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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2002
This album is deep. its not what you might have been expecting after 36 chambers, but if u judge it on it's on merits rather than comparing it with previous work, you'll realise that this is a classic. first off it is a deep album. this is probable it's biggest flaw (commercially)- it's full of deep, meaningful lyrics, which unfortunatley these days seem to take the back foot to guns, money, ice, and hoes. in the word's of ghostface (slightly edited so this review will actually get published): ''All we gonna do is just keep doin' what we do best. We know one thing - that there is more dumb people than smart people, so when we bring Wu-tang Forever and we preach to people, nobody want to hear that stuff. It's like I'm tryin' give you knowledge and teach you and tell you to do somethin' right, you don't want to hear that. Forever was like college - we stepped our rhymes up. People didn't want to hear that though. So now we know like: hold on, nah, that's too strong for 'em.' Can't feed a baby steak: can't digest it, he can't even chew it; he ain't gonna want it.''
i think that little paragraph sums it up really well. it was a deep album, but alot of it just flew over people's heads, so it didnt get the respect it deserves. to this day i dont know how professional reviewers allowed this to get past them without appreciating it, but maybe it was too deep for most of them too. im not gonna break down the LP track-by-track as the last guy did that. although i will point out that 'a better tomorrow' is one of the greatest songs of all time, and 'impossible' contains 2 of the best verses i've ever heard.
all i can really say is buy this album and judge it for your self, but give it a few listens before u pass judgement, as it can take a fair few listens to understand some of the lyrics, and a few of the tunes have to grow on you.
but in conclusion this is a true master piece, and for little more than a tenner you can't go wrong. BUY IT!!!!
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on 21 February 2003
The perceived downfall of the Wu Tang Clan can be traced back to this release. Before 'Forever' the Wu could do no wrong in the eyes of the critics. Their debut release, 'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' was held to be one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made. The five solo albums that were released after '36 Chambers' were each held in equally high regard. Then, however, things went slightly off course for the Wu. 'Forever' was delayed for so long, many fans began to wonder if it would ever appear. Then when it arrived many fans were sceptical of this hip hop double LP that weighs in at over two hours long.
As early as the first track proper prove the doubters wrong, 'Reunited' has the Gza fire an opening salvo on those artists who had been copying the Wu's style while they had been gone, "Reunited, double-LP, the world excited / struck a match to the underground / industry ignited / from metaphorical parables to fertilise the Earth / wicked ni**ers come try to burglarise my turf / scatting off soft a** beats them ni***rs rap happily / tragically, that style, deteriorates, rapidly." It's great opener, and one that reassures the listener that whatever they've read about this LP, the Wu-Tang mean business.
Released in 1997, this was the time when Rza was prepared to take a few risks with his production. On 'Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours', Ghostface Killah is tearing through a typically uncompromising verse when the music simply runs out leaving Ghost to finish his verse acapella. Equally, 'For Heaven's Sake' with its odd high-pitched warble effect is one of Rza's more innovative tracks.
The first disc concludes with 'It's Yourz' an attempt by the Wu to match some of their earlier anthems. It has Rza, in typically self-appreciating style, shout, "It's yours / the seed and the black woman / it's yours / double LP from Wu Tang Clan." If the first disc had been released alone, the listener could not have too many complaints. Strange then that the second disc contains just as many, if not more, classic Wu-Tang tracks.
The second disc kicks off with the single 'Triumph'. It's a dark affair, with the Wu positioning themselves as soldiers on a battleground ("War of the masses / the outcome disastrous / many of the victims families save their ashes / a million names on walls and graves and plaques / those who went back receive penalty for their acts."). Elsewhere on disc two, 'Impossible' has the Wu in preachy mood, Raekwon tells us, "The murder rate is increasing and we're decreasing / so at the same time that you play with guns... / that causes conflict against your own."
For the most part this is a group effort, but at certain points during disc two, the rappers break off into pairs to differing effect. 'The MGM' has Raekwon and Ghostface Killah trading the microphone line by line over a typically stark backing track. 'Dog S**t' is ODB and Method Man's chance to shine in the absence of the rest of the group. Frankly, the result is a juvenile, misogynistic track that somehow manages to be semi-entertaining. However, for those still in any doubt about the political correctness of the Wu the following track, 'Duck Seazon' is an entirely immature tirade about homosexuality.
Typically the album is highly cinematic. From the sleeve design to the b-movie snippets to the hilarious virtual tour of the Wu Mansion (a CD-ROM extra found on disc one), the album has a Hollywood feel to it.
I've always been of the opinion that the press were unduly savage on 'Forever'. It's not quite the equal of '36 Chambers' but it really isn't far away. Criticisms of it being overlong are not unfounded and perhaps one or two of the tracks would have been better left on the production room floor, but album with twenty-nine tracks will have one or two weak ones. 'Forever' should be an essential purchase for any hip hop fan.
