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on 9 May 2006
Overall, this album absolutely rocks. It brings Pearl Jam back into the lime light after 3 long years and increases their popularity after their previous b-sides release 'Lost Dogs'. The 'Pearl Jam Sound' is still in this record and includes more punk influence than any of their other albums. Great album, but will never beat 'Ten'.

Life Wasted - 4/5 : Great introduction to the album. Notice that the guitar riff has a slight punk influence

World Wide Suicide - 5/5 : One of the best songs from the album. Best Eddie Vedder song on the album.

Comatose - 3/5 : Only thing taht ruins this song is that it reminds me of preivious Pearl Jam songs. Otherwise, pretty good song.

Severed Hand - 4/5 : One of the Heavier songs on the album, great guitar solo shown here.

Marker In The Sand - 3/5 : Personally, one of my least favourite songs on the album, but still good.

Parachutes - 2/5 : my least favourite song the album. this song is very different to what Pearl Jam would normally do. Not a bad song, 2/5 for the new approach.

Unemployable - 5/5 : What Pearl jam are known for! this song absolutely rocks. Notice that the chorus is similar to 'Alive'.

Big wave - 4/5 : another punky style song. great lyrics, the album from this point makes up for parachutes and Marker In The Sand.

Gone - 5/5 : A slow, well written song. tear-jerking in several ways. reminds me of 'Off He Goes' and 'Nothingman'. This song talks about Eddie's life in America.

Wasted Reprise - 1/5 : pointless album filler. possibly trying to change direction as the album ends.

Army Reserve - 4/5 : Not too heavy and not too slow. genre of album seems to change here (possibly why wasted repirse is on here) .

Come Back - 4/5 : Another great song. slow to start, but gets heavier as it ends. Eddies vocals near the end are intense.

Inside Job - 6/5 : The best way to end the album. great musical techniques and song writing used to end the album brilliantly.

For Pearl Jam fans, this is a 'must have'. for people starting to listen to Pearl Jam, i suggest listening to 'Ten' or 'Vitalogy' first.
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on 6 May 2006
This self-titled release from Seattle's finest comes on the back of two lacklustre studio albums (the career low of Binaural in 2000 and the slightly better Riot Act in 2002) which showed worrying signs of a band sliding into a formulaic rut of middle-aged lethargy.

Dont get me wrong, both those albums had their moments but overall there was just too much filler and too much po-faced dourness. I genuinely felt my favourite rockers were one step away from becoming Simple Minds!

Worry not. The first thing that will grab you about Pearl Jam is it's thumping crash/bang production. As far as capturing their live sound goes, this is possibly the closest yet - even more so than on the excellent No Code. The second thing that hits you is the sheer tunefulness of this record. It's packed with melody and chorus. Whisper it quietly but on 'Marker in the Sand', 'Unemployable' and 'Army Reserve' Pearl Jam could almost be writing....pop music!

Of course there's filler - 'Parachutes' and 'Wasted Reprise' could easily have been left out, and 'Gone' hasnt yet won me over despite a few listens. But there aint much filler.

It's also pleasing to note Pearl Jam seem to be coming out of their shells and acutally pushing this album, certainly moreso than any theyve released since Ten. It's kinda good to see them behaving like the multi-platinum internationally successful band they are, rather than trying to self-consciously pass themselves off as some sort of underground sub-pop act.

The individual band members all sound on absolute top form. Matt Cameron plays a blinder from start to finish, Vedder's vocal performance belies his rather muted effort on Riot Act. They sound like an angry, hungry band again.

Hopefully this is a mid-period renaissance, though we may well look back and call it a late-period renaissance. It reminds me of U2 releasing "All That You Cant..." after their 90s slump.

This album will delight PJ fans, and win over new converts. The songs will sound great booming round the various European venues this summer.
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on 18 April 2006
The wait is almost over for the release of some new material from the greatest band on the planet, and its the self titled Pearl Jam.

So often they are overlooked in the UK thse days, and so often people refer that "they aren't as good as when they released Ten", but so often the point of Pearl Jam is missed.

They weren't happy with the stardom and they weren't happy with things that there were forced to do as part of that stardom, and fought against that stardom for years (no videos released for any singles, releasing more obscure tracks as singles, holding back songs that may be more "commercial" etc).

They have now reached a stage where they all seem at ease with where they are in life, and they have taken their time to produce this album and to make sure that its worth the wait.

Worldwide Suicide as been widely available for around a month now and it seems a very apt release and gives a nice indication of what the album is about as it has been described as a rocker of an album and sounds very influenced by The Who.

Other songs from the album like Comatose and Gone have been played / released in other formats during the last six months and more recently Severed Hand has been played on Saturday Night Live (US TV Show). All the tracks sound superb lyrically and once again Eddie Vedder has produced a bunch of thought inducing and provoking lyrics which seem to aim a lot at the state of the world at present and the US involvement in war and politics.

The best indication of how good this album is, is the fact that the band have once again taken up promotion of the music as they want this to be heard as its felt by them as being some of the best material they have ever produced and its also being followed with a world wide tour.

So, get a copy of the album as soon as you can, and get yourself ready to catch them at a venue anywhere that you can and hear the album they way it is meant to be heard - LIVE.
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2007
I won't beat around the bush, this undoubtedly one of the finest albums to be released last year. From the opening track "Life Wasted" to the final track "Inside Job" this is a splendid album - there are fantatstic riffs, some good solos (particularly on the final few bars of "Life Wasted"), interesting vocals, plenty of passion and even a bit of soulfulness when the mood fits. This is like Bruce Springsteen on steroids - that classic rock sound but fused with the noise and passion of hard rock (especially on "Comatose" - an angry sounding song).

If I have to pick a weak link on the album then I shall have to mention "Marker In The Sand" (track 5) - whilst far from awful it is definitely the weakest track on the album in my opinion. Track 6 -"Parachutes" - is an acoustic song that feels quite upbeat, but as with the preceding track, it isn't anywhere near as strong as the rest of the album. "Wasted Reprise" is just a brief filler track that doesn't even constitute itself as a proper song and it lasts less than a minute but in some ways it doesn't seem out of place. I cannot fault any of the other tracks - I simply love them.

This album is thoroughly enjoyable and I still listen to it regularly. Despite repeatedly being given the tag "Grunge band", I would never refer to Pearl Jam as that becuase, as with Screaming Trees (another band unfiarly tagged as Grunge) their music is much more interesting and layered, as this album demonstrates. Seems like Parl Jam lost their way a bit in the late 90s but this self-titled album is a definite return to form. A must for any fan of rock music - this is how rock albums should be done.

Two words: Almost perfect.

And there can only be one rating deserving of this album: 5/5
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on 24 December 2017
Love Pearl Jams self titled /Avacardo album, one of my favourites, great quick delivery 👍
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on 6 February 2018
Excellent album , buy it .
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on 3 January 2018
cover has terrible print quality!
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on 11 January 2018
No comments
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on 10 August 2017
Excellent product & Service, great album.
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on 3 November 2007
Come on "Riot Act" could of been better but this is terrible. I nearly fell asleep. I could'nt even listen to the whole thing.
"Inside Jobs" alright, what happened???
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