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on 18 November 2008
I lost a lot of data recently as I used a external hard disc as my backup. Yet it was not a backup it was my only storage.. (I did not realise this at the time.)

My HP PC can not store all my data as the hard drive is too small (or my data is too large) so I need it to be on a third party device which backs up with a mirror image or RAID. I was originally going to buy the Edgestore DAS200 from Edge10 but decided to spend extra on this.

If one hard drive fails I can rebuild it pretty quickly using RAID 5. All my data is secure, it can sit under my desk and when I go on holiday I can take all hard drive out and put in the safe.

I cannot believe I got such a good system for the price. I needed to buy some hard drives to put in to make it work, but now I have a thousand pound backup solution for about a third the price.
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on 8 October 2008
I purchased this product as soon as it hit the market along with the DAS200 from Edge10 and the NAS400 which I already own. This gives me the security in our office that everything is safely backed up. If a hard drive were to fail the device is hot swappable with metal well designed trays, of course if set in the correct RAID function. Also the express PSI card means the device can easily be installed with an eSata connection which is so much faster than USB connection!! It is also very quiet which is the only negative point for the NAS400 from Edge10. Ideal product for secure back up. Recommend highly
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on 28 January 2010
My home network had expanded over time to comprise four variegated workstations, and I needed some way of integrating the data they had accumulated. Decided that Windows Home Server, running on a Shuttle SG35P2, was the solution, and bought the Edge to provide storage for Windows Media Centre. Since the Shuttle has two ESata II ports, thought I wouldn't need the supplied ESata card. Wrong! The computer needs a chipset that supports multiple disk addressing from a single ESata port. This is why some users of the Edge found that their OS could find only one disk. Installed the ESata card in a PC Express slot and all drives were instantly available. The Edge works perfectly with Windows Home Server, is virtually silent in operation, currently supports three 1.5Tb "green" Samsung hard disks at a temperature only three degrees above the ambient, and has run continuously since November with no problems. I'd buy another without hesitation if I needed a second DAS.
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on 30 September 2009
I had a requirement to store alot of information on my home office server system. Having tried Windows Server 2003's software raid-1 mirroring and realising that I needed a more reliable solution and given that the volume of data was going to increase substantially past the storage and drive bays that I had, I found the DAS501T and decided to give it a try.
Setup was easy and quite intuitive.
I had bought 2x1Tb Hitachi and 2x1Tb Samsung to ensure that physical failure of 1 type of drive due to manufacturer error would not replicate across all drives.
I set the hitachi's up as Mirrored Set A and the Samsung's up as Mirroed Set B with a WD 1Tb drive set up as the redundant spare. Using Raid-10 (Mirrored & Striped), I got 1.8Tb useable plus an excellent redundant system.
Some words of warning - before purchasing:
1. Please ensure that your PC has an empty or soon-to-become-empty PCI-e slot. The card that comes with it is the only card that will allow the Raid etc setup - PCI cards with similar chipsets can be bought but will not be recognised by the supplied software or recognise the enclosure etc.
2. Be aware that under Windows XP 32-bit, RAID volumes are limited to 2Tb - 64bit Xp, Vista, and Server 2003 do not have this limitation.
3. You really have to push the drives into their slots so that they connect with the box at the back. Otherwise, the releases close but no connection is made...

I would totally recommend this product as a cost effective, easily setup solution to anyone that wants piece of mind when storing large quantities of data.

PS: Had mine for over 2 months now; and has never required a RAID rebuild yet. Also have just purchased a second tower and plugged into the same card - no issues with that so far.
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on 3 April 2010
Edgestore DAS501t is good DAS no doubt about it.
It works well with HP ex490 mediasmart server (Windows home server) and with equipped SiL3531 SATA Controller it can handle "multiplier" so
5pcs of 2TB SATA-II drives (10TB total) can separately be recognized thru one eSATA with this enclosure.
For enthusiast point of view there is two things that has to be addressed and nowhere the info is available, so here it goes for the public:
1. There is actually 2 fans in the DAS501t unit, one 120x120 for the harddrives (quiet one) and one 40x40 (very noisy) unit for the 250W PSU and PSU fan, oh boy, belive me, is very very noisy!!!
2. This is actually made by Taiwan manufacturer CFI. The 5 sata bay is CFI and PSU is CFI, so actually you are buying CFI manufactured SATA enclosure as "Edge10".

If this unit would not have been so noisy, I would have given 5 star rating for it, now only 4.
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on 18 October 2010
Having done a lot of research, I purchased this unit along with 5 fairly inexpensive 2TB hard drives. I wasn't expecting blazing speeds, it was built using fairly mid range components.