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on 23 August 2002
*Puts Cd 1 in computer*
Well the intro is not as nice as the cd2 intro and really they just babble for a the first kid said just skip it. 2/5
Reunited- An outstanding opening track, the voilin loop is just original excellence, RZA, ODB all come nice. 4/5
For Heavens Sake- this track is just great the sampled hook is fantastic and gives it that wu-tang rawness.4/5
Cash Still rules/Scary Hours- the loop in the background is so god dang ill, ghost comes nice as hell on the opening verse, one of the best tracks on cd1. 4.5/5
Visionz- I never liked the reverse loop at the intro of this track and the beat doesn't do it for me..meth doesn't relly open the verse with anything nice either but ghost comes nicely afterwards. 3/5
As high as Wu-tang get- ODB's grimeyness is so damn rugged and ill. he shines on this track. 3/5
Severe punishment- This is so dark and rugged again, U god opens nice and ghost comes real nice again. 4/5
Older Gods- pure dope, the beat, loop, everyhting...i could bump this track for eternal time. ghost shows why his uniqe style is so damn ill.(i like ghost, but you'll know why after you buy this cd)
Maria- very graphic didn't feel this too much, ODB's crude and blunt remarks just ain't funny at times, and i felt he was tryna hit on the area. this is a nice track all the same but ODB ruins it for me. 4/5
A better tomorrow- i love this track, the hook is just real nice and true, makes you look out at yourself and realise you shouldn't waste your life away. 4/5
Its yours- real nice outro from the first cd this track is a wu-classic 5/5
Intro- real nice intro, and speaks werd of truth.
Triumph- Inspectah Deck probably dropped as known one of the best verses to be heard on the mic. incredible, another classic 5/5
Impossible- again nice needs to be listened to more than once grows on you. 3/5
Little ghetto boys- this is real hard for me to like it as much as the original sampled version used by dre on the chronic...but sitll wu used it nicely. 4/5
Deadly melody- i need to listen to this more maybe but i didn't rate it. 3/5
The city- loved this track the hook is dope...rugged, raw..just excellence form the wu again 4/5
The projects- was an aight track.,..iono..3/5 from me though i need to listen to it more.
hellz wind staff- absoulutly amazing track, some real raw wu-tang slankg shaolin hooks and just plain ill 5/5
Heaterz- prolly the best track on the album, never have i heard such an ill beat..this track gives me the shivers from the infinite illness coming out of the speakers. unbelivable stuff...deseves top make the whole album a 5/5 oin its own.
this is something that if you remotly like wu-tang you have to buy...all you fans of rugged, raw...and unque style of emceeing you must take a peep.
deserve each start 10 times of any ludacris or nelly album.
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on 5 August 2004
I felt i had to review this double lp when i saw people giving it 2 stars. That is rediculous, how can you possibly say it is unlike wu to have samples in their songs? name 1 of their albums that doesnt, your mad. As soon as you hear track 2, reunited, it is obvious that this lp is gonna be something special. The track shows off wus greatest skills and also has the best beat i have ever heard in a song, ever! The rest of the cd is almost as good, but it does not quite match the 36 chambers. Another great track on this cd is the, 4th disciple produced, 'the city'. An amazing track and i cannot believe that some guy said that it is not worth a listen, some people are just crazy. You should also check out heaterz, another phat track.
9/10 if your a first time wu buyer, try the 36 chambers. peace.
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on 29 March 2001
I borrowed this from a friend and thought it would be less orignal than 'Enter the Wu-tang - 36 chambers' but I was wrong so i went and bought it! Every song is amazing, you will not get bored by this album. If you enjoyed the previous album with its complex lyrics accompanied by mysterious sounds and kung-fu movie extracts, then you are sure to like this. If you have just recently discovered the Clan, you are probably aware of 'Gravel Pit' on 'The W'. The style of this album is different to that of 'Forever' and '36 Chambers' with a less complex structure to songs. Therefore I would not get 'The W' but 'Forever' instead. If you are finding it hard to decide which one to get of the three. I would say this one. It's more recent and advanced lyrically, and I love it! :)
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on 13 December 2013
This is a rugged and raw masterpiece!.

With unrivalled grainy samples beats and flows.

Even the songs that arent stand out amazing are of a high quality, you can just leave this album to play.

If you like wu tang but have never heard this album, You need it!
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on 12 March 2002
Ok. First of all. Don't expect this album to be better than their debut. Coz the 36 chambers was perfect. Just because this album isn't exactly the same as their debut doesn't mean it's not as good. This is how the Wu tang tell people, "We have grown, so this is how we rap now!"
