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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 July 2001
This record sees Aerosmith radically step out of the shadow of their two previous albums that were extremely flawed but pointed towards the brilliance that was to come. Toys ... brims full of riffs that will mesmerise and lift the spirits.
Every song on this album is absolute gold but the shiniest gems are Adam's Apple, Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion. Adam's Apple is Steven Tyler's unique re-telling of the classic Bible story, evolution, etc. Only he would have the tongue in cheek audacity to give a subject that has given philosophers and theologians grief for centuries the chorus, "She ate it/Lordy it was love at first bite!". Great music too. Walk This Way ... what a riff ... too good for words really. Sweet Emotion is just a rock classic. A great bass-heavy intro that breaks out into a funky song driven by Joe Perry's fantastic guitar.
No weaknesses. always fresh with every listen, get this album!
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on 6 December 2011
Gritty, sleazy, dirty, powerful & superb!!!.

These guys are totally in the zone on this one, not a single bad track. World class musicianship rips through this album like a bullet train..."Sweet Emotion", "Walk This Way", "Big Ten-Inch Record" , "You See My Crying", " Toys in the Attic", "No More, No More" all top draw, as are " Uncle Salty" & " Round & Round". Joe Perry & Steven Tyler get singled out time and again for praise, but believe me, this is a unit on top of it's game. Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer & Brad Whitford all burn just as brightly.

You can see why Aerosmith catapulted to superstardom after this release. You can also see why so many American rock bands from the '80's have " Borrowed" very heavily from this to springboard their careers.

Simply superb!!!.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2005
One of the all time great rock n roll albums, and probably one of the single sources of inspirations for the birth of sleaze rock in the 1980's that spawned a generation of new classic rock bands, as led by Guns N Roses. Probably best known for the original version of Walk this Way, I would recommend this to anyone into rock of all genres, as every track is a winner.
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on 23 September 2012
Aerosmith at their best? very probably, what cannot be argued about however is that this is undeniably Aerosmith's most interesting album helped due to the heavy blues influence which is a part of the foreground on this album, add to this a layer of upbeat bouncy fun and a bit of cheek. How could you not love this album.

`Toys in the Attic' is a brilliant explosion of bounciness and is a great track to check out if you are unsure of their earlier stuff. The whole album is packed full of groove and punctuated with some brilliantly overdriven leads and that's what you get on all of the tracks not just a few. It is music to move to, to have fun to and from start to finish you won't be able to stop.

Every track on this album is a pure gem worth taking the time to hear and to enjoy tracks like `No More No More' and `Adams Apple' tend to get buried under their latter work, which is a real shame. Even the original version of `Walk This Way' as featured on this album, doesn't get the recognition it deserves, drowned as it is by the updated version featuring Run DMC.

This album is still worth getting today, not just as a piece of history, because it can be enjoyed in a purely dumb way if you are really shy of learning anything. Sometimes really big bands can be drowned under their own singles success, for Aerosmith however you will miss out if you don't delve into their albums because if you take the time to discover you can find tracks that match and even exceed their big hits.

Track List:
Toys in the Attic
Uncle Salty
Adams Apple
Walk This Way
Big Ten Inch Record
Sweet Emotion
No More No More
Round and Round
You See Me Crying
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on 25 March 2007
This is their 3rd album and also the one where America started to sit up and take notice. After a good debut `Aerosmith` and then the slightly better `Get your wings` Toys in the Attic put all the cards face down on the table, to reveal a smouldering,streetwise, schmuk in your face Rock band coming of age. Joe Perry`s guitar work lifting this with some fantastic riffin and wonderful lead breaks, twinned with Brad Whitford`s dual guitaring. Tom Hamilton holding it together with great bass, Joey Kramer a fantastic drummer and to cap it all Steven Tyler lyric and vocal supreme.All the guys are spot on. No more no more,`aint seen no daylight since I started this band,round and round, uncle salty, toys in the attic.great lyrics go to make this a great album..Aerosmith firing on allsix. to be followed by the mighty `Rocks`.
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on 16 September 2001
This with Rocks would be a brilliant Aero Collection but if you only get one I would suggest this first. Not only does it include tracks that most people already know eg. Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion but there are some truely excellent tracks here. The album kicks off with the rip roaring fast track, Toys In The Attic. I think the only time I've heard a more electric track is on Live Bootleg. (which is not surprisingly the same track!) No More No More is another superb track that sorta tells the story of the band in a non-corny way. I love this album. Anything less than 5 stars is a crime! IT'S THAT GOOD!!
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VINE VOICEon 12 September 2007
Hearing Aerosmith's 'Live Bootleg' just after release put me off them for nearly thirty years. It would have been a different story had I heard this album first. After two highly creditable albums, 'Toys In The Attic' marked the moment when they established their identity. It rocks as hard, but has an extra swagger. They have a simple, abrasive approach, but the tracks featured here are superbly crafted. The rapid-fire title track sounds like their signature tune. 'Uncle Salty' is wicked and 'Adam's Apple' classy. 'Walk This Way' pre-dates rap by three years and has never been surpassed by anything in that genre. 'Big Ten Inch Record,' a cover, provides a light diversion. 'Sweet Emotion' is awesome: it has an almost psychedelic opening and a riff that Jimmy Page missed. 'No More No More' leans more toward older fashioned rock and roll with appealing harmonies. 'Round And Round' is a pounding rocker, not as distinctive perhaps, but well worth its place. The big surprise is that they choose to close the album with a softer song, 'You See Me Crying,' complete with strings. Nevertheless, 'Toys In The Attic' is a great rock album, far better than the fare they've been serving up since 1980.
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on 13 November 2011
First of all I would give the album a 4.5* rating but i can't so it sticking with four. The first Aerosmith album I ever owned, this album offers quite a range of different styled songs which unlike their later stuff lacked in a little something that I can't identify. Normally when litening to aerosmith i get the songs locked in my head for a good couple of days or even a week, but with this there are'nt as many of them songs as I'd wished. However songs such as Walk this way, Sweet emotion, toys in the attic and you see me crying are complete masterpieces. Technically the songs are very well written, but as I said they are just missing something very small.
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on 19 February 2000
As I say this is my favorite Aerosmith album to date. I first heard it about 10 years ago. I lost the CD and have bought it again as it is that good. The best track on it for me is Sweet Emotion, a great build up, a great riff, a great sound, a great song, if you only buy it for this song, you won't be dissapointed, trust me.
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on 8 June 2001
This was my second ever Aero album and I was not disappointed. It's not as hard or raw as rocks but it has some of my favourite aero songs on it. I was a little suprised when I first heard Big Ten Inch, but this album grows on you and you grow to love it, adore it even. Get this or Rocks.
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