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on 17 August 2016
This album is split into two sections. Disc 1 is a collection of original B-Sides / Unreleased songs written by the Manics themselves and Disc 2 is full of covers, ranging from such well known artists as Nirvana, Guns N' Roses and Art Garfunkel to much obscure ones such as McCarthy and Camper Van Beethoven...yeah, I never heard of them either, but such great songs!
Seeing how this is just a collection album, there is an incredibly seamless flow to the songs, the transition from one song to the next isn't at all as jarring as you'd expect from such a diverse mix of songs. Production genius or plain class? Who cares? It works!
There is just under 2 hours of MSP here and while a lot of the originals / Disc 1 is great, I found myself preferring the second CD. ' We Are All Bougeois Now,' ' Bright Eyes,' 'It's So Easy,' are about as polar opposite songs as you can get, whilst the, I guess, 'Acid Blues' cover of Nirvana's 'Been a Son' is as unique as it is raw.
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on 11 May 2017
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on 18 July 2017
Some really good tracks alongside some indifferent cuts, but if you like MSP this is an interesting addition to their catalogue.
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on 20 July 2003
Over the last year I have become a true Manics fan, and this is a must for anyone who loves the Manics. Much better than there recent greatest hits, Forever Delayed, this Double CD has some excellent B-sides that it is suprising that they didnt end up as singles. My favourites include Prologue to History, Mr Carbohydrate and a different version of Spectators of Sucicde. The second CD is also excellent with some great cover versions from Nivarana to Guns and Roses, my favourites including Bright Eyes and Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head. I would also recommend this to anyone with a passion for music, and anyone with an interest in the Manic Street Preachers.
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on 23 November 2003
You can't please all of the people all of the time, and really this is one for the die hards only. The casual MSP listener will have been happy with "Forever Delayed", and it's commercially driven tracklisting. The album is somehting of an alter ego of "Forever Delayed". It is a necessarily incomplete, and potted history of the otherside of the band, evolving through various stages of it's career, as a 4-piece, and also as a 3-piece.
The anticipation on the MSP forums prior to the release of this album was intense, with fierce debates about the ideal tracklisting sparked by the realisation that the bands vast history of B sides and rareties would mean some notable absentees. As it happened, "Hibernation", and the controversial "Patrick Bateman" the main casualties, but the tracklisting still has the quality that would have been expected.
Highlights on the first disc include the raging "Prologue To History" with it's cynical references to Engurland and Dyson, and the weary ballad-like "Donkeys". Doubtless there are some weaker moments, but the overall sound is of an evolviong band.
Cover versions such as "Been A Son", "Wrote For Luck", and "The Drowners" had been traded on unofficial MSP websites for years, and are obvious inclusions. The adulaiton of the Clash is obvious and, of course, merited, with fine versions of "Train In Vain", and "What's My Name", and the early homage to GnR is spot-on, with the spiky rendition of "It's So Easy", a stellar inclusion in the tracklists of the infamous Astoria gigs at Christmas 1994. As is "Last Christmas", an unlikely source for a MSP cover, but carried off with heart for TFI Friday some years back.
All in all, a worthy offering for anyone with an interest in the evolution of the band, and an obvious necessity for the hardcore, and with the snippets of MSP in live action, it can't be long before we can look forward to the live album that we were told we would never hear.
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on 23 July 2003
Despite being a fan for quite a few years now I have not heard many of these tracks before and I found the album quite fun. The first CD is a collection of B-sides and unreleased material (including an awful version of Spectators of suicide). the tracks are not ordered sequentially so it is quite fun seeing the contrasts of the bands 'sound' from the early days to the newer tracks. It is fairly obvious which tracks are which to anyone who has heard the bands albums.
A much better offering than the greatest hits compilation released a while back.
The second CD is a collection of cover versions done by the band (mostly live tracks) over the years and is quite an interesting insight into the band's psyche. Lots of cheesy numbers (Bright eyes, raindrops keep falling on my head etc etc) intersperesed with more serious tracks originally done by people like the clash.
I defy anyone not to smile whilst listening to 'Can't take my eyes off you' towards the end of the second cd. And as for 'Last Christmas'... well you just have to listen to it.
overal the album is good fun but jumps around all over the place like a old blokes fragmented memory. Which at times could be a little annoying.
