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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2017
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on 8 September 2006
Beyonce's 2nd album suffers very much like her first release. Starts off quite well and then sinks into mediocre rnb tracks that other artists would've binned. Deja vu is a great track and get your bodied the 2nd track is also quite good..the absolout killer track though is Suga mama produced by rich harrison..bangin track..its a pity the lp doesnt have more tracks like this. Kitty kay and green light the two neptunes prod tracks sound like pharrell ofcasts..very boring and i was falling asleep during kitty kat especially. irreplacable is quite a nice song but as its prod by stargate sounds as though hearsay or girls aloud might record it..kinda sounds wrong for beyonce..not bad track though. thats about it..the rest is even worse than ive mentioned..good for the first 3 tracks and irreplacable..the rest is dire..Sham as detinys childs albums were usually strong but beyonce can't quite cut it yet as a solo artist..better luck next time
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on 6 December 2006
The album title... Is that pure ignorance? I'm sure Americans aren't that thick, are they???

American Heritage Dictionary

bi·det (be-da)


A fixture similar in design to a toilet that is straddled for bathing the genitals and the posterior parts.

Sums up her and her work perfectly.
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on 31 August 2006
ive downloaded the whole album, well as a big fan of beyonce i dont think its as good as her 1st album dangerously in love, and with B'day only havin ten songs, but the songs are very catchy wen u've heard them more than once! the best songs on the album are, Deja Vu, ring the alarm, freakum dress, upgrade u , get me bodied,suga mama, kitty kat!,

give the album a chance, and to all you haters u try n du better, get over yourselfs! Lol
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on 23 September 2006
I bought this the day it came out after loving Deja Vu which is a brilliant song but on her new album it almost blends into the background. This whole album has a very new and fresh sound that if anything is a bit ahead of its time. But this whole album is absolutely brilliant. Generally this is a fast paced hip hop and R&B album with many club suited tracks. However unlike her previous album, Dangerously In Love, there is no filler partly due to its length.

The best tracks on this album are:


Skipped this track on first playing but that was a complete mistake. This is head and shoulders above all the other songs on the album. Beyonce's voice has really progressed and become even stronger than before and more brassy. This is her show case. One of my favourtie songs of the year.

2.Get Me Bodied

This is another track that at first I didn't pay any attention to but now I absolutely love it. It has got a brilliant beat and I love the chorus and the bridge. Can't help but love this track and would be absolutely amazing in a club.

3.Green Light

This is track Beyonce wrote with the Neptunes and has a similar sort of feel to Crazy In Love with the heavy brass chorus. This is another very catchy song that is irrestible.

4. Listen

This is one of the bonus tracks that is a sweeping ballad that she sings very well. The only problem with it though is that I don't like the way it ends so abruptly.

5.Check On It

The song for the pink panther and still sounds great despite being a year old. I will never get bored of this track.

Other songs that are worth a mention are: Suga Mama (reminds me of 'Work It Out' on her last album but is fresher and better) Freakum Dress (great upbeat track) and Ring The Alarm - this track gets better the more you listen to it. In general I was very happy with this album and its new sound despite my initial disappointment upon first hearing. Certainly worth buying and it is better than Christina Aguilera's new album.
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on 8 August 2006
This unfortunately titled album is full of weak booty shakers. Repetitive with very little in the way of melody. A drum machine and a few guest stars doesn't hide that fact that this is a lazy effort.
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on 10 September 2006
I am a big fan of beyonce but I expected more from her... This album jus feels hollow to me. It just doesnt satify me like beyoncés other albums. She is talented lady and i have all of the destinys child albums and dangerously in love to prove it but this album seems rushed. A lot songs sound very similar to each other.... very staccato and loud! I think beyonce is going to wake up any day now and think to herself "ooops"!

The only songs i like are Deja vu, ring the alarm, get me bodied, upgrade you, irreplacable, freekum dress and resentment but the only song that has a trace of the beyonce zing is resentment. It has good harmonies but beyoncés voice cracks all over the track.

This album is not good but a few tracks stop it from being completly bum...
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on 6 September 2006
If you are thinking about buying B's album then u must like what shes done b4...Ok, so Dont be put off by people saying its not as hot as D.C. or dangerously in love. She has absolutely taken risks on this album and made it very fast (2 weeks!!) do not let this put u off either. Especially do not be put off by the fact that there are only ten (visible) new tracks...she prepares a bit of a surprise for her fans at the end of the cd, which helps you 2 understand y she did the album this way.

Now for the tracks - The album is filled with upbeat and catchy tunes with Beyonce hooks, funky fresh rhythmns and a whole heap of retro soul thrown in 4 good measure. Of course not 4gettin her secret ingredient a voice like honey drizzled over melted dark cocoa chocolate!! Not one 4 food analogies? -its amazing!!

