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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2011
If I was reviewing this from a purely musical perspective it has to rate as 5 star. David Arnold is just brilliant as a composer for Bond and has the mood just right for the genre with his superb musical scoring. But, and it's a big but, as a soundtrack album it only rates 3 stars - where is the main title track?! Why oh why release a soundtrack album without the main title theme and one of the best ones as well! If you want 'You Know My Name' then I'm afraid you will have to look elsewhere - this is a very serious omission!
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on 14 November 2006
Finally, after waiting 19 years (since The Living Daylights), we have a Bond soundtrack that can rank alongside the greats of many of John Barry's efforts in this genre. This is simply the best David Arnold Bond soundtrack. Why? It contains less of all that electronic noise, and is back to good orchestration. As this is the beginning of Bond's spy career, it is only fitting that the classic Bond theme is really only heard at the end of the film (and so at the end of the soundtrack). African Rundown is perhaps the most fast paced piece of music (similar to the other Arnold Bond pre-title cues). Good cues throughtout the cd. Though, please be aware, the title song, You Know My Name, is not on this soundtrack, only heard in various cues. Good effort all round.
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on 6 November 2015
With this soundtrack, David Arnold has delivered the music that introduced Daniel Craig as the new Bond & succeeded on every level. His trademark broad & expansive themes, exciting heart-pounding action compositions are contrasted with poignant emotionally-charged melodic motifs, that convey personal dramatic moments.
Arnold's talent for new original music, yet tinged with that specific style that tells you that is a James Bond film, cannot be underestimated. This of course owes a debt to the great John Barry whom David Arnold naturally succeeds as the foremost film & tv composer in Britain today.
This soundtrack is a must for all Bond fans & film music enthusiasts, most of whom will already have it in their collections.
I would be failing if I did not mention the orchestra on this recording. Under the baton of conductor Nicholas Dodds, these hand-picked musicians give perfect accounts of every 'cue' in this score, from the shortest, quiet atmospheric encounter to the 12 minute rampaging excitement of the Miami Airport sequence! A remarkable achievement by everyone involved.
(Delivery was very quick)
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VINE VOICEon 15 December 2006
I recently saw the impressive new Bond film with my parents and was completely taken with the film score by David Arnold. So much so that I felt compelled to purchase it. In my view, with this superb CD, David Arnold has produced some of his finest work to compliment one of the best Bond movies.

The brass and percussive hues that burn throughout the score are mesmerizing. From the opening track, 'African Rundown' which is a near 7 minute epic of percussion and African drums mixed in beautifully with the rest of the orchestra. Another epic track is the explosive and grand piece called 'Miami International'.

Other favourites of mine are 'Solange', a short but memorable piece, 'Stairwell Fight', 'Vesper' and possibly 'Death of Vesper'. The end track is the favourite theme of Bond in 'My Name is Bond...James Bond'. What a way to finish off the film and also this outstanding CD. I've only listened to it all the way through once, but I will listen to it some more. This is one of my favourite film soundtracks I've listened to. It has raw power in the opening track with the percussion rhythms and flare moving on through the emotional side of Bond to the fire and passion of 'Trip Aces' and the epic expanse of 'Miami International'. This track is impressive, powerful and runs in at a staggering 12 mins 40 secs.

What we have here is possibly one of the best film scores of the year so far. David Arnold's Casino Royale is engaging and brilliant. Out of all his scores for the Bond films, I would quite easily say that this one is his best work by a long way. It fits in effortlessly with the film and, like Daniel Craig as Bond, is very smooth and cool. I know that it doesn't feature the Bond song by Chris Cornell, but don't let that detract from this brilliant recording. A hit.
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on 16 November 2006
As much as he had brought to the James Bond series, I had lost faith in David Arnold. Die Another Day was a mess of electronic beats and manipulation, with just a few minor gems.

No more! With Casino Royale he has totally reinforced his place as the successor to John Barry. Thankfully he was permitted to be involved in the theme tune which allowed him to include it throughout his score.

And what a score! The only track to include a lot of the synthesised music is the airport track (Miami International) and that works. "I'm the Money" and "Aston Montonegro" contain excellent orchestrations of the theme tune and "Dinner Jackets" contains (in the last half) a great tribute to John Barry.

The final track makes what was already a brilliant scene one the most outstanding pieces of cinema history.
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on 14 December 2006
I expected to get the main title track, and was extremely disappointed.

The album is good, but the rating reflects the lack of main theme.
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on 21 November 2006
On the strength of only one hearing so far, I would say that this is a freer David Arnold. Although his firmly rhythmic action writing is never too far away, this work has a sense of breadth; as well as pace aplenty, there is space to breathe. If you are among those who like David Arnold's treatment of Bond, you should enjoy this.

My question is this: since when did a Bond soundtrack album NOT included the vocal track(s), be it the title track or otherwise? I am not impressed by this. Now you may call me 'old-fashioned' but, when I buy the original soundtrack to a film, I expect to get the title track thrown in aswell (is "You Know My Name" the title track? I haven't had a chance to see the film yet!), not just interpolations of it! Or is that now to expect too much? Have I missed something here?

For this reason I can only justify three stars - I dislike this sort of incompleteness.
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on 18 February 2015
An excellent soundtrack written by David Arnold - very John Barryesque. Initially I wonder if it was really an original soundtrack as the orchestra is conducted by Nicholas Dodd, but a quick check on IMDB revealed that Mr. Dodd did indeed do the orchestration and conducting of Mr. Arnold's score in the film.
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After the too-often bland mechanics of The World is Not Enough and the unimpressive techno stylings of Die Another Day, David Arnold's score for Casino Royale marked a return to the more John Barryesque approach of his Tomorrow Never Dies, with even a few touches of Stargate in there as well. Despite there being only a few references to the title song (curiously not included on the CD) in the score, there's less of the post-Barry problem of Bond scores with no thematic consistency here, with Arnold's most notable main theme being an insistent, physically aggressive but slightly less relentless than expected action theme. The Bond theme itself only appears in the final cue in a particularly robust retro rendition. There are more quiet moments and sensual this time round over the length of its 74 minutes (City of Lovers probably the best). It's not one of the great Bond scores by any means, but in a poor year for film music it's one of the better recent efforts. Be warned, the track listing contains one massive giveaway if you haven't seen the film yet!
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on 16 July 2009
David Arnold's Bond-scores lack warmth and distinctiveness, it's hard to tell one from another, and the lack of stirring romantic themes reminds us that Arnold is not John Barry. That said, David Arnold's Bond-scores, "Casino Royale" included, overflow with energy, and the constant stream of fast-paced, drumbeat-driven tracks always provide a cool, adrenaline-pumping listening experience. There is one strong reason to avoid this album though, as somebody decided not to include the film's theme song, "You Know My Name" by David Arnold and Chris Cornell. You might think this is a scam by the money-greedy Bond-producers to make us buy two discs instead of just one, but according to Wikipedia, it happened because Cornell wanted the song to be "his", so the Bond-fans couldn't have it. Well, either way, there's no end to greedy little people in this world, and obviously the song should have been included. Show them what you think of that, avoid the "Casino Royale"-soundtrack and buy any one of David Arnold's other Bond-scores instead. Chances are that except for the song you won't be able to tell the difference anyway.
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