Track 1. This intro is far too long so just skip it!
Track 2. This track is great. You can't fail to like the violin loop and banging beat. Gza and Rza really shine on this track with Ms. Roxy supplying the vocals.
Track 3. " For heavens sake" is a slightly old school track but as simple as it's also very good, with a 70's sample and a great verse from Masta Killa, this track is saved.
Track 4. They shouldn't have compared this to the all time classic C.R.E.A.M. Fairly dull but saved by ghost's last verse, rapping right into the next track.
Track 5. This trackis mediocre, but trust me, it'll grow on you if you listen to it enough.
Track 6. This track is just the right leagnth. Ol dirty, Gza and Method do great on this track, good beat. Good track.
Track 7. This is by far the best track on the A side of this album. After the chilling kung fu intro, U-God spits a brilliant verse followed by several other perfect rhymes by Gza, masta kill and Raekwon. Great beat, great tune, great track. Play it loud.
Track 8. You have to be a hardcore wu fan to understand the lyrics on this one. It would take too long for me to explain even the first verse's mystik slang, but rest assured, the science they're dropping is classic Wu. This track will grow on you more and more. Gza really really shines on this one.
Track 9. This track is a little graphic. Even though rza and Ol Dirty spit good verses on this track, they couldn't save it from Cappadonna's terrible, off and on style verse. Not an amazing track.
Track 10. " A better Tomorrow" is very deep. I like this track and the tune and beat, along with the lyrics supplied by deck and U-god on the chorus deliver a powerful message that makes this track very good.
Track 11. Another fairly good effort from the Wu. Ghostface killa is the saving grace of this song.
Track 1. B side. This intro is just long enough. But once you've listened to it skip it!
Track 2. "Triumph" is a great song. The only thing it's missing is Old Dirty's verse. But even Cappadonna manages to keep this song's high standards. Gza's verse is far too short. But on the whole, A classic Wu banga.
Track 3. "Impossible" takes a few listens to understand. Ghost face shows the world why he's the best story telling rapper on Earth. Great track.
Track 4. A lovely fast pace track by Raekwon and Cappadonna. Yes even Cappadonna manages to flow over this track. The beat is one of the best on the album.
Track 5. This is personally one of my favourite tracks on the whole album. Street life spits the best stuff I've ever heard out of him. A lovely yet deadly melody to jam to.
Track 6. Skip this Inspektah Deck track. It's not worth listening to.
Track 7. Ghost face almost ruins this track with his horrible verse about sexually transmitted diseases. But apart from that. This track is actually very good.
Track 8. Bells of war lets U-god really shine. Nuff sed.
Track 9. The M.G.M is one of my troubles about this album. Alot of people like it. I don't. Ghost and Raekwon sound really off beat here. Maybe you'll like it...
Track 10. "Dog Sh*t" is, despite it's name, a lovely little track by the ODB. I like this track more and more everytime I play it.
Track 11. Wow! This track has enough slang on it to carry the Wu through to the 30th century. Raekwon really really gives it his all on this one. The rza shows you why he's the Abbot of the clan while Method Man gives a less than satisfactory verse. Lighten up Meth!
Track 12. Street life saves this track from being skipped with his amazing first verse. Although all the other rappers do allright on this track. The beat isn't great, therefore...neither is the outcome.
Track 13. "Heaterz" is a really good track. Raekwon, U-God, Inspektah Deck and Cappadonna...Yes even Cappadonna, really flow over this track. The tune is perfect and the beat is just the icing on the cake.
Track 14. If you like U-God (which I do) then don't let the fact that he's rhyming about shampoo put you off this track. Just let the soft flow overcome you. If you don't like U-God then skip it.
Track 15. "Second Coming" is just Tekitha singing. I like this track, but I can't help but think they had run out of ideas by then.
Track 16. Listen to this outro once. Take it all in, then you never have to listen to it again.
All in all this album deserves every star I've given it. Just because it isn't exactly the same as their debut album, doesn't mean it's bad. This album is great. This is why I love the Wu Tang!
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on 15 December 2011
Two albums in one and they are both of the highest standard.
You don't get much better hip hip than the Wu at there best. If your looking for phat beats and intelligent and aggressive lyrics to get you reved up then look no further.
So good I had to buy it again after wearing out the first cd
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on 24 March 2000
I first heard this album back in 1997 when it was already over 4years old. I was amazed at how fresh it sounded. Its raw origin (shaolin) style set a whole new standard to which subsequent ablums are marked against, it heralded a revolution in rap and started a new era that has had a far futher reaching audience than ever before.
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on 6 September 2000
I have to say that I thought that Enter wasn't as good as it could have been, but this 2-cd sequal has it all! No matter what mood I'm in, there are tracks to suit it.
Long May the Wu reign!
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