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  • Eve
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2008
Ah, the controversial one..... The Project reissue series has reached 'Eve', a controversial album ever since its release in 1979.

Let's not duck the controversy, misplaced though much of it is. The cover - more muted now in CD format than in twelve-inch vinyl - shows three veiled women who, on closer inspection, are disfigured on the shadow sides of their faces. The track titles - 'You Lie Down With Dogs', 'I'd Rather Be A Man', 'Damned If I Do', and so on - seem to underscore the controversial slant. 'Lucifer' - and references to the apple tree - hint that the Eve of the title is Adam's partner (though it now emerges that this may not have been the intention after all).

The album was never 'anti' women as such, but does give an ascerbic take on the power that women can sometimes exercise over men. It's an album about women's strengths, not weaknesses, but the lyrics are undeniably uncomfortable in places.

However, if we assess the album on its musical merits - as surely we should - it's a tour de force. Every track is superb. 'Lucifer' is a stunning, dark and haunting instrumental. Regular vocalist Lenny Zakatek puts real grit and bite into 'You Lie Down With Dogs'. 'I'd Rather Be A Man', sung by bassist David Paton, is another gem. Dave Townsend injects exquisite pathos into 'You Won't Be There', and Chris Rainbow's great vocals perfectly complement the ELO-style orchestral flare of 'Winding Me Up'. Zakatek returns for the ascerbic 'Damned If I Do', which benefits from marvellous orchestration (and was later memorably performed in classical format by Project orchestrator Andrew Powell).

Thankfully, a much softer take on women emerges in the last three tracks on the original album which, unusually for the Project, feature two female lead vocalists. 'Don't Hold Back' is beautifully performed by Clare Torry (of 'Dark Side Of The Moon' fame), 'Secret Garden' is a beautiful piece, and we conclude with another great vocal performance from Lesley Duncan on 'If I Could Change Your Mind'.

As well as being controversial, 'Eve' is sometimes disliked even by those who otherwise like the Project. As far as I'm concerned, it's a superbly crafted and innovative album which fuses great melodies, crisp lyrics, great vocal and instrumental performances and some exquisite orchestrations.

The nicely-remastered reissue contains some great bonus material, and these additional tracks are amply demonstrative of the perfectionism that went into the original production. Forget the controversy, admire and enjoy the music. A great album from a class rock act.
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on 3 October 2008
What's going on with this release at Amazon? I had to order these from another site because, even when I'm writing this (two weeks after actually receiving it) you still can't seem to order it through this site....

Anyway, that aside..... this is part of the final three CD set of Alan Parsons Project reissues. I have all three, but this is the first one I've started listening too.

Often referred to as a "missing gem" of APP, I must say I've been enjoying it quite a bit - after four or five listens. First time around though I thought it was a little poorer than the albums that surround it. Whereas the other albums seem to me to be rock albums, wrapped in AOR - there are times when this is more pop orientated, and ever so slightly (bad) disco.

However, five or so listens in, and I'm beginning to appreciate it a little more. The instrumentals are good, and You Lie Down With Dogs and Damned If I Do are actually classic APP tunes. Another interesting song is I'd Rather Be A Man, which starts as though it'll be another instrumental before breaking out into song. Fun.

The booklet is decent - but is carries over the (very) annoying tendency to have text from other booklets included. So maybe a third of the text in the booklet is unique to this release, the rest you've probably read before (assuming, as I do, that if you're buying one of these releases, you're buying them all).

As for the bonus tracks - there's nothing embarrassing here. And as with Vulture Culture, there's actually one rarity that is quite beautiful - Elsie's Theme. This is an instrumental track, played on acoustic piano, no accompaniment. Sounds great (would love to have had more from these sessions).

Sound quality is good, though maybe this one doesn't come up to the standards of the other reissues.

Finally - I wish, given we've had extended booklets, they'd have given us the lyrics. The original (nor bin worthy) release had them, so why not this spanking new version?

Anyway - I'd rate this nearer the bottom of the APP albums. That's mainly because the standards set by the others is very high. I hope Amazon get things sorted out and start selling this title. It's worth your upgrade/money.
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on 16 February 2012
I saw the remasters on amazon and, since I'm a huge fan and having fond memories of listening to the original albums (vinyl) with my friends, decided the price was 'low enough' to give it a go.