The good:
The hard drives are easy to install, drawers pop out, screw them in, clunk clunk and you're all done. The unit has a nice friendly button on the front which powers it up.
Unit build quality is solid and looks the business, the hard drives are very well cooled.

The bad:
The unit is very noisy. Not so much rumbly as just very whiny. The fan is particularly loud and is likely to get on your nerves after about 3 seconds. You can hardly hear the hard drives which is nice, but the fan cuts through the air like a knife with an incessant whistling sound. I imagine this will only get worse over time given the unit is brand new.

From all that I can ascertain, the drive can only really be used with one type of PCI eSata card. The card does come with the unit, however I have tried fitting it in to 2 computers now and on my card in any case, the hole used to help screw the back plate in is misaligned so you can't secure it properly. Then it's fun and games with the manual which is full of bad Engrish, installing the software and trying to set up your raid.

Regarding the raid, there is some confusion as to whether it is hardware or software. The Edge10 site says software, Edge10 reps have told me hardware and that the enclosure has raid controllers inside it. Near as I can tell however, this is not a true hardware raid, which I'm guessing is one of the reasons it does not work with other cards as it needs their card to recognise and use it.

I set up raid 5 with this unit expecting about 50 MB write and about 60 to 65 read. What I got was about 17 MB write and 35 read. This is utterly appalling. It's actually worse than USB2. I couldn't stream large videos from this without breaking up, I was told it would take 4 days to copy my 4TB video collection and my advice if you get this, is don't try and read and write to it with anything large at the same time, it tends to crash windows explorer.
I have another eSata box which works at about 85 mbs write in raid 5. I know the hard drives I put in the Edge10 are much faster than this, even taking in to account the slowdown required by raid 5.

try and plug it in to any other type of eSata port other than the card supplied and windows informs you that the disk needs to be formatted, thus losing all your data. lovely.

I know others have had great success with this unit and indeed one of the reasons I purchased this was because of the good reports I had read. So don't get me wrong, I may have just had a very bad experience. However, I am technically minded, I have a fair bit of knowledge in this area and I am now very disappointed and will be attempting to return it ASAP.
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on 4 May 2009
Prior to this purchase I had a collection of usb drives of various sizes and ages - and they annoyed the hell out of me! I had slow boot times as bios and every layer of windows seemed to want to check them out. I had serious lag in windows when the drives had to be spun up (sequentially) even though I wasn't trying to access them :-(

And then, a few weeks ago, one went pop. I have RAID 10 internally for important stuff so I wasn't heart broken, but decided that I would invest in a RAID 5 external rig.

I had over 3TB of usb storage so the 'common' two or three bay DAS were no good, and I didn't want or need NAS. I then found the DAS501t.

I define quality as 'fitness for purpose' and this was a perfect fit for both my requirements and my wallet. It arrived well packaged and was a breeze to install. I fully loaded it with 1TB Samsung F1's and used RAID 5 to give me 3.6TB usable. My slow boots and windows lag are a thing of the past and my data's now safe from single drive failure - and all at a very reasonable price. It's e-sata with write caching so is super fast too. I've also saved 6 mains sockets and 2 usb hubs, which is a benefit I hadn't thought of.

It comes with a 2-port PC card so when I run out of space in this rig I will definitely be buying another DAS501t and cracking open my old usb drives to fill it.

Many Thanks Edge10.

Latest update: Now have a second and been working ok for a few months. Few points to note for anyone thinking of buying.

(1) safe-removal doesn't work and other units like this have same issue. In RAID5, each time you reboot or discon the unit it does a redundancy check on startup. This is not so noticeable when data volumes are low but a tad annoying when you have them 50%+ full.
(2) A few people have reported the unit as only recognising the first drive. This is not a problem with the unit but rather the documentation. It does work when you know how to set it up
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on 2 October 2009
Huge disapointment. RAID-5 is via the driver at the OS level and not via the hardware. This dumps a huge load on the Host CPU, and is much more prone to error and raid rebuilds... A poor ommision from both the vendor and the manufacturer. Another drawback is when you try and upgrade your OS and have to wait for the vendor to write the driver to support your OS.

Most new motherboards have RAID in 1/0 or 10, Any OS can create a software RAID array. You may as well buy a 5 bay external enclosure and use a port multiplier SATA controller (Marvell/Sil) card , on the off chance you don't have one on board, and save yourself half the time , trouble and money.
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on 18 November 2009
Easy to install hard drives and connects via ESATA cable to Windows 7 computer system (card supplied for computer). Had no problems with set up in windows 7. Great way to protect data via Raid 1 mirror set up and then backup onto another hard drive, all in one case.
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on 12 November 2010
At the time of posting the Edgestore IS NOT Apple mac compatible for Snow Leopard, Edge 10 were very helpful in trying to help me resolve the problem but as it is I've had to send it back.
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