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on 1 August 2017
Never thought I'd get the chance to purchase this album on vinyl so was delighted to get the re-release! The vinyl itself is opaque/almost transparent which is really cool but the outer packaging is a bit thin and not very durable so don't expect it to stay in great condition for very long. It's all about the music though so it's 5 stars from me just for giving us the opportunity to get this awesome album on vinyl!
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on 23 January 2007
The View just knocked me off my feet when I heard Wasted Little DJ's and Skag Trendy way back when. I heard Edith Bowman compare this to Definitely Maybe, that is a huge over-reaction. At the moment the world has gone mad for indie, when Oasis were cutting their teeth it was nearly impossible to get a record deal. They were hardened on the indie circuit and had a songbook full of tunes before they were signed; this isn't the case for these fresh faced Dundonians. The benefit to this is that we get bands that will get better and better with each album. The View show incredible song writing talents on many of these tracks but my problem is that with an album to fill there are a couple of fillers that revert to copying their heroes, Libertines/Babyshambles mainly. There is no doubt however that Comin Down is a belter, as are all the singles, Skag Trendy, Gran's for tea and Street Lights even if the last two lack the rock 'n' roll pazzaz you might like these Primal Scream supporters to have flowing through their veins.

It is unfortunate that they are going to be likened to urch-rock like The Paddingtons and The Others, and its even worse that they are going to become contempories to indie formula bands like The Kooks and The Fratellis. Make no mistake they are a class act, one or two songs less (certainly Face for Radio and Claudia should have been a B-side) and they should have included Posh Boys and Up The Junction despite the fact they have already been B-sides. Anyway don't worry about the gripes, climb on board because I'm sure these lads certainly have a Definitely Maybe/Up The Bracket in them, just that this isn't it.
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on 2 July 2007
The View are a talent - that's obvious.
That their debut album isn't a classic is due to a number of factors: One is vocalist Kyle Falconer; he needs to have more faith in himself, be more strident with his self-belief. When he's not trying to sound like Liam Gallagher or the lad from Arctic Monkeys, his delivery is far too polite (my 'polite' way of saying it's wimpy) when it should be higher up in the mix, competing on every level with the beefy music.
No shrinking violet, but just not enough earthy swagger; not enough gravel in the delivery. A better producer might help him a bit, but ultimately it's gotta come from him.

More problematic is the band obviously can't sustain 40 minutes yet. Proof? Two fabulous openers: 'Comin Down' and the excellent single 'Superstar Tradesman'. Bejeez, these lads CAN stir up a pop rage when the mood takes 'em, but unfortunately, it's the strength of these two stormers which goes some way to ultimately derailing them.
Expectations get raised, and when not realized, leave a slightly empty feeling. It's as if they're holding back, in case they find themselves outside the fold. Reluctant to break out on their own in case the world turns nasty, but they will have to sometime.
Sooner the better.

I feel cruel here; like a tyrannical despot with a cudgel, hitting little pop people for no good reason. Not my fault.
Those opening blasts made me hopeful, eager for the rest of the album to be as good, but it isn't.

On the plus side, they have got a sense of humour; check out the insane lyrics to the genuinely punky 'Skag Trendy' or the otherwise dull 'The Don', but it goes seriously awry on the albums closer, which sounds like 'I Spit On Your Grave' type hillbillies singing by a bayou.

Other plusses? The Oasis-like 'Street Highs' is a solid song, and the Clashy guitar attack of 'Wasted Little DJs' (look out for that humour again!) hits quite hard, but they're too few and far between.

I do have faith in the View tho. The good stuff here gives cause for optimism, and I really believe they have the potential to do something treasurable and lasting.
Here's hoping they can fulfill it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 April 2015
The View's 2007 debut album is just my kind of favourite music: typical, feel-good indie-rock with catchy tunes, good vocals, and nice guitar playing. If you like the sound of the early Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy, The Courteeners and The Libertines, I can unreservedly recommend these men from Scotland.

Almost a greatest hits package, 'Hats Off To Buskers' contains the band's biggest singles so far, including 'Wasted Little DJs', 'Superstar Tradesman', both of which peaked in the UK charts at no.15, and the feel-good, perfect-for-the-Summer, 'Same Jeans', a top 5 smash. 'Face For The Radio' is a sweet little acoustic number, and the none-single track, 'Wasted Little DJ's' is a highlight which is sure to get any party off to a good start.

'Hats off to' The View for such an accomplished little debut, heavily filled with so much energy, and cool, catchy, bouncy songs. Buy it, and I know 'Hats Off to The Buskers' won't leave your ears this Summer. From here, I do urge you to look into their other albums, as the these boys just went from strength to strength as they entered their twenties, expanding into other music avenues, and maturing. This was a more of a peak of what was to come, but you shouldn't overlook the first album.
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on 30 May 2017
What an album, what a band!
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on 31 January 2007
OK, I'd heard all the hype, heard 'Same Jeans' 24 hours a day on Radio 1 (smallest playlist on the air!) and thought must be patriotic and get The View. I thought they would be just an Arctic Monkeys replica but I must admit, as much as I like the AMs, The View offer just a little bit more. Lyrically they are equally as good but musically they are more accomplished. Yes, there are echoes of bands gone by, 'The Smith', 'Oasis', 'Dodgy' but they have their own sound which makes stand out.

