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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2008
Firstly, I feel I should say that after years of buying from Amazon, and hundreds of purchases later, I have never felt compelled to leave a review. With this album, that changes. It irritates me slightly that many of the previous reviews seem to be negative, mostly written by the 'die hard fans' that believe their opinion rocks, and seemingly that the KOL should in fact, produce albums to simply suit them, and them alone. I've got all the KOL albums, yes, they are all very different in style but so they should be - i wouldn't be too happy if a group released album after album of the same old. In fact, if the albums were all along the same lines, I would imagine people will be moaning about that too. Perhaps, the critics should open their minds to the fact that the KOL have evolved. They've grown up, had a change of style, produced something different, and also probably gained a whole new set of fans in the long run. That's what a successful band does. So, to all the die hard fans who believe they've been personally ripped off and done over - the world doesn't revolve around you.

Rant over. This album is possibly the most influencial, easy on the ears, moving, inspiring, and just genuinely awesome piece of work i have ever c ome across. It's been playing in every single aspect of my life since the day it arrived. Caleb's vocals are unbelieveable. There isn't a remotely bad track on the album, although some are by far stand out winners. My personal faves are Manhattan, I Want You, and above all, Sex on Fire. It's an amazing track - sometimes you just find a song that does funny things to you...If you've read any of the reviews, and you're in any doubt at all as to if to buy this album or not, just buy it.
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on 28 November 2008
I simply believe that this is their most musically accomplished album to date. I haven't been overly keen on their previous efforts, feeling that their sound was a little contrived.

I'm a fan of progressive rock and metal, Tool, The Mars Volta, Sigur Ros, Exlosions in the Sky etc...I am not a pop fan and thoroughly disagree that this is some sort of pop/rock 'sellout' album. It is beautifully written, expressive and emotional.

Well done KOL, this is the first one I've actually bought! The music also stands out live compared with their old music, this is a really positive progression for the band.
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on 18 February 2009
Its been a while since I've been able to put on an album from this genre and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this one. I can honestly say every single song on the album is excellent and stands on its own, and thats rare to say especially at this time when there is so much rubbish coming out onto the scene, all of which sounds the same and is completely uninspiring. If you're going to buy just one album this year, this should definitely be it. Brilliant.
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on 12 September 2008
This is probably my most anticipated album of 2008. 'Because of the Times' sent Kings of Leon deservedly into the big league and is one of my albums of the decade so far, and after seeing them storm through their Glastonbury set this year, they really were looking like a world beating band. I even got to hear Crawl and Manhatten during their set and knew that if the rest of the album lived up to these two songs it was going to be something very special indeed.

Unfortunately the rest of the album doesn't quite live up to this, but its still a corker. If you listen to 'Youth and Young Manhood' you would think that they had been written by two seperate bands. Gone is the Rolling Stone-esque grooves of their first two outings, and in comes the stadium filling epics.

They do rock out on a couple of songs, 'Crawl' and 'Sex is on Fire' have plenty of energy, however this is about as uptempo as the album gets, the rest is about atmosphere, big choruses and epic guitars. Unfortuntately it seems they might have forgotten how young they still are and are affraid to let it all hang out, because thats what Kings do best. They are a pure rock'n'roll band. No frills. If their next album returns to a more rockier feel then this album will be a gem amongst their back catalogue, however if they stick with this direction they will lose a lot of fans.

Basically, the songs are amazing, the production is sublime, the musicianship is awesome, the album is brilliantly crafted, but it ain't the Kings of Leon we all have come to know and love.
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on 30 October 2008
I have all three previous Kings Of Leon albums and feel the first two albums - Youth and Young Manhood and A-ha Shake Heartbreak had moments of genuine quality but were very much over hyped by the British Music Press and indeed by several KOL fans. Because of The Times though is a great record. Anyway, after hearing lead single from this album "Sex on Fire" and "Crawl" on the KOL Myspace site before release, I was excited about this forthcoming release from the Kings.

Unfortunatley, having had a taster beforehand of these two tracks, I was disappointed as the rest of the album ultimatley does not then live up to the quality of these two tracks, although opener "Closer" is an excellent song as well. After the first three tracks I was thinking this is brilliant so far. "Use Somebody" comes up next and this is also a good song before the pace drops a little with "Manhattan." Without going through all the rest of the individual tracks, my overall feeling on this record is that it starts of brilliant but then dips badly through the middle without ever really recovering.

So, all in all, it's still a good record and most people will probably enjoy it but it certainly does not live up to the hype that surrounds it - in my opinion of course! If there was a half mark I'd give it 3.5 out of 5.
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on 19 March 2014
I am a huge KoL fan, but for me this is a 4* album bought primarily for the catchy 5*+ track - Sex on Fire : Track 3.
Oh, if only it was longer than 3.25, my repeat button would get far less wear and tear!