Where B could be incredibly indulgent and depressing she fights back strong with a beat and lyrics that u wouldnt expect from a track about your own broken heart. A lot of the tracks are about being somewhat unlucky in the relationship game (which many ppl will relate 2) however u are left feeling empowered and inspired by her lyrics, voice, spirit and backbone.

My favourite tracks so far - Deja vu, Upgrade u, Get me bodied, Kitty kat, Green Light, Irreplaceable and Ring the alarm!!!

This along with Aguileras Back 2 Basics is definately my favourite album of the year. Best Beyonce ever - its more honest than dangerously in love, and more personal than we ever go with D.C so IGNORE THE DOUBTS and BUY IT NOW...PLEASE!!!
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on 7 September 2006
I love this album. I think it is way better than Dangerously in Love(DIL) and I liked that album. DIL was about love and romance this is more about taking control and knowing what you want. I am so glad that Beyonce didn't make this new album all saccahrin ballads. This album is edgier and more street,it's darker and shows simply that she is growing up and is not a little girl anymore, she is expanding the music repetoire. I read all the rumours on the internet and to be honest, I was nervous. Could she follow DIL? Would this album be as good?. I may be biased because I am a huge fan, but this album has not disappointed. It is excellent. She has done it and done it in style.

1. Deja Vu-This has great energy, I think Miss Bee wanted to make an impact with her first single and she certainly did, this was a great first single. It reminded me of Crazy in Love that same kind of energy but Bee stamps her mark on it. 8/10

2. Get me bodied-Wanna shake ya booty? Put this track on, it has a infectious beat and you won't wanna sit down! 9/10

3. Suga Mama-Are you in any doubt that Bee can sing? Well, this track is fantastic, it suits her voice perfectly and leaves you panting for more. 'Let me be your suga mama' She sings, whooo!Wonderful slice of classic RnB This track is the dogs. I can't stop playing this 10/10

4. Upgrade U- I love this track. Many have said that it is has a slightly strange beat but it rocks, slightly down beat but Beyonce even makes this sounds sexy! 8/10

5.Ring the Alarm- People will either love or hate this track, needless to say, I love it. Very different and boy, Bee is really mad at someone they better watch it! LOL. 8/10

6. Kitty Kat-This is very sexy, sultry and more what traditionalists would expect, but it showcases her transitions from little girl to all out vamp. 7/10

7. Freekum Dress- Hmmm, I didn't really get on with this one at first took a few plays but once it hits you it is a very cool track. 7/10

8. Green Light- Infectious tune, get up on the dance floor with this one, very good RnB slice. 8/10

9. Irreplaceble- Very clever song, in the 'who do you think you are?' mode every girl who has ever sat down listening to a guy brag about how great he is will relate to this song. 9/10

10. Resentment-Ever been really hurt? This says it all. 8/10

11-Check on it- You've all heard it and know the deal with it. 8/10

All in all, this is a well rounded album fans will expect one thing and she delivers another but that is a good thing she will also gain new fans with this album, she is trying to be different and not one dimensional, it showcases what she has done in the past, but what she can do in the future. If you don't get this you are missing an RnB classic. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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on 3 July 2007
Even though I heard `Déjà vu' on the radio repeatedly I still wasn't quite impress. But when I heard `Ring the Alarm' I had decided to check it out. B'Day is one of those rare albums that popular artists release that completely throw away all previous conceptions. Shedding her good girl image and reveling in angst and sexual provocateur, B proves that she's more relevant than ever. I do like this album but Beyonce borrows from a lot of people style (which she thinks is original) because `Déjà vu' is Teena Maire all day long. Moreover, you can tell she wrote `Upgrade U,' `Ring the Alarm' and `Freakum Dress' because they are not as sharp lyrical as the rest of the songs. If you are a true Beyonce fan you should know she writes her true feelings in her music. Although she is a quiet as kept type of person, Beyonce has few talents and also reveals much of herself through her music.

The Neptune's produced song `Kitty Kat' features Beyonce crying out for some lovin'. It has elements of Kelis, Marvin, and all the soul-singers, yet it's still fresh and original. On the slow jam `Irreplacable,' B sounds out on love lost and mistakes you shouldn't made. It's beautiful but still very funky. Another highlight includes the bizarre `Freakum Dress,' where Beyonce sings about enticing a stranger 'cos she ain't getting any from her man. All of this is done over the clammering Rich Harrison production. I really don't care about the amount (or quantity) of tracks that is place in an album as long as it shows some quality.

If I were to take a poll with 10 people, 7 out of 10 would prefer her freshman album rather than this one. I am very open minded to change and I embrace her new image which is sexy and physical. This album isn't bad but not fantastic. I won't be surprise if it ends up being a Grammy contender. *Although the songs mentioned are stellar. And I'm not an all around Beyonce fan, so that's saying quite a bit. I might become a Beyonce fan if she continues in this brash, raw style.
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