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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Beautiful Wasteland
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on 3 April 2017
Demonstrates the continual innovation of the band. An interesting mix. One of the best Capercaillie productions.
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on 26 September 2017
Great song recommend to others
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on 24 July 2013
Heard another CD of theirs whilst in a small museum in Gairloch, where their atmospheric, beautiful and haunting music was exactly right in the background. Decided I would like some more of their music.
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on 16 July 2011
What a thrilling album. This album show why Capercaillie are still going strong. To people whos complaining; so f what Capercaillie are doing something new doesn't mean it's bad. Has these people who've written bad reviews ever listened to mouth music (band), Tannas, Anna Murray, Mary Jane Lamond, Julie Fowlis, Kathleen Macinnes? I didn't think so. Anna Murray, did jazz funk, pop, rock, traditional, Tannas, did funk, ska (kinda), rock, dance, pop, jazz, traditional, Julie Fowlis, pop/rock/rock/traditional, sean-nos, Mary Jane Lamond, dance, rock, funk, traditional. If gaelic artists like them can get away with it, why can't Capercaillie? Look at Clannad who when they changed their style, it made them popular, or even Altan, or Calum Martin who uses country. Why are people againgst Capercaillie doing it? What too scared to seeing changes? I rather have an artist where each album is different, unless you want their new abum to sound exactly like first album. Would you want that? No didn't think so. Capercaillie's rooted to tradition, who said that Gaelic music has to all irish/scottish? Has it affected Paul Mounsey, Nope. Oh yeah Enya is popular around world for petes sake. This album brings in rock/jazz, drum n bass, hip-hop but they still sing in their tradition. People forget people like Celtic in Europe and I wouldn't be surprised if they are different. Oh yeah Sileas, Solas, Runrig. There's some african on this album; and it's second time they used this after previously using it on Capercaillie album from 1994. 12 tracks, most in Gaelic but don't let that put you off. Enjoy music, after music is universal, i.e can be enjoyed by everyone. You dont have to understand whats being said. Capercaillie have always played with their sound, like Corvus Corax has done with Latin, not gaelic but they did styles such as rock/classical/church hymms, medieval and are popular just like Capercaillie. I wasn't sure but then I said if I heard a song/style I didn't like would I cope? It started with Runrig; and found loving albums. One track I didn't like unilt 8 plays, no-one said you would like it straight off. For Beautiful Wasteland I played on Spoify and loved it. Granted it took me a few plays to appeciate quality of songs, sounds but's that's beauty of music. If you don't like it once, keep playing it, will save you hassle. Take some reviews with a bit of salt as I found out this album I will keep playing it on MP3 player as it's that good. Amazing.....
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on 5 February 2015
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on 13 October 2015
Great music. Second hand cd in great condition.
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on 19 February 2000
Latest and (probably) best of Capercaillie's albums. Fantastic fusion of Celtic, Rock and Funk. Karen Matheson's vocals are (as usual) sublime. The album is magnificently percussive and the playing has to be heard to be believed. The usual members reign supreme on their instruments. Michael Mcgoldrick is an outstanding addition to the band. Inventive sampling adds another dimension to this amazing album. Catch this band live and check out their earlier stuff.
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on 18 March 2000
An absolutely engaging album which keeps you coming back for more again and again. Capercaillie really love to play with their sound - this album features a distinctly african sound as well as featuring some stunning more traditional style tracks. Karen Matheson is as brilliant as ever - a voice to die for. They are joined this time by Michael McGoldrick, one of the greatest flutist I've ever heard. This album is a must buy!
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on 20 February 2007
I'd rate this album highly. I like the blend of world music mixed with Celtic style roots. I bought both this album and To the Moon and found this one to be the definate best of the two. I have to say it's all a little different to my initial idea of what it was from listening to random downloaded tracks, but I'd definately put this on during the summer to chill out.
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on 2 March 2000
Not sure what was going on with this album, but apart from the title track, it's really not too good. I hate to come to this conclusion ! I have tried hard to like it, as I love some of their other offerings ( especially the superb 'Secret People ' ). But it all sounds rather bland to me. Capercaillie are extremely talented, but for me this album is a low point..... oh dear.
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