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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2004
Let me start off by saying that this is the best non-slayer record I've ever heard. Lamb of God are the future of metal and this record shows it. Lamb of God have definitely not softened up like most bands do on their 2nd or 3rd album. This album delivers brutality at a very technical level. It's full of insane drumming and hardcore vocals. Although Lamb of God have stayed true to their original formula this album is a major progression from their previous release "As the Palaces Burn" which was also an excellent album. If you like Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head and true thrash metal than buy this.
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on 11 July 2007
Come now, let us all genuflect before Lamb of God, for to them we owe our metal souls. In the fat rat-infested, decrepit tenement called Heavy Rock Manor, the Virginia-based shock unit is one of the few groups striving to keep the power on and the hallways clear of gluttonous rap-rock/post-grunge False Marias. Yes, yes, Ashes of the Wake arrives via Epic Records, but this only will inflame the ire of the ignorant. For the rest of us, Lamb's ascendance to the majors melts a little more of the crap rock golden calf. Where previous efforts were fully automatic hot LZs, they were also slightly muddled for the very same reason. They fired in all directions. With Ashes, producer Machine has sharpened the corner of every riff and tightened the turns on classicist metal gallops. Best of all, Randy Blythe's furious yawp is more focused. Rather than simply being another scary voice shouter, Blythe becomes Lamb of God's threshold of pain conduit. "Laid to Rest" begins with his measured statements -- "If there was a single day I could live...I'd trade all the others away" -- flanked by the at-odds guitars of Willie Adler and Mark Morton. But then Blythe unleashes his demonic throat, and the guitars leap over and across one another like basilisks on a prowl for ibex kids. "Hourglass" offers more, its interlocking rhythms and breakdowns harking to the dark lands of Scandinavia. But it doesn't go all the way there. This is American metal, after all, meaning that, in the tradition of Pantera and Poison the Well, large-form grandiosity is sacrificed in favor of a muscularity derived from hardcore and hard living. The aptly named "Omerta" begins with that code's reading. "Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward." It proceeds to stalk slowly into gear, the sound of a wounded man coming after his would-be murderers. "Blood of the Scribe" refits death metal's cadence for a leaner, meaner era; the less than subtle "Now You've Got Something to Die For" offers the kids a new unifying chant, not to mention some spectacularly martial instrumental breaks. Drummer Chris Adler really shines here, with Machine ensuring his snare is a steely bullet fired by viscous double bass gunpowder. Instrumental freaks will swallow the title track whole. Guest soloists Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Chris Poland (Megadeth) each get a taste, alongside Morton and Adler -- their insane fretting sounds like a city exploding. That's what Lamb of God does for us, what it does for metal in the 21st century. With the genre getting clogged by PVC goofs and Alice in Chains impersonators, Lamb of God balances the equation of power, rage, tradition, and craft. It kills the filler
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on 23 September 2005
Absolutely Awesome!! LOG's most recent album and they've lost nothing.
Tight, punishing riffs, brutal drumming and vocals that conjure images of hell itself.
Definitely more polished and, arguably, more accessible than their previous album, As The Palaces Burn but still awesome.
Laid to Rest has to be THE album-opener of the decade and the rest just get better.
The album thunders along at a break neck pace with highlights such as the punishing, Hourglass. The Faded Line with it's almost Maiden-esque, galloping riff. The soul destroying Blood of the Scribe.
The title track, Ashes Of The Wake has to be one of the greatest, politically fuelled instrumentals in modern metal.
I saw LOG at Download 2005 and was blown away. One of the few modern bands around that are better live than recorded.
LOG are not for the faint hearted but as an introduction to a style of technical, blistering thrash/metal/hardcore like no other then Ashes Of The Wake is ideal.
Be warned though, if you're expecting the clean, vocals found with Killswitch Engage and the likes, then think twice before parting with your cash.
LOG is balls-in-a-vice, true metal in every sense.
If you only buy one metal album this year, make it this.
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on 11 February 2005
Imagine a bank robbery, and during this bank robbery many people die, there are many loud noises, and the bank robbers get away with everything. I don't know how but Lamb Of God's new album is the musical equivalent of this situation. This album is the kind of album you'd have stuck in your head while murdering, it's that evil. With swirling riffage, restlessly pounding drums and Randall Blythe's vocal constantly changing form spooky whispers, to enraging howls. This album is quite excesable for a thrash metal album it has 5 minute instrumentals ("Ashes Of The Wake"), it has the machine gun double foot pedalling ("The Faded Line") and it has the instantly cool lyrics of "See who gives a f**k" from the lead single ("Laid To Rest") if you have unwanted aggression and you wanted a album to share such emotions buy this now, if you want a album about love, and peace....look else where
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on 20 June 2008
I'd like to start by just saying that Lamb of God are awesome! Their guitars are awesome, their drums are awesome, their vocals are awesome, they are just plain awesome. This album is no exception. As heavy as anything you'll hear its just something that you'll play, then want to play again! Its just that good. Tracks:

'Laid To Rest': Perfect start to the album. Great riff and great vocals. This is Lamb of God at their finest. It doesn't get much better than this. 5/5

'Hourglass': Ok, not one of LOG's best but it is undenialably them. Not a track that you would want to skip, but won't be played as much as the others I reckon. 4/5

'Now Youve Got Something To Die For': Best track on the album. This has awesome lyrics with Randy just screaming the title with so much emotion. Great riff that will be in your head for days and just a brilliant track. Classic Lamb of God. 5/5

'The Faded Line': Great lyrics in this track aswell with another chunky riff. Not much more to say just great. 5/5

