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on 10 March 2004
Whilst almost all the reviews here have come to praise The Love Below (and rightly so, it is extremely good), this review is more to get those who haven't listened to Speakerboxx yet, to listen to it. It's a shame to hear how so many people have just completely ignored Speakerboxx, because this is more consistent than The Love Below. Tracks like Valentine's Day, Spread, She Lives In My Lap, Hey Ya, Roses and Dracula's Wedding shine amongst what is mostly very good but not great material on The Love Below. Nevertheless thanks to Hey Ya Andre 3000 is one of the biggest stars on earth right now, although the single release of the "catchier with every listen" The Way You Move should bring some semblance of parity between the two, along with pretty much every other track on Speakerboxx that hasn't got amusing soundbites in between. It's much more than "just hip-hop" and is just as accessible as The Love Below. Listen to Ghettomusick, The Rooster or War for example. This double album fully deserved all the awards it has received so far - it's a bit more intelligent than the usual gangster rap that the likes of 50 Cent peddle out. Some filler but as a whole, that good it will be a serious contender for album of the decade in all genres.
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on 21 May 2004
Outkast have always been a firm favourite of mine. Songs like 'Ms.Jackson' & 'The whole world' are so good. When I bought this album, it was when 'Hey ya!' was a radio and TV favourite. I put in the Love Below disc first.
The intro is a great R&B jazz song followed by the same from the second song. As i listened to more of it i couldn't believe what a superb album it was. My favourite songs are 'Valentines Day' , 'Spread' , 'Roses' , 'Hey Ya!' and 'Draculas Wife'.
The Speakerboxx album is also great. I love the interlude 'Bamboo' its so funny and represents how creative those outkast boys are. My favourite tunes on this disc are 'Ghettomusick' , 'Unhappy' , 'Bowtie' , 'Knowing' , 'the way you move' and 'the tomb of the boom'
All in all, this album is brilliant and would be a super addition to any musick fans collection.
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2010
By 2003, Outkast had already produced a handful of hip-hop's greatest albums, with predecessor Stankonia also taking their fame and sales global. But rumours of disarray dogged them, and the follow-up eventually emerged not as one cohesive album but as a bizarre concept - a solo album from each member of the duo, released collectively under the Outkast name.

The solo albums couldn't be more different from each other, possibly explaining the innovation of their collaborative music. The first disc is Big Boi's Speakerboxxx, and it is one of the most extraordinary hip-hop albums of our time. Big Boi throws his tricksy rhymes on top of any music he can get his hands on, but never once does his reach exceed his grasp. Witness the clattering skank of 'Knowing' or the emotional piano arpeggios of 'Flip-Flop Rock.' The album has a big hit single in the form of the comparatively generic 'The Way You Move,' but tellingly, the album peaks early. Opener 'Ghettomusick' is one of the few where both members collaborate - it's a stop-start, psychedelic epic that is simply unlike anything else in the world of hip-hop; truly a staggering piece of work.

Andre 3000's The Love Below is the inferior of the two discs. Boasting the world-conquering 'Hey Ya,' Andre spends too much time indulging his Prince fantasies on songs which stretch on far too long. 'Roses,' another of the handful of collaborations between the duo, is one of their worst ever songs by far. Andre only really succeeds when he staples his ideas to a hip-hop beat or when he completely throws the rulebook out. In the latter category, you have 'Love Hater,' one part squealing Hendrix guitar, one part jazz falsetto - it's utterly insane. In the former, you have songs like the fantastic 'Happy Valentine's Day,' a two-step beat that erupts into bubbling synth midway through. Almost as good is the chilled R'n'B of 'Prototype.'

Both discs are far overpopulated with skits, as any Outkast (or rap in general) album is, and that five-star score isn't unwarranted. But the problem is the opportunity missed. When the two of them reach critical mass on 'Ghettomusick' they create something astonishing - and if you took the best songs from each disc, you'd not only have the greatest hip-hop album ever made, but you'd have one of the top ten albums ever made in any genre.
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on 4 October 2003
i'am gonna skip the superlatives that have and will be hurled at this album and just say its stunning, especially the beatles esque hey ya, get it and shake it like a polaroid picture.......
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on 22 October 2003
I haven't got much to say about this Album, apart from the words MASTER PIECE, this is the most unique album, I have ever heard, and its brilliant, every song is brilliant, and listening to the albums (there's two) the first time will blow you away. If your hesitating whether or not to buy this Album, buy it NOW you won't regret it at all, every song is different in some way to the other and has its own piece of master class in it.
The album 'Speakerboxxx', is the more hip, up beat album with more rapping on and has more of a gangster kind of jist to it, and 'The love below' is the more chillout kind of album not as much rapping in but on the same class level as the first album. The album is pure brilliance, I can see it been number 1 best album without a doubt. Most albums just have a couple of good songs, and then the rest of the songs on an album are just fill tracks and are disastrous, this album is different to every other album it is full of amazing songs.
There, now I've told you what I think, decide for your self whether to buy it or not, I highly recommend you do.
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on 21 July 2004
Apart from the singles that have been released, all the other tracks seem to have been thrown together with several different bits of random material. I was very dissapointed.
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on 29 September 2003
What can i say!! Outkast are back and have done it again. Many have commented on the album being disjointed as there are two clearly seperate sounds - Andre 3000 going for a new eclectic sound where he croons more than he spits. And then Big Boi who with the help of Killer Mike and Jay-Z absolutly smash 'Flip Flop Rock'.
All in all an amazin soundin album - for all of you who know Outkast u know this is a must buy. Their differentiation and originality should be applauded more within the industry who seem more intent on glorifying violence and pushin the beef between 50, Ja and DMX.
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on 25 January 2004
THis album blew me away from the first listen, its so different from every other hip-hop album yourll ever hear, andre 3000's set will blow you away while somehow managing to introduce brass and jazz instruments to the genre, quite simply exquisite, while the other disc is still revolutiionary it doesn't have the same woooooow factor, its more generic but no worse off for it. we have found the future of hip-hop and I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 3 October 2003
these guys are not afraid to push the boundaries of what hi-hop or pop music can do. If you are tired of the bland, misognystic
poseurs of today's hip-hop scene this CD is definitely for you.
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on 12 February 2004
man... i just got this today. stuck speakerboxxx in drive 1, the love below in drive 2, what a combination. this album just rules. if you like rap, jazz, funk, r'n'b, whatever... just listen to this. its amazing. dre and big boi just keep advancing the state of music. listen to flip flop rock, some aqemini-style beats with awesome flows from big boi and Jay-Z. check out anything from the love below if you wanna hear some crazy brilliant experimental stuff. anything on here will move you. go get it
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