Your sex is on fire

With what's just transpired.....'
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on 9 March 2015
Bought this as a gift for someone and I get the added bonus of AutoRipping it onto my CD - win win ;)

I love this CD.. the tracks are listed and you even get to play a little of each one.. so I don't understand why anyone would leave any poor reviews for this.. you know what you are buying... ;-/ confused...

Anyway I would recommend this CD to others.

I also think at this price its such a bargain !!
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on 22 September 2008
Kings of Leon, no words can describe their greatness so I wont bore everyone with how much I love them, and up until the moment I bought 'Only By the Night' I had nothing negative to say about them...
This album is undoubtebly a let down...
The first half is full of Aha Shake floor filling classics, Sex on fire, Crawl and tracks that could chill a snow cone. However, the second half is although beautifull and atmospheric, a dull let down. All the raw dirty up-beat sole, got lost amongst a tsunami of reverb....
I hold out hope for Kings, they have been and always will be my favourite band but the next album is crucial....go back to your roots my friends!
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on 9 March 2009
The kings of Leon are an immensely talented and unique band and this is a good album. However, I'd have trouble recommending it to anyone, partly because of the overall quality of the kings work and partly because frankly, it's a lazy album. An album not lacking in tunes or heart, but one lacking considerably in depth and subtlety.
The fact that it was released only around a year after Because of the Times is an understandable move, they wanted to "ride the wave" of success while the wave was still there to be ridden. But rather than create their masterpiece, they've produced an album of lukewarm stadium fillers.

Let's start with Closer, a great opener sparkling with intent that builds to a satisfying conclusion. it's a great song, but then the kings have a habit of starting their albums with great songs (see knocked up, red morning light, slow night so long) and it's later on the album begins to suffer.
The equally excellent crawl follows this song, followed by the good, but criminally overplayed Sex on Fire and Use Somebody. Then we have manhatten, another stand out track that flutters around over a brilliant bass riff. From here, however we go down hill.
The next 4 tracks are entirely unremarkable, with the possible exception of revelry and worse still, sound far too much like eachother, a fact I can really only put down to lazyness. As for Be somebody and cold desert, they're both moderately good songs, but by no means good enough to make up for the albums pitfalls.

To illustrate this point, compare this to sophomore album Aha Shake Heartbreak where the songs:
-Are at times fast and at times slow, not just one mid tempo dirge.
-Consist of more than just verse chorus verse repeated indefinately (looking at you sex on fire).
-Don't all use the same guitar effect, but vary their sound depending on the feel of the song.

Yes I'm moaning, but those are facts, rather than opinions and at the end of the day, Only By the Night suffers from a lack of variety.

If you prefer the "stadium rock" sound to their older more up tempo rocky stuff; fair enough, but buy Because of The Times, it's a generally more exciting and rewarding album than this. If you're a new kings of leon fan, by all means buy this album, but make sure you buy the other 3 as well, they really are better. I'm not one of the "old" fans, I've been a kings of leon fan for all of 4 months and from a completely neutral perspective, this album does not live up to the standard of their previous work.
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on 22 September 2008
First things first, I'm a huge KOL fan and rate all of their first 3 albums 10/10. That said, I was very unsure about their last album Because Of The Times when it came out, but it proved to be a grower and produced some of my favourite Kings songs with Charmer, On Call, Black Thumbnail, Fans, Camaro & Arizona.
Because Of The Times was a bigger more intelligent sound than their first 2 albums, but at it's heart the KOL rock sound remained, in some places like Charmer stronger than ever.
Some time ago I heard someone mention that their new album Only By The Night was going to be a development of that epic hard rock sound, and upon hearing Sex On Fire I was reasonably satisfied that that was the way this new album would go. Further still, Crawl was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to hear, a superbly gritty chugging track with an awesome rasping lyric from Caleb.
HOWEVER....(cue sound of stylus being forcefully removed from vinyl)
this is the gem on an otherwise uninspiring album, and that's incredibly hard for me to say!
Having bought my copy this morning, and given it 2 dedicated listens, I can't help feeling like the brothers Followill have gone a bit soft in their "old" age.
The flavour of Use Somebody sums up the album's feel pretty well. Reflective, soulful, meandering, dare I say it..... cheesy. The majority of tracks on this album sound like some incidental tune you might hear as the credits roll at the end of some American rom-com.
It's not bad music by any stretch, everything is still very well put together and engineered. It will go to number one in the album chart, as has Sex On Fire in the singles chart, and that is down to the more generic commercial sound. For me though, the beauty of KOL has always been their brilliance through originality and lack of compromise.
But this is not the KOL of old, and if like me you love the frantic sound of previous albums and were blown away by their legendary appearance at Glasto in the summer, expect Only By The Night to be something of a comedown.
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