I compared the remaster to an earlier cd release by playing them simultaneously in the Marantz SA-11S2 and the (older) SONY K333ES. When switching between cd's I first encountered the fact that the new version is much louder, so I had to deal with that first. At the same volume the remaster won the contest with crisp sound. Everything is in the right place and the sound is very clean, but never too clinical. The voices sound magnificent and I couldnt stop listening..... Although the old version, when played separate, still sounded really good, the remaster is extra good. By the way: I also compared the cd's after switching them from one player to the other. I might say the result was more or less the same.

Nice touch are the peek views behind the scenes. Especially the extra takes of 'Lucifer' will give you a good view on the creative process and makes you think of all the other faces EVE could've had.

If you don't have a cd version of this album, don't hesitate to get your copy. If you do have another cd version, well,... just hesitate for a few seconds and... get your copy. The pleasure you give your ears will surely beat the expenses.
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1) It's not an attack on women, it's an attack on the kind of things women have to put up with from men. And their retaliation.

2) No, it's not progressive. Don't assume it is because you heard Tales and thought you might look into Alan Parsons. It's a pop album with some progressive leanings. It's better for it - they've produced an outstanding an thoroughly enjoyable pop album.

3) Lyrics are excellent, playing is excellent, sound engineering is excellent. And there's none of that pretentious nonsense you get from much "real" progressive rock. This is straight to the point, and more enjoyable for it.

4) There isn't a single bad song. It's all good - even if you don't like everything, you'll at least enjoy a few. More than you could expect from a Katy Perry album costing three times as much

5) Not only is there not a single bad song, the worst song on the album could at be worst called "great". The best could be considered outstanding.

I'd give this five stars if it had been written by Rolf Harris, sung by Gary Glitter, and produced by Jonathan King.
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on 26 February 2013
Ex-engineer on Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon this is classic Alan Parsons Project. If you are new to this band it's a good starter. Known for guest vocalists on his albums such as David Paton (ex-Pilot and Camel), Chris Rainbow (a regular guest and solo artist in his own right), Lenny Zakatek (ex-Gonzales and another studio regular), Lesley Duncan (ex-Elton John song co-writer, duetting with him on Tumbleweed Connection and backing singer on Dark Side Of The Moon) and many well known guest musicians. Along with Alan Parson is band co-founder, Eric Woolfson, (who actually has a very good voice). This would be classed in the Prog Rock genre, such as 70s Camel. If you're into that then this is for you.
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on 16 April 2016
"Eve" is the fourth album by the English project The Alan Parsons Project, released in 1979. Perhaps the most controversial album,because the opinions abaut it diverge in diametriccally opposite directions.
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on 12 January 2014
The work these guys worthy of respect! All extremely reliably and on schedule. Sincerely recommend it! With them one can and should work!!!
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on 11 September 2012
This album is at best described as dull. Innovative (for it's time) yes, good musicanship, and so on. But listening to it, it sounds as a weak version of Jarre, with more guitars.

This album is considered one of Alan Parsons best, and if you do happen to like soft guitar rock this album is propably a good buy. Otherwise, stay away.
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on 30 April 2010
Not quite prog rock, but good.

This was one of the first tapes I bought. Enticed by the ladies on the cover, not until a close look at the vinyl cover years later did I see...

I said good, but Lucifer is probably my favorite instrumental track by APP just because it introduces me slowly to change, a lovely frightening morse code mix. This brings, for me, a sense of invasion with defense (I like the Sicilian add-on). If not intentional, but for my memories it sums up cold war Europe.

A lady orientated album.Like BJH I dont always get the lyrics, but good is Townsend. And yummy ladies voices. AP left it for nearly 25 years to Try Anything.

If There is an APP track to put on your playlist it is here, somewhere. If only for the cover picture to appear on your player, it draws attention. Then point the watcher to Tales.
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on 4 March 2012
Alan Parsons is probably not well know to most . However he produced some highly innovative music in the mid to late seventies and a few in the 80's. Buy this one you probably won't be disappointed.
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