'Omerta': Starts with a great piece of speaking by Randy with no music. You wont really understand until you listen to it but it really starts this track well and then goes into another heavy riff. Again one of the best on the album that ends with Randy screaming so violently. 5/5

'Blood Of The Scribe': Second best on the album. Awesome riff and a great piece of vocals during the chorus when Randy screams 'RIP THE PAGE!' so well. That stays in your head as does the whole song. 5/5

'One Gun': Awesome yet again. This album isn't stopping half way through it just keeps on going. Good riff. 4/5

'Break You': Good track yet again. Running out of things to say really. Just that this is another brilliant song. 4/5

'What I've Become': The first 'meh' song on the album and one of the reasons why it only got 4 stars. Still ok though just not the best that Lamb of God can do. 3/5

'Ashes of the Wake': I'm not the biggest fan of instrumentals but this is ok. Lots of solos which works pretty well. 3/5

'Remorse is for the Dead': the album ends well though. Good riff and lyrics and good name! 4/5

This album is excellent. The only reason it didnt get 5 stars is because of a few only ok songs and not enough top rated ones. Still a must buy for any heavy metal fan! Randy's vocals still continue to amaze me.
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on 5 September 2004
This is an ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING album!
I am a big fan of pantera and slayer..... just imagine a super being that was composed of them both.... and you would recieve a copy of this album. I have all of the Lamb of God albums and its not very often that 'newer' albums impress me. A perfect example is Slipknot (New album too melodic In My Opinion) and Machine Head (New album is good but was going downhill after Burning Red).
The single Laid to Rest sends bellowing aches through your being, making you wanna go outside and tell the world how rubbish it is. It holds many anthems and it is surprising the quality of this album even though it has been taken under the wings of Epic Records (Sony). Usually i would class this as a band selling out.... but not in this case. They show how still they are true even by them reaching high popularity levels and its really nice to hear some well produced solid heavy metal sounds. Another track to look out for is 'Remorse is for the Dead' which has the melodic symbolism of Seasons in the abyss by Slayer and the Intensity of Bands like Carcass and SuperJoint. To be honest in my opinion its one of the best albums ive heard in years, and they are bound to break new limits for such heavy songs. I love heavy metal and i wish it to live on forever, and if you feel the same i hope you buy this album and keep it alive for it is the only true and pure music, and the only type to not keep whining on about sex and drugs and mindless stuff like pop music does (and the darkness), but about actual problems and issues that we as people must address. Keep Rockin man, and buy this albim, because they kick ass.
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Ashes Of The Wake is Lamb Of God's Third full length studio album. The album is decidedly more polished and cleaner than its predecessors, with producer Machine (that's his name) taking the helm for the first time and really driving for clarity in a way previously unheard of on a Lamb Of God album.

Apart from the new cleaner production, the first thing you'll notice about Ashes is the songwriting, Lamb Of God hit onto the perfect formula for writing catchy singles and crowd pleasing songs that instantly feel familiar, that have hooks and that most importantly are highly memorable.

While the earlier material was awesome, it was harder to familiarize yourself with and songs would take a great many listens before you understood how they worked or remembered what came next, with Ashes everything just clicks.
The combination of a less brash production and more accessible songs may be unpalatable to some fans of the earlier output but its hard to deny the sheer quality of music.

The musicianship is of the highest standard, head and shoulders above many of their peers both technically and creatively each Lamb of God member seems handpicked because he was the best in his field.

The album is chocked full of career highlights from the excellent politically fused `One Gun,' or the introspective `What I've Become,' to singles `Now You've Got Something To Die For,' and `Laid To Rest,' nothing is ever short of excellent.

Chris Poland once again returns with guest guitar contributions are once again welcome and don't feel out of place whatsoever on the fantastic instrumental title track.

Ashes Of The Wake may have a more commercial production but its hard to complain when the music is this good.
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on 5 April 2005
Firstly, if you don't like death metal style vocals, stay well away from this. If you have heard 'God hates us all' by Slayer, then that can give you a good idea what to expect, but this is heavier, faster and generally better!

Ive heard alot of music that sounds like this but its never appealed to me, but LOG have something most don't, and that's clever songs that are intended to slap you round the face with the heaviness, while still making sure theres some cool riffs, great solos, and immense drumming.

'Laid to Rest' is a great way to start the album and is followed by the even better 'Hourglass' - this song is just brilliant; somehow it's crushingly heavy while using guitar riffs which almost have a groove to them. The heavy songs continue throughout and, while there isnt much variety, each one is great. The title track is a great instrumental, reminiscent of old-school Metallica. 'Remorse is for the Dead' closes the album in a flurry of anger and hatred and one of the best songs on the abum.

This album actually reminds me of 'Reign in Blood' by Slayer; a brutal opening followed by a series of hatred filled songs & closing with a song which is quiet until all hell breaks loose.

This album is just so so so very good. There isn't anything that sounds quite so menacing anywhere else. Lamb Of God are soon to be THE heavy metal band of the modern era

5 Stars
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on 30 June 2005
This album has no bad songs on it, all of them are amazing. This is worth at least twice as much as it costs and will not be out of your CD player for at least a year. This rivals "As The Palaces Burn", the only downfall is that you will not get the song "Another Nail For Your Coffin" unless you go to Japan, import the Japanese version or download it and it is an amazing song. But this doesn't matter, if you haven't already bought this album, what are you still doing here??!?
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on 28 August 2004
Think of everything you like about metal bands and times it by ten. Then you come close to this album. Tight bone-crunching riffs from the guitar and double bass work, mind-ripping screams and the odd fast as s**t shredding your ever likely to hear at this level. I can say this honestly the best metal album i own and pisses all over anything that aspires to it. BUY THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!
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