Still I am glad to add it to my collection, is quite good for a light hearted introduction to the manic's before you scare people with things like the holy bible album.
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on 25 July 2003
The second compilation of the year from the Manic Street Preachers considerably outshines the dissapointing Forever Delayed which had a distinct record company sheen to it (what no stay beautiful!). The album starts with Prologue to History which is typical Manics, I can only think this didn't make it onto This is my truth... because it wouldn't fit in with the other mellower tracks. Judge Yr'self has the same sound as Holy Bible era manics, indicating maybe Richey would not have gone down the commercial route. Without doubt the standout track on the album is Donkeys which contains one of Richeys best lyrics, "Put some lipstick on, at least your lies will be pretty," and JDB's most heartfelt guitar solo ever. Mr Carbohydrate didn't make it onto ETMG most likely due to its similarity to tracks such as Enola/Alone, which is a pity thanks to its memorable autobiographical lyric from Nicky. The original version of Spectators of Suicide has an amazingly dreamy quality to it which is lacking in the album version.
The second disc is all covers with a nice variety ranging from Nirvana to Chuck Berry. The highlight is without doubt We are all bourgeois now (mccarthy which was the hidden track on Know your enemy and lets face it one of the best tracks on the album. It has an unusual quality with JDB's vocals turned down in the mix. The pick of the rest of the covers are Rock and roll music(chuck berry), Bright eyes (art garfunkel) and Train in vain (the clash).
If you are new to the manics and considering buying an album this is a good starting point as it has a good spread from each album, to give you an idea of the different styles. In other words this is an absolute essential for any manics fan, new or old.
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on 26 June 2003
Forever Delayed was nice ofcourse, but this is wat a Manics fan really wants, now fans can throw their self burned compilations in the bin and enjoy this thorough collection of 35 unknown Manics tracks. The Manics have a vast collection of bsides and covers. The subtitle "secret history" is well deserved.
A lot of B-Sides are of A-side quality, but didn't make the album because it didn't fit musically or thematically. Songs like Prologue to history and Sepia are amongst some of their best songs and their only instrumental song "Horses under starlight" is also included (altough it contains some singing, no words are uttered)
New track "forever delayed" is a powerful rock anthem, altough a bit thin on the lyrics. It was recorded for release as a single to accompany their greatest hits album, but the powers that be released "There by the grace of god" instead.
the rare, never before released or played song "Judge Yourself" was record around '95 and is a very aggressive vile song. One of the last written by Richey and once intended for inclusion on the Judge Dredd soundtrack.
The second cd contains covers, recorded over their 15 year old carreer. Standout tracks are Train in Vain and Out Of Time.
This is a great compilation to get to know an unknown site of the Manic Street Preachers.
O, and don't judge a book by it's cover...or cd for that matter..
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on 1 August 2003
This is a superb album, an excellent collection of b-sides which pretty much gives an good alternative history of Manic Street Preachers. There are some stunning tracks on the double album, the most notable for me being, Judge Yr'Self, Prologue To History and 4 Ever Delayed.
During a recent web chat Nicky Wire said he thought that Richey's favourite track might have been Donkeys - it is a beautiful song, as is Sepia which was written by Nicky about the loss he felt after Richey disappeared. Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!
If you haven't already bought it and you're a Manics fan I recommend you get it NOW!! Forever Delayed was their "official" greatest hits album but this one is equally worthwhile and infinitely more entertaining.
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on 25 July 2003
This compilation of Manics B-Sides, Covers and rarities (namely lost single 4ever Delayed and the last song recorded as a four piece the excellent Judge Y'rself) gives old and new fans alike a chance to take a look over the evolution of the boys from Blackwood.
Usually these collections can gather dust in a collection and be seen as a cynical attempt at swelling the bank balance but this was never going to be the case with the MSP's. It isn't flawless by any means (wrote for luck is particularly hard going) but when it hits the heights it smacks of absolute brilliance.
How Prologue to History was left off This is my truth in favour of SYMM is beyond me but here it stands tall as the first track. Even the kitsch moments such as the Chris Farlowe cover "Out of Time" and "Raindrops keep falling on my head" somehow work here.
Basically, if you are a fan you will love it and if not give it a try, you just might suprise yourself by discovering just what you have been missing from one of the most consistantly relevant bands of the last decade
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