Lyrically things can be playful one minute, grim the next! Like life maybe!!

There are no weak tracks but for me standouters are 'Face For The Radio','Skag Trendy','Wasted Little DJs' and the incredible 'Wasteland'.

If you have any qualms about buying this, forget them as the album may not be what u are expecting! Bring on Summer Festivals!!!
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...unfortunately these lads stand to be destroyed by the ever excitable media and commercial world. Yes, it seems to be a re-occuring pattern now. I think the most obvious comparison will be with the Arctic Monkeys - a brilliant, amazing, exhillarating band that are slowly and painfully being picked apart by over-exposure. You get the feeling that such bands would rather remain in the sheltered'underground' of music, where there are loyal and passionate fans a plenty and less of the overly-enthusiatstic, money-snatching moguls.

However, there is nothing I or indeed anyone can do to stop this, and so I shall proceed with my raving of this fantastic band.

Where to start?

To be blunt about it, every single song on this album brings something fresh and delivers effortlessly every time. I can understand why some people feel that many of the songs are a bit repetitive which is fair comment. However if you go into this album wanting and expecting it to be good, which I did, then you will thoroughly enjoy it.

My personal faves are "Superstar Tradesman", "Face For The Radio"(which I'm predicting will become the (pronounce as 'theee') tune of the summer, and subsequently will become hideously over-played and thus, I shall then probably resent it forever more) and the unquestionably brilliant "Wasted Little DJ's". Other songs that provide highs and deserve a mention are the rousing "Comin' Down", infectious "The Don" and the down-right crazy "Skag Trendy". However, I promise you that every single song is actually quite fantastic.

Some people have said that they are just Libertine wannabes, and yes, it would be fair to say that they have obviously taken inspiration from the legends themselves, but there's nowt wrong with that as far as I'm concerned!

All in all I would encourage you to buy this album, however I won't be too upset if you don't because a) I'll never know anyway and b) I already own it so I'm content.

Further listening I hear you eagerly cry?

Rather predictably, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.
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on 25 June 2007
The music is fun and catchy. However like most bands now a days once the radio and tv shows get hold of them their songs will be drummed into your head. Even so this is defiantly worthy of a place in anyones CD collection.

The best songs on the album include:

+ Superstar Tradesman

+ Same Jeans

+ The Don

+ Face For The Radio

+ Dance Into The Night

+ Claudia

+ Streetlights
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on 22 January 2007
An example of why British music really is the best in the world - just a magnificent debut album -up there with "Definitely Maybe" and "The Stone Roses". The View manage to mix the raw energy of The Libertines with the catchy hooks of Oasis. If the Arctic Monkeys had the hype but not quite the songs, The View are proof that sometimes, the hype can be justified.

Opening with "Comin Down", it's an unrelenting amazing opener complete with vocals resembling Rob Harvey of The Music. It really does set things in motion brilliantly. By the time you come to the end of "Same Jeans", 3 songs in, you know you're in for something special.

"Don't Tell Me" is perhaps one of the more Oasis-soundinng numbers, think a Scottish "Digsy's Dinner" and "She's Electric" and you're about there.

"Skag Trendy" and "The Don" boast the catchiest basslines on the album, it's a band at the top of their game some 6 songs in to their debut album!

Standout track is "Face For The Radio", an absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking acoustic song. Proof that The View can do both acoustic comedown and all out rock 'n' roll. Again, with Oasis-tinged lead guitar in the middle, by the end of "Face For The Radio", you realise this album is starting to stand out, and I mean, REALLY stand out.

The second half of "Hats Off To The Buskers" picks up with debut single "Wasted Little DJ's", another Libertines-esque track with a brilliant chorus. "Dance Into The Night" and "Claudia" wouldn't be too out of place on a Beatles album, whilst "Street Lights" reminds me of The Kinks.

Closing track "Wasteland" is a ska-esque all out 1000 beats a minute 2 and a half minutes, ensuring The View go out with a bang, by the time is draws to a close, your speakers will probably have spontaneously combusted.

There are times when we really need to embrace bands like The View who have shown more promise on their debut than has been seen in over 10 years. Bloc Party were overhyped. The Arctic Monkeys were overhyped.

Finally this time, a band who really do show that proof really is in the pudding.
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on 23 January 2007
Take the energy of The Arctic Monkeys (Comin Down), add the melodic twists of The Fratellis (Dance Into The Night, Claudia), mix in some of your favourite Specials (Wastelands) and Blockheads (Don't Tell Me) riffs from the seventies, shake up with a bit of nineties britpop (Streetlights) then smooth down with a soft ballad or two with a nod to The Beautiful South (Face For Radio). The foursome from the "non-posh" end of Dundee are shining lights in a pretty dark time for the city. Showing all sorts of influences in their music they combine this with a huge dollop of originality and great humour in songs about their life in Dundee; they bring a broad smile to the face of this particular son of the Tay. A great album which for me is only let down by the production, but maybe I just prefer a less raw feel. I love the fact the songs are about everyday things and sung in a real Dundonian accent, especially "Gran's For Tea" and "Skag Trendy". My only complaint is that they missed out "Posh Boys" (it's on the "Wasted Little DJs" ep).

Buy this Album.

They're gonnae be BIG!
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