockin' Tonight. Others might be on cds you already have e.g. Trying to get to you, I forgot to remember to forget (wonderful lyrics)and Baby Let's Play House. But for the unique moment in history that this cd encapsulates it's an essential addition to any Elvis collection.
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on 25 August 2012
I was born the day Jailhouse Rock was released in the UK, so I was bought up listening to Elvis, I went through my teenage years with Deep Purple and Elvis in my record collection. I have lots of Elvis records then CD's but this is one of my favourites, I'm disabled now so can't get abour alot, but when I got this I have a cd player that plays a stack so I just left it in cos I loved it so very much. The young Elvis was the very best, its even converted my husband into an Elvis fan, until he heard this he couldn't really see why I liked him so much, he said he was OK now he thinks he's great. WOW.
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on 3 February 2012
That was Elvis' reply in 1954 when he was asked who he sang like as he walked into Sun Studios before laying down the first world changing tracks.

And he wasn't kidding. He really didn't sound like anybody.

The tracks 19 year old Presley recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee were mostly blues and country songs he had listened to while growing up in Tupelo and Memphis. But when you compare his versions with the original records, they are DIFFERENT. Elvis revamped and energised those tracks like a demon on fire. They sounded completely NEW and turbo-charged.

There was nothing wrong with the original songs of course but this good looking blue-eyed hyper with a strange magnetic voice injected adrenaline into every syllable. And he did it with just his own battered acoustic guitar, Scotty Moore on electric guitar, Bill Black on stand-up bass, and later, the most basic of drums played by D J Fontana.

And that's it. The fuse was lit and the world's not been the same since - Elvis Presley turned it upside down and set it on fire. Songs like That's All Right Mama, Mystery Train, Good Rockin' Tonight, and an electrifying Tryin' To Get To You still bleed today.

Reviewing each track is pointless but I can state that even though I was many years from being born, I am transported back to the mid 50s with every single track. I can even hear the freight trains and smell the tennessee swamps. It is no overstatement to suggest that music history was rewritten with just these recordings.

If you were forced to throw away your entire CD collection but allowed to keep just one, then this is the one to keep. Because this is:

. music history in the actual making.
. the very beginning of modern day pop and rock.
. the music that kicked down race barriers.
. the man who gave teenagers an identity.
. the man who literally changed American and western culture.

This IS Elvis Presley.
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Birth place of a fusion, as Elvis' early years are recorded in the biog, a mixture of being under and over whelmed as the singer struggled to break free from the shackles of a blanket Biblical conformity- "it don't move me, let's get real gone, and then he put some shuffle into the delivery into Milk Cow Blues. So rock and roll came from a pulse to enact the Dyonisian after the subjugation of the white male to the thralls of religion.

Before Elvis there was schamltzy Christian baptist hymns and ribald working class tunes based upon work and sex but largely these were hidden as the culture of respectability was all pervasive. So we have Elvis crooning songs to cows and hitting the high notes to the pathos of Blue Moon; sung in a sense of despair. Then there are the highlights - Mystery Train

Here he builds up on the template laid down in the segregated shacks; a Reichian orgone revolution, as the waves of sexual repression finally broke free as the South arose again, in a different way. So after "Mystery Train," we have "That's alright Mamma," and "Good Rockin' Tonight". Musical cuts creating the stirrings of a frenzy that was to change the social character of the world.

Here stripped down to a voice and the beat rhythm backing this is musical on a very basic level, all the effects erased in the numerous RCA recordings, with a few additions not on the Sun LP.

After this, he still had to navigate the Southern repressives at Nashville, but slowly the teen euphoria spread along the airwaves as teenagers became born in the 1950's. Well worth a revisitation as the birthplace of everything that came next, a snapshot when rock was still locked into a constant roll.
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on 26 June 2013
Fantastic CD,glad I sent for it some really old stuff on here worth listening to.definitely recommend to all Elvis fans.
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on 23 July 2006
This excellent collection from the Sun Sessions (and it is completely awesome) is not actually an audio CD but a CD-rom featuring some software to help you play it on computers. Well, on Windows PCs as it is not compatible with the Mac or Linux.

It was my understanding that they stopped making this DRM format because it was effectively malware
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on 9 October 2013
It's Elvis at his earliest and in my opinion, at his best.
It is the great Elvis, what